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Oh there you are! Sorry, didn’t notice! I’m so enjoying this book I was telling you about . If you’ve missed the first bits, before you read any more, just scroll back to them.

Anyway, Emily was now in the man’s room and he’d told her he would have to punish her for neglecting him, and because of all the things that had happened to her over the last few months the idea of being punished, particularly by a gorgeous man like him was something that made her feel all melty inside.

“Punish me?” She asked looking at him with big innocent eyes. ”What have you got in mind?”

“Well, let me tell you. “ He said, and he sat her on his lap so he could whisper to her as he told her, his hand just inside her panties just the way she often did to herself when thinking about such things

“The most usual punishment for naughty girls,” The man said, gently stroking a finger just inside her and making her squirm. “Is a good spanking.”

“A spanking?” She answered, dwelling on the word. “You mean putting me across you knee, the way schoolgirls are spanked.”

“Exactly.” He said. “And of course taking down your knickers.”!

“I see!” She said getting more aroused by the second, and then to prolong this moment and to help feed similar thoughts into his mind . “I’ve still got my school uniform. Would you like me to dress up in it?” And there was a pause as both of them visualized her this way.

“Not……” He said. “Not right now. Maybe the next time. “ Making it clear to her that there would be a next time and that who knows what might happen then.

And then they kissed again, and then she found that she had lost some of her clothes, and then she found herself over his knee which is where all this hadd been leading them, and while she moaned and mewed he spanked and spanked her bare bottom till a fire was burning there that was getting out of control.

“Please!” She called out. “Please…..”

And then it was quite different, and of course by now they both had fires burning which they took turns to fan into even greater heat before they put them out.

For the time being at least.

Back in her room Emily sat on her bed and thought about what it was she really wanted.

Being spanked and pleasured by the man was wonderful, but then so was being punished by the mysterious woman whose name even now she did not know.

But then again, taking giving young Wendy over her knee had been massively exciting,

As was all the things that had lead up to it.

And that was leaving aside the pleasure of having different men in the hotel simply letting her know how much they liked having her there.

And then she knew the answer. She wanted it all, and there was no reason at all why she should not have it. Stretching out on the bed she realized something else. Having pleasure with herself while she though about it was arguably the best thing of all.

And that was what she did!

Wasn’t that a brilliant story! Why can’t I write books like that?
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Taken by surprise!

Oh Dear! One minute you were being a bit of a pain, and the next there you were across your mistress’s knee being spanked with your knickers just a distant memory.

You’re just going to have to get used to it. Once someone has discovered the pleasure of giving a bratty little minx a good spanking they’ll be looking for every little excuse they can to give the next one. It’s your own fault for being so pretty. It makes you so much more fun to spank.

Sorry darling, but life is never going to be the same ever again!
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Taking something of a risk!

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Just Reading, part three (See previous posts)

So where was I? Oh, yes I was telling you about this book I’ve been reading about a young girl called Emily. If you missed the first two sections, just go back to them to see what is happening with her. The only problem is , if you’re a naughty girl like me, by the time you get half way through , you might find that involuntarily that your hand has found itself inside your knickers. If that’s the case, enjoy it while you can, but make sure your boyfriend doesn’t catch you!

So anyway, having been both punished and pleasured by the woman who owned the hotel, Emily was feeling very confused about a lot of things, and during her working day while she sat at the big kitchen table downstairs she wondered what it is she really wanted.

There was no question that being punished by the woman had excited her,

But then she also loved it when the men paid her special attention.

On top of all this were her confused feelings for that beautiful man she had found in his room.

What was it she really wanted, and could it be that it was girls that she really preferred? She had often found herself looking at another girl who worked in the hotel, a girl called Wendy who looked dreamy and distant, so maybe she should make an effort to find out where her feelings really were.

She made a point of paying her a visit in her room and talking to her about the men and the things they did to keep them happy.

“Do they kiss you and fondle you?” asked Emily. “You know, like this.”

