Sins of the Flesh, My New Book!

Hurrah! My new book, Sins of the Flesh, is now available and currently the best place to check it out is at In due course it will also be available from Amazon as a kindle download and also from (Note spelling) And if you want to have a rough idea of what it’s about…….

Fleur wants to be a serious actress, so when a chance to act in a film presents itself she jumps at it. It's a light hearted romp set in a girl’s school, so what could be more innocent and fun? But then she discovers the truth. If the girls misbehave they are painfully spanked, and the endless sex scenes are for real! Determined to stick it out she hangs in there, but meeting with three people on the set makes everything just too complicated. Sebastian, a smooth and dangerous teacher who seduces and dominates in turn, the devastatingly handsome Toby she already knew from her own school days, and the sweet lovely Xandra who not only initiates her into girl on girl sex but teaches her that both giving and receiving a spanking is something to be enjoyed. After one humiliation to many at Sebastian’s hands she leaves and takes up a post working as housekeeper for an architect Julian Black, but finds herself enmeshed in an even tighter web of domination and sex. A Satanically good looking alpha male, Julian’s control of her becomes absolute in a confusing cocktail of punishment and pleasure that robs her of all self will. Rescued by Toby and Xandra she finds her self back in the film, and as Toby has decided that her apparent lack of appreciation for all they have done for her calls for regular sessions across his knee, this only serves lubricates her attraction to him. Surely now she has no more worries, but there’s still a complication and it’s called Selena, a porn actress with full lush breasts and an endless appetite for sex. Fleur is afraid she will take Toby from her, so she hatches a plot……. Curl up in bed, have a glass of wine, and with one hand quietly stroking your loins enjoy Fleur's initiation into the world of erotic overload. You know you want to!
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