No more excuses!

Look I rather left you hanging at the end of my last post, rather got carried away with thinking about it, so let me take things a bit further, even if this is still not something complete and polished.

So if you remember the two girls , Sophie and Emma if I hadn’t told you their names had been spanked in front of the whole class (how embarrassing!) and were feeling sore and humiliated and not to happy with things. Here’s that last picture again as a reminder.

And being the sort of girls they are, back in their room they comforted each other and found that they rather liked it,

so they comforted each other some more,

and what do you think? Yes, you guessed it, in marches the Head Mistress.

“Don’t you two ever learn?” She said to them. “This time you’re really for it . What a wonderful excuse to try out my new cane!”

I won’t go into detail about what happened next as it was painful and chaotic,

but when it was all over, Sophie found a private moment to have a word with Emily.

“Let’s get out of this horrible place.” She said. “We’re far to grown up to be at school anyway. Do you remember, a few miles out of the village there’s that strange house we’ve often wondered about. Why don’t we go there and see if they have any work.

Just think, we’d be proper grown up girls with jobs, not schoolgirls any more. We would never have to be spanked ever again!”

(At this point the more intuitive and perceptive of you might have some inkling what might be in store for Emily and Sophie, but for the benefit of those slow on the up take, please don’t let on and spoil it for them.)

But anyway, they were in luck! The people there were looking for a couple of young girls, exactly like them, which when you think about it should have made them suspicious.

“Hmm!” Said the owner of the house, a man of a certain age with a much younger gleam in his eye. “We’re a big family here and need a lot of looking after and need a couple of maids to help us out. There’s me, my brother and my wife and of course Daniel and Charles our two sons. Let’s have a good look at you to see if you would be suitable.”

And, having got the two of them try on bits of their uniform , first one piece,

And then another

And then another,

though never all of it at the same time, he did have good look, checking them both over in ways neither of them had expected,.

I think you two will do famously!” He said. “Me and my brother are very easy going and you can get away with murder with us, but my wife does tend to be bit on the strict side, but I’m sure you will learn to cope . All you have to do is to scrub and cook and clean and skivvy and not make any mistakes. That’s all. Go on. Have fun!”

Oh dear! So sorry but I seem to be running out of time. I’ll tell you a bit more of what happened to them the first minute I can!
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Excuses! Excuses!

OK . It’s Saturday morning and here I am in bed, feeling rather luxurious and lazy and wondering what to tell you all about this time.

What sort of story should I give you and what best to lubricate those wicked imaginations of yours? The trouble is, if I write something that is likely to please and excite you, it is almost certainly going to have a similar effect on me as well and we all know what that could lead to. Elizabeth being shall we say being a little self indulgent which is fine, but can rather get in the way of getting my post completed.

But never mind that, I must be good and get on with it.

What should I set up for you this morning? What about a couple of naughty schoolgirls who are constantly misbehaving with each other, a couple of sexy little madams who are always getting into mischief.

It’s a good start as we all like naughty schoolgirls, but in this case there’s even more to them than meets the eye, and maybe late at night they sneak out of school and go off to a dark and mysterious club where they are able to indulge their erotic imaginations to the full, both for their own benefit and of course for the men and women who mingle there.

I’m beginning to enjoy this! Maybe they are so wicked that at the club they offer special services of the sort that no nice girl should.

Knowing you all so well I know that you would want me to ensure that at some time they are caught and dragged back to school where they are no more than a couple of naughty girls in need of the sort of justice that can only be administered across the knee. As their behaviour this time went way beyond anything that could be tolerated they have to be made an example of so they are spanked in front of the whole class(I knew you’d like that), first with their knickers down,

and then completely naked.

Look , I know I need to go on and tell you how they comforted each other afterwards and how they got caught at it by their headmistress, but I think I need to go and lie down and think about it all in a bit more detail if you understand me.

This could just mean you that you might not get a post from me at all. If that does prove to be the case then yes, the following message does apply to me!

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Made for each other!

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I'll get you Susan Duckworth.....

You’re a beast Susan Duckworth and I’m really going to get you!

How could you! Telling Mr Andrews that you’d caught me playing with myself!

I’m nothing like as bad as you, you’re always doing it. Anyway, he said he was going to make an example of me, and right there and then in front of the whole class he hauled me over his knee, pulled my skirt right up and spanked me and spanked me till I couldn’t bear it.