And to make her question quite clear she kissed and fondled Wendy who seemed surprised but kissed her back with a quiet dreamy pleasure, so Emily took things a little further. “And do they do things like undressing you and licking your middle and then…….”

And she showed Wendy what she meant and before they knew it they were both slipping each others clothes off and doing to each other the sort of things the men did to them.

“And do they…..?” And now Emily was quite excited as she knew exactly what it was she wanted to do to Wendy. “And when you make mistakes, do they spank you?”

“Spank me!” Said Wendy her eyes huge and surprised. “No, they never spank me.”

“So have you never been spanked?” Asked Emily knowing exactly where she was taking this.

“Never!” said Wendy, who could now see what Emily was planning to do to her and not quite sure how she felt about it.

“Well,” Said Emily. “You’ll never be able to say that again.” And finding a convenient chair she took Wendy over her knee. Wendy hardly struggled at all and let out the little mews of protest that told Emily everything that she wanted to know, and after taking her time to caress Wendy’s lovely young bottom she took down her knickers.

“Are you ready?” She said, “Are you ready for your first ever spanking?”

And it seemed that Wendy was, so Emily spanked her delectable bare bottom, revelling in each little stinging slap and Wendy’s jerks and gasps.

Building up a quiet steady rhythm she spanked her just enough to let her know how it was both painful and exciting at the same time, knowing from the sweet sounds she was emitting that she was enjoying every moment of her punishment.

But whatever effect it was having on Wendy, it was having the strangest effect on Emily. Exited as she was by what she was doing, the more she spanked Wendy the more she knew she simply had to go and see the beautiful man shed been thinking about for days.


“I think I’ve been neglecting you.” She said when he opened his door to find he standing there in a blouse designed to remind him what beautiful lush breasts she had. “And I’ve come to make it up to you.” And the next thing they were kissing and it felt good and Emily knew that whatever else she wanted she wanted this as well.

“Yes, you have been neglecting me.” He said after a while. “Do you know what the punishment is for young girls who neglect the men they are supposed to be looking after?”

“No, Sir. “ She answered, her heart beginning to thump in her chest. ”But I suppose you are going to show me.”

“I most certainly am!” He said and turned the key in the lock of his door. “And I’m really looking forward to it.”

(To be continued……)
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Just Reading...(Part Two) See previous post

…....And then one day, expecting it to be empty she went into one of the men's rooms to tidy things up there, only to find the man in bed with his eyes half closed and his hand on his member. It was big and stiff and quivering with excitement.

“Oh!” She said, rather surprised.

“Oh!” He said looking up at her. “I was just thinking about you!” And not knowing what to say she backed out of his room as fast as she could.

“Maybe he likes me!” She thought, and not being experienced in being liked in this way she found herself feeling very confused. So after this she avoided going anywhere near his room, but she thought about him all the time.

She thought about him when she was dusting,

She thought about him when she was supposed to be cleaning,

and she especially thought about him when she had the odd quite moment to herself when she could just lie around.

She even took time to kiss herself in the mirror, imagining that it was his lips on hers rather than just the cold glass.

Not surprisingly her work suffered, and the woman who owned the hotel took her to one side.

“I'm very disappointed in you.” She said. “You had such promise when you started, but now you are making mistakes all the time. What am I going to have to do with you?”

“Punish me.” Said Emily, suddenly realising that being punished might be just what she needed to exorcise all these strange feelings that seemed to be coursing through her. “Punish me very thoroughly.”

“Strange!” Said the woman. “That's exactly what I was planning to do!”

And she took Emily to a private room, stripped her naked and then took her over her knee. “Have you ever been spanked before she asked, not knowing that these days the men were always finding excuses put Emily across their knee, and Emily had no choice but to tell her that, yes, she had been spanked time and again.

“Interesting!” Said the woman, stroking her hand up and down the back of Emily's thighs and making her squirm with pleasure. “I do hope that you're not the sort of wicked girl who enjoys it.” But then she stroked Emily some more, even running her fingers up and between that secret place at the very top so Emily found herself gasping with arousal. When the woman saw what was happening she continued caressing Emily till she was was just at the point of exploding with pleasure, but then the woman stopped.

