Miss Jenkins

Miss Jenkins knew that Belinda secretly enjoyed being spanked, but saw no reason to stop doing it. Her concern was that Belinda didn’t discover just how much she enjoyed it!
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I’ve been waiting twenty minutes now for him to come and spank me. I wonder if there’s time for another quick one!
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I did quite a few posts on Maghella way back, and here’s another picture of her I came across recently.

I know little about her save that she was a character in an Italian adult comic strip clearly aimed at adolescent boys and the sort of over sexed men who like to have a fantasy female in the back of their minds they can masturbate over occasionally. (Most of you at a guess!) She has the sort of lush ripe breasts that go with the territory, keeps getting into the sort of scrapes that involve losing most of her clothes, and frequently finds herself tied up and on the verge of a fate worse than death. In addition, every now and than she gets spanked, but I know you wouldn’t be interested in hearing about that.

In this image she it completely naked save for her stockings and is giving a quietly encouraging look to a man who is also naked save for a mask. It looks to me like the recipe for a perfect afternoon so I’m going to go and lie down upstairs and quietly imagine what the two of them might get up to.
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Snow White

Even after they’d all spanked her, Snow White still didn’t understand it was gob jobs the dwarves wanted, not apple pie, so she was surprised to find herself being taken back to where they’d first found her.
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What about me?

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Delayed Gratification

“Aren’t you supposed to be spanking the young lady, Sir?

“Plenty of time for that, George. Plenty of time.”
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Top Shelf

“Check the top shelf AGAIN, Sir? I’m convinced it’s not up here!”
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What have we here? A young girl waiting to be spanked with her head filled with all the nervousness and excited anticipation we all know so well. What is her significance and where does she fit in with this posting? I’m coming to it, but it will take a moment.

Let's talk for a minute about erotic arousal, just about my favourite subject and I suspect yours as well. There are so many elements to it that I almost don’t know where to start, but giving just a few we can certainly include tactile, i.e. our sensitive parts being fondled,

or licked,

or kissed.

And then there’s then visual, and for men in particular there is so much here; a glimpse of stocking top,

a hint of cheeky bottom,

or the sight of your lover’s firm naked breasts.

For us girls the visual aspect is that much more subtle, but so as not to leave us out, a nice toned body with a willy that has yet to show us its full promise rarely goes amiss.

I take it for granted however that if you tune into this blog on a regular basis then the thought of giving or receiving a spanking is something that is likely to set your heart beating that much faster.

For some of you it might be no more than a little erotic teaser that adds some spice to the sexual mix of your relationships with whoever it might be, for others it is the main course without which nothing else matters. But regardless, you will be aware that the psychology of it is massively important whether you are man who has a desperate need to dominate and control, or you are a cheeky little minx who just loves to tease your partner till he snaps and throws you across his knee while you squeal in horrified appreciation.

Like sex, a spanking has its before during and after, and being a sensualist with an all to vibrant erotic imagination I happen to think that the moments before are massively arousing in their own right and worth having time taking over them. Yes of course it’s fun when there’s no more a brief and fun filled struggle before the stinging and gasping start, but a few moments, or even longer of quiet anticipation should not be under estimated.

For an all too tense minute or so all your senses are at fever pitch. You know that you’re going to be over his or her knee being spanked in a minute,

and you can be filled anything from fear and dread to a heart pounding arousal.

For some of you your posture as you wait will be a blatant invitation to have him take any punitive pleasure from your naked bottom he wishes,

or with others it will simply show your capitulation to the inevitable.

But whatever your thoughts, take your time to appreciate them for what they are. This moment will be over all to soon!
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Back to School

My book, Sins of the Flesh, is about an aspiring actress, Fleur, who gets a bit part in a film set in a girl’s boarding school. She thinks is just going to be a modestly naughty film, sort of St Trinians but with a few nude scenes thrown in for good measure, so no real problem.