And it got worse! Then he dragged me off to his study, and as soon as we were inside he locked the door. Honestly!

“Right!” He said. “Take them off.”

“What?” I said, but I had a horrible feeling I knew.

“You know what I mean.” He said. “Your knickers. I’m going to finish off your spanking and I want your knickers off.”

“But, Sir!!!” I said, but he gave me such a fierce look I didn’t know what to do.

“Take them off!” He said, “Or I will and I won’t be gentle about it.” And so that’s what I did. Took my knickers off while he looked at me with a really grim look on his face, and before I knew it I was back across his knee gain and this time with my bottom completely bare.

“Right!” He said. “All you girls seem to think about these days is sex and I’m not having it. I’m going to spank this nonsense out of you.” And he really got stuck in and I didn’t know how I was going to cope with it. It was as if my bottom was on fire and I didn’t think he was ever going to stop.

“I’m sorry, Sir!” I yelled out. “I’m really sorry that I was having fantasies about you!” And he stopped, just like that!

“What did you say?” He asked, suddenly all interested.

“When I was,… You know, Sir,” And I thought I might as well tell him the truth as it couldn’t make thing any worse. “I was thinking about you and imagining what you must look like without any clothes on.”

“Oh I see!” He said, and got me up on his lap. “That’s rather interesting because…” But he didn’t finish so I encouraged him.

“Because what, Sir?”

“Because I often think what you must look like without any clothes on.”

“Do you really, Sir!” And then it was all rather special and he was being all nice to me,

So what could I do but be nice to him? Well it was only fair,

And after a while he said it might be a good idea if we have another meeting in his study the same time next Wednesday.

“Without my knickers, Sir?” I asked as I suddenly knew that that was the sort of thing he wanted me to say.

“Definitely without your knickers!” He said, and that was that.

So maybe I’m not that cross with you, and maybe we should make up the way we normally do, that’s right……..

Oh, by the way! I told him that you are much worse than me when it comes to playing with yourself but that you’re really a lesbian and it’s the games mistress who you fantasise about. He wants to see you in his study this afternoon at four. Said it was a good opportunity for him as he’s got a new cane he’s yet to try out…..

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The Thrill Of It

Leaving aside all the men who tune into sites like this one on a regular basis, there’s little doubt that most men get an involuntary jag of excitement when the subject of giving a girl a spanking comes into the conversation, or better still into the reality of their bedroom.

But what about women? A different thing entirely. I would be prepared to bet that for every girl who enjoys being pinioned across a man’s knee to be taught the sort of lesson that can only be learned with her knickers pulled down, there are likely to be, I don’t know, ten, twenty men who would be thrilled to be the lucky one dishing it out.

Why so men have a spanking fetish is not difficult to understand, and if I chose to I could probably write page after page on the subject. Stating the bleeding obvious, having assumed some almost certainly dubious moral high ground, if out of nowhere a man finds he has some ostensible excuse to exercise a little discipline on some sweet young thing, it puts him in a position of control he can then exploit to the limit. He now has the pleasure of restraining this gorgeous little brat who squirms and wriggles and protests as he does his duty by her, and he has the licence to pull up he skirt, to letch over her stocking tops and skimpy panties, and, oh joy, even pull them down and get a good eyeful, not merely of thigh and bottom but even that secret moist cleft that, if he plays his cards right, he might get to accidentally brush his fingers against while he is telling her off.

Of course, for a lot of men it goes much further than that and simply telling a girl that she’s dangerously close to being given a good spanking is enough to turn them on,

and best of all, the Holy Grail, is that girl they all want to meet, the one who peoples their fantasies on a regular basis and who literally asks for it. “I’ve been such a naughty girl, Sir. I suppose you’re going to have to spank me.”

But where this is all leading is the big question, what is in it for us girls, those of us who not merely don’t mind being chastised in this way but actively get turned on by it? Like all of our sexual reactions it’s because we can’t help it and something has hard wired us so our heart starts to race when an actual or potential lover gives us that look and tells us they simply have no choice but to take us over their knee and teach us a lesson.