“Right!” She said. “That was a little interim punishment, being denied what you thought you were going to get. But your real punishment will be later. Report to me at six for a proper spanking, and then there will be no messing about!”

And there wasn't any messing about! At six o'clock that evening the woman took down Emily's knickers and soundly spanked her,

then spanked her again,

and then spanked her one more time to get her point across.

But when she finished she was nice to Emily in ways that Emily didn't even know existed and left her feeling very confused about how she felt about the woman, or herself, and and and of course about the man she had surprised in his room.

To be continued.....
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A word of advice to all you city girls.....

Now there's no doubt that he appreciates the rather special way you dress for him in the office.

You've seen clear evidence of this time and again,

But if he takes you for a country walk, the same clothes may not be that practical.

And if when climbing over a stile you start to grumble that you hadn’t realized that the country was so muddy and messy,

You might find that he lets you know that he is not too happy with your attitude.

But don’t worry. I’ve no doubt that back in the office again, you’ll find ways of making him appreciate your unique dress sense!

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Variations on a theme

The wonderful thing about sex is the different ways that it can be enjoyed, and it certainly doesn’t have to mean being in a classic one on one relationship. Look at this for example, two girls and one lucky man, the girl’s kissable mouths anointed with his appreciation

Or the mirror image of this, one lucky girl at the receiving end of two men, each determined to give her their best.

Maybe two girls together, living out all sorts of fantasies of domination and submission, their roles with each other subject to endless variations, none of which they even hint at to their male lovers when they go home to them.

And if they get found out for their extra curricula sexual activity, I’m sure they secretly appreciate the spanking they each receive!

And of course let’s not forget the joy of solitary pleasure, mind and body in perfect harmony as we arch and thresh as we reach that irreplaceable moment of self induced climax.

I’m sure you will all agree that whatever forms our fantasies take to help us to this point, there’s nothing quite like it!
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Just Reading......

I’ve been reading this wonderful book. It’s all about a young girl called Emily who had been sent to a strict boarding school by her parents and then never taken away again. The teachers didn’t like having her there all the time so she was given all the menial jobs like picking up the other girl’s books

and however hard she worked, she was always getting spanked.

So she decided to run away. But once outside she didn’t know what to do and just waited by the side of the road and wondered what would happen to her.

And then a strange and mysterious lady appeared and asked her what was wrong.

Emily told her and the lady said she should come and live and work with her.

She took her to a very glamorous and remote house and told Emily all about the way she lived.

She said her house was rather like a hotel except that all her boarders were men who were tired and needed a break from their demanding lives and needed a little spoiling. If Emily wanted to stay here it would be her job to entertain them and to keep them happy.

Emily liked the idea of making people happy and was determined to do well, and she liked the idea of spending time with men as having been at boarding school she had never met one before. It was true that she hadn’t any first hand experience, but one of the girls at school had a big collection of naughty books, all of which Emily had read so she was sure she had a good idea what made men happy and was keen to find out if she was right. She had spent many a long hour fantasizing about the things that men and women could do together and this was her big chance to try them out for herself.

So starting the next day she made herself indispensable. She would help the men to get out of bed in the mornings.

If necessary she would helped them to get washed.

She kept them amused by playing games like blind man’s buff,

Or hide and seek,

And even gave them art classes!

She proved to be very popular and the men showed their appreciation in lots of different ways which she really enjoyed!

But, strange as it may seem, having always been used to being punished she rather missed it, and so from time to time, in the privacy of one of the rooms she would punish herself.

It wasn’t the same though, so she started to make a point of making mistakes and it worked. Suddenly she found herself getting spanked on a regular basis.
Sometimes over the bed,

Sometimes over a chair,

But mostly over the knee with her knickers down while they told her what a naughty girl she was.

She liked it best of all this way which she found strangely exciting, and the nice thing was that after they’d given her a spanking, the men were even nicer to her than before.

And then one day………

(To be continued)
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