Oh No!

Oh no! I got a message saying the Headmaster wants to spank me!

I can’t bear the thought of it!

What did I do to deserve it? I’m not like the other girls here who are always misbehaving. And what on earth will it feel like? It must hurt, I mean that has to be the whole idea of it.

And will my bottom be all red afterwards?

But it’s the humiliation of it. Having to be put across his knee and held in position while he spanks me for as long as he wants to.

I mean he’ll almost certainly pull my skirt up and get to see my knickers while he’s spanking me. It’s just not fair!

And supposing, well supposing, he even pulls my knickers down. He’ll see everything!

Even if he wants me in my pyjamas, he’ll probably pull the bottoms down, so I can’t see there’s any way to escape.

I just don’t know what the procedure is. If it’s in is private room will I have to kneel in position just waiting till he decides to get on with it?

Stephanie is always being spanked and says sometimes you have wait bent over his desk with your knickers down while he paces up and down telling you what a bad girl you are. According to her it’s just so he can take his time getting a good look at, well you know.

I’m not sure if I believe her but Heloise says that if it’s in his room in the evening after he’s had a glass of wine , at first it seems OK as he’ s very friendly, but then t turns out he wants you to take off everything.

Yes really! You have to be spanked completely naked!

The thing is, I mean well, he is quite dishy in his own way, and well, the thought of being across his knee without a stitch on is, well it’s ….

Oh stop it! Stop it! You shouldn’t be doing that. But then if I’m getting like this at the thought of being put across his knee and spanked, I mean, what thoughts could he be having ? Is he well…….?

Look, just stop this! You’ve got to be punished and that’s the end of it. Stop having silly ideas about what it means. You’re due in his study in ten minutes. Just time…well, I’ll juts pull on those new stockings I just bought. After all it’s a shame to waste them .

Come on! Compose yourself and just go and get it over with.

I don’t believe it! He just wanted to THANK me for something, not spank me! And I’d got myself all wound up about it!

Right that’s it! Things are going to change round here. I’m going to start being the baddest girl in the school and earn myself a punishment or two. Why should Stephanie and Heloise who are always misbehaving get all the fun?

I know, if I visit that photographer in town and get some naughty pics done…..

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Recipe for a Spanking


This is a very popular and traditional recipe which has its roots in many different countries and cultures. There are of course endless regional variations, but all contain the same essential ingredients and elements and all are absolutely delicious.


These days there is absolutely no shortage of luscious free range girls ripe and ready for a good spanking up and down the whole country. They can be spotted in cafes,

and streets

and offices everywhere

and although the plumage can vary, a very short skirt coupled with high heels is a strong indication that this is the breed you are looking for. Those showing glimpses of suspender tend to be particularly juicy.,

Occasionally it’s possible to spot a whole group of them together giving a problem of choice,

but do remember however that capture can prove problematic and that without a licence taking one from the wild is very likely illegal.

I cannot stress enough that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the simple domestic bred variety which are frequently very tasty.

More than that, with thoughtful and careful preparation these often be found to have exotic flavours and overtones you might not have expected.


So much at this stage is a matter of taste. Many go for no more than the simple pulling down of the knickers.

Some prefer to remove them completely, and one school of cuisine favours the complete removal of all outer clothing .

There is a big following that insists that the girl must be garnished with stockings, and even these divide themselves between those who insist on suspenders and those who go for the simplicity of hold ups.

As I said, it’s all very much a matter of taste and it’s safe to say that the minimum requirement to get the very best out of this dish is that the bottom flesh is bare when spanked, and of course so positioned to ensure the maximum visual appreciation and manual access.

I would mention that for those with a suitably private garden, on a balmy summer’s evening, all this can be done al fresco.


I strongly recommend taking your time to do this. A glass of wine at this stage is always enjoyable, and murmuring appropriate things to the girl will remind her that being the focal point of the culinary sacrifice you are turning her into is not merely her destiny but a compliment to her youthful comeliness.

This is the moment to carefully and sensually caress and circle the bottom flesh till you can feel it glow with the anticipation of what is to come, then after an appropriate interval, take the opportunity to insert the very tips of your fingers between the upper thighs as this will show you how juicy and ready she is. A subtle basting of the bottom flesh with his will help increase the eventual flavour.


And this is the moment you’ve been waiting for so enjoy every second of it making sure to relish the sound of your stinging spanks bouncing off that all too delicious bottom.

Some favour short and sharp and brisk, searing the flesh and bringing it to maximum heat almost instantly, but personally I go for a quiet slow build up, pausing periodically to test how ready the girl is for the feast that is to follow. The idea is to spank out, not all, but the vast majority of the naughtiness, ideally getting her to a point of glowing contrition. Attention to detail is important as when you settle down to feast on her you want her to be neither underdone nor overcooked. The colour of the flesh is a helpful indication, and my own taste is not for hot red,

but a softly glowing pink.


If you are ravenously hungry you can feast on her while she is still sizzling , or you might prefer to let your dish it sit for a while and let the flavour develop. Whatever you chose as at this stage she will be a perfect morsel of pleasure and if you have done everything correctly to this stage she will be absolutely delicious on the tongue.

I have too say that this is a meal best consumed in private as appetite tends to take over and things can get both sticky and messy, but nothing that can’t be sorted out with a long session afterwards in the bath.


Once you develop a taste for this dish you might find you want have it all the time, but try and remember that variety is the spice of life and do try and vary your diet and having this say no more than two to four times a week. Those with voracious appetites might be tempted to have several each day which could lead to high blood pressure and an overly racing heart.

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Images and Living in Fear

When I started this blog it was very much from scratch and I found myself having to spend lots of time trawling the internet for suitable erotic images to add to my posts. (It was a tough job, but someone had to do it!)

That seems a long time ago now as I am now in possession of such reservoirs of arousing images of one sort or another that I quite literally do not know how to keep track of them. I am in fact a surprisingly well organised person, but to set up some sort of index system (E.G. Girls spanked over the knee-knickers on:

girls spanked in stockings - knickers off ;

naked girls spanking other naked girls)

would take a completely disproportionate amount of my time which I could better spend producing another novel.

What I am leading to is that as my collection is entirely random I am aware that from time to time I must be illustrating my posts with images I have used in the past, either way back or even quite recently. If so then I apologise, but as I so often stress, I am only human.

But there is something else I need to share. Most of my images are stored on one or two memory sticks which are the most wonderful things ever invented save for the fact that they are all too easily dropped or mislaid which for someone like me who is obsessive about keeping her private life private is a potential minefield. The thing is, however much time I might take putting on perfumed lingerie before I leave my house ,

and however wanton my behaviour might be in my bedroom when I am seducing whichever beautiful man I’m lucky enough to have enticed up there,

when I am out in public I deliberately present the other side of myself, the quiet bookish and very self contained female who you only realise is actually rather sexy if you make the effort to take a closer look.

My very real fear is that one day that quiet and anonymous Elizabeth will accidentally mislay one of those incendiary memory sticks on, say, a café table and get found out. What a tsunami of exploding phalluses,

masturbating nuns,

and spanked secretaries,

will be discovered by the unsuspecting finder, and how would I ever explain it or live it down?.

One possibility is that suddenly seeing me with different eyes,

the barista will start to have secret fantasies about me,

and free espresso will be mine for life!

The alternative is that I could be taken into a back room and soundly spanked for being such a wicked little minx,

And then forced to work in the kitchen for nothing on pain of my secret being made public.

I’m not denying that in their own way, both of these possibilities have some perverse attraction, but in reality I think the answer is simply to make sure that from now on I make sure to be careful with the damn things!
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