Of course it is vital to have an absolute trust in the man who you are affording the privilege of controlling you in this way, and even more obvious, to me at least, is that he will be a man you find massively attractive and is already pressing a good number of your sexual buttons as well; but that being the case then there is something overwhelmingly exciting when you realise that whatever is going to be your fate over the next few minutes is out of your hands completely. As I have said time and again before, being put over a man’s knee and having your skirt pulled up and your knickers pulled down is undignified and demeaning, but that is the whole point of it.

As an educated and independent female completely in control of every aspect of her life, being turned for a few heady moments into a naught schoolgirl (or positively playing the part of one) can be a serious turn on.

And although bondage is not specifically my thing, if at an appropriate time with an appropriate man you find yourself completely restrained and at the mercy of his sexual whims, it’s yet another aspect of the same game

As I said at the beginning of this I could write at enormous length on the whole subject, and indeed I have not even touched on the excitement I get when I take one the occasional female lovers in my life over my knee and purr to them how sorry I am but I simply have no choice but to give them a good smacked bottom. And when the spanking has been given and they show how contrite they are with soft kisses and inquisitive fingers, I know exactly how they are feeling and what it is they need from me.

But often it’s best not to analyse these things in too much depth. If we know of something that gives us and other people pleasure and, as an uncle of mine used to say, doesn’t frighten the horses, let’s go for it. It’s a dark world out there. Let’s enjoy the private world our ivory tower every chance we can.
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Of course...!

No! he's due any minute! How can on earth can I hide this wine stain on my blouse?

Oh of course........!
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Naughty Penelope

I have a new correspondent a woman named Penelope which is fine, but having conducted a minor investigation, what do I find. Not only does Miss Penelope have her own blog, Naughty Writer ( on which she posts pictures like these, but that she is a very naughty girl indeed.

In her own words what she most enjoys is being told off "Like like an eight year old," throughly spanked and then tied up and thorougly fucked!

Now I ask you,how many men really would be remotely interested in taking a sexy minx like Penelope across thir knee, dragging down what ever skimpy knickers she happens to be wearing, spanking her till she squeals, and then on top of all that, fuck her senseless.

Oh, I see! Lots of you! Maybe I got it wrong.

Lucky Penelope, that's all I can say!

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Just letting her know...

“I was just wondering….”

Her voice was dreamy, appropriate for a girl who was just recovering from having been kissed to orgasm only ten minutes before.

The sheets were rumbled round her semi nakedness and the room was perfumed with a mixture of Chanel and sex.

“What were you wondering?” I asked her slipping a sheet round me and going over to the window to look out over the chimney pots.

“Oh nothing ! It doesn’t matter.” But everything said by someone who is a relative stranger to your bedroom matters, but I had all the time in the world so was happy to let it wait.

She got up and slipped on a few things, paused to admire how she looked in the mirror,

then changed again, first into something sleek and clingy,

then some lingerie

still at her young age not quite able to believe that she was now this grown up and could look so desirable. “What do you think of this?”

The previous night we had discussed what we each liked to wear and had even spent time making up each other’s faces,

but this was different. She was testing me, seeing what effect the sight of her in these different garments was having on me.

“Yes. What do I think?” I went over and kissed her, revelling in the feel of her soft mouth against mine. “I think that you’re a wicked little cock teaser!”

She laughed and pulled away, pirouetting across to the other side of the room. “Bit of a contradiction!” She said, her eyes burning into mine. “Seeing that you don’t have a cock. At least, I don’t think so.” And she came over and made a great pantomime of investigating my quivering cleft, eyes and fingers and tongue all involved in the process till I was squirming with pleasure.

“Well, whatever you are,” And by now I had manoeuvred her across to the bed had had her pinioned in to place. “You are certainly a wicked one!”

We rolled away from each other so we were on our backs looking up at the ceiling, our fingers intertwined, laying there silently and wondering where this was going to take us. We were still new to each other and everything was an adventure and everything potentially sexual.

“Anyway, I was wondering… ..” and I knew that this had to be important as she was shy of just coming straight out with it. “If you’d ever been spanked?”

I took a second to answer, my breath suddenly a little uneven. With a new lover I tend to be cautious in introducing certain things into the erotic repertoire in case it plays a sour note. “Why do you ask?” I said eventually, my voice carefully neutral.”

“Oh, I just wondered, that’s all.” Her head was nuzzled into my shoulder and one of my hands was exploring her breast. I leaned over and kissed her again before going on. “What about you then? Have you ever been spanked?”

“No never!” She said, then let out one of her little giggles. “I’m a good girl aren’t I!” She paused before going on. “It’s just that I was just reading this book where one of the girls gets spanked by her boyfriend for flirting with his best friend and I kept thinking how painful and humiliating it must have been for her. I just can’t imagine what that must feel like.”

“Well…….” And I took my time to go on, wondering what sort of book she had been reading where young girls find themselves getting spanked . I would have to ask more about that later. “If you’re curious,” And she was now folded tightly into me . “And you really want to know what it must have felt like ….” The air now was electric and we both knew that we had started something that had its own momentum. However long we took on the preliminaries, where we were taking this was an inevitable.

“I didn’t actually say….” And her eyes were now wide with an excited anticipation. “I didn’t actually say that I wanted……”

“But let’s be honest,” And I now had her by the wrist and was moving the two of us to the end of the bed. “Leaving aside what you’ve just asked me, you were behaving like a cock teaser barely a few minutes ago, and we all know what the punishment is for that.”

I was now sitting on the end of the bed with her positioned beside me, luminous with excitement. “Is it being spanked?” She asked, now completely lost in the charade we were playing out.

“It most certainly is. A good thorough one across the knee.”

“Well…..Not to thorough I hope.” She was almost trembling now, knotted with excitement and nervousness and not sure what she had got herself into.

“As thorough as you deserve you don’t you think.” I slid my hand up the hem of the flimsy dress she had slipped on to find out what she had on underneath. “And of course it will have to be on your bare bottom so take it as read that I’ll be pulling your panties down.”

As I positioned her across my knee my heart was in my mouth and when I lowered her skimpy knickers to the middle of her sleek thighs she let out a sort of sigh. Despite all the sex we’d shared both the previous night and this morning this game seemed to have brought both of us to a new level of arousal. Her naked bottom that was already so familiar to me had never seemed so desirable and as I caressed those perfect globes I knew that right now I wanted nothing more than what we were doing now.

“So you’ve never been spanked before?” I breathed, my hand caressing her bottom and making sure as I did so that my fingers occasionally brushed against her sex causing her to jerk and gasp. “Maybe then I should introduce you to it slowly.”

After a final caress I gave her a little sharp slap and she jerked slightly and let out a short ambiguous gasp and then I followed it with couple more, each one a tiny stinging punishment. “OK so far?” I asked, circling the new pinkness with my hand.

“Yes, Miss!” She answered. “I think so.”

“Good, because we’ve a long way to go yet.” And now I moved things on a little and started to spank her with a quiet steady rhythm knowing from my own experiences on the receiving end that this would be lighting a tiny fire that would be almost comforting to start with but then would move on to become something else entirely.

She was reacting exactly as I had hoped, not struggling as such but writhing and wriggling as she tried to cope with was what happening to her and letting out little moans as the repeated spank spank spank on her lovely young bottom was starting to take its toll. She would really be feeling it now, pain and excitement taking her to a strange new place she had not been to before, wanting more yet not sure it could be endured.

And as for me, I was in a trance of arousal, completely suffused with the need to punish and to pleasure this exquisite young girl pinned helplessly across my knee. Somewhere during this she had lost all her clothing and I knew that when I had taken this as far as I chose her nakedness was mine for the taking. “You deserve this, don’t you!” I whispered, bending my face down close to hers. “You’re a naughty little cock teaser aren’t you?”

“Yes, Miss! Yes, Miss!” Her voice was little more than a gasp. “I’m such a bad girl. In fact….” And now she was struggling for real but not against the building pain but against her growing excitement that I could see had taken her right to the edge.

“In fact you’re so naughty,” I said, “That it might even be ….” And I paused my punishment to stroke my hand over her glowing bottom before letting my fingers trail over the moist epicentre of her sexuality. She was at such a pitch that it was enough. Moments later she screamed out her orgasm, sobbing with the pleasure of it as it ripped out of her.


Half an hour later we were yet again curled round each other together on the bed in a strange sort of excited peace, our bodies at rest, but all too aware that we had opened the door to a secret garden and that we would have to go there again and again.

“Elizabeth?” She said eventually and I turned to hear what she was about to ask me. “You never actually answered my question.”

“What question was that?” I answered knowing exactly what she was going to say.

“I asked you if you’d ever been spanked.”

“So you did!” I turned and kissed her. “And a very impertinent question it was! The very idea!”
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