She finds that it is in fact a full on erotic film with real sex both with the girls and the teachers and, surprise surprise, lots of spankings. It gets more complicated when she finds herself attracted to a number of people on the set and the cross pollinations and cross punishments that follow are what the story is about.

In a way I was cheating by writing this as I had little doubt that I was taking a well worn short cut into people’s fantasy world. Naughty schoolgirls have always been a staple of erotica, and of course ripe and ready young madams in short skirts and stockings being spanked by sadistic head girls before being kissed into oblivion afterwards must be a regular feature of many people’s bed time imaginations.

That real schoolgirls are not actually like that is irrelevant, just as we don’t care that real secretaries don’t wear huge glasses and spend much of their time bent over the filing cabinet so as to give their randy bosses tantalising glimpses of the secret places above their stocking tops.

It’s what our imaginations do to these characters that matter, and with schoolgirls their combination of knowingness and innocence is something that can be turned into an incendiary cocktail.

It’s taken for granted that men have a particular weakness for all this, but we girls are equally in thrall knowing what power taking on such a character gives us. Look at the excitement generated in a group of girls when a Back to School disco is in the offing with the opportunity it gives to dress up and release our inner slut. Don’t think that we aren’t all too aware that hungry masculine eyes are feasting on our suspendered thighs as we whirl and gyrate on the dance floor or that our tiny panties are playing an endless game of now you see it, now you don’t. As naughty schoolgirls we know we can get way with all this, flirting and teasing for all we are worth, even though we know there is likely a price to be paid.

And what happens when we get back home to face the consequences? Yes there’s a good chance we will be forcibly taken up stairs,

thrown across your commanding knees and then, after an appropriate lecture on our misbehaviour soundly spanked with our knickers round our ankles while we squeal and protest that we were only doing it for you.

And is it unfair that we should be treated in this humiliating way? Absolutely not. We deserve every stinging spank, and probably a lot more if the real truth about our slutty imaginations were known. What do you so often say? “If you behave like a naughty girl I’m going to have to treat you like one.” Maybe that's even truer when we dress up as naughty schoolgirls as well.

So long as you treat us like a grown up girl afterwards, that’s absolutely fine!
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Him: “Listen, if you go on behaving like a naughty girl then I’m going to have to treat you like one………"

Does this sound familiar? I suspect it does. Let’s have a bit more.

Her: “What do you mean?”

Him: “You know exactly what I mean. I think it’s time you were given a good spanking to teach you some manners!”

Her: (Eyes big and horrified) “You wouldn’t!”

Him: (Eyes glittering with excitement.) “Oh wouldn’t I? Come here you little brat…….”

Now you all know exactly what happens next, so you don’t need me to spell it out. Oh I see! You want me to! Very well then, I’ll give you a little bit more.

Her: “But… but you’re not … I mean, you're not actually going to put me across your knee ….”

Him: “I most certainly am!” (Plonks himself into a convenient chair and grabs her by the wrist.)

Her: “Please No! That’s so humiliating” (Finding herself in that exact position, wriggling face down and knowing that she really is going to be spanked) “Oh my God!. Look please…….. my skirt’s all rucked up.” (Tries to brush it back down and instantly finds her hand captured.)

Him: (Thoroughly enjoying himself and slipping his hand under her tiny excuse for a skirt and feeling her ripe little bottom through her panties. ”It’s a bit late for modesty now after the exhibition you were making of yourself earlier. That’s one of the reasons I’m going to spank you. Now…..”
(Pulls her skirt right up to her waist.)

Her: “No! You can’t. Not with my skirt up. It will really hurt with only my panties!”

Him: (Revelling in his power and his cock already twitching with excitement. ”And it’s going to hurt a lot more with them pulled down!” (Pulls down her knickers while she screams and wriggles in protest……..)

So what is all this about? She’s about to be spanked across her boyfriend’s knee and the two of them are saying and doing the same things that couples in this situation have been saying and doing ever since whoever it was realised for the first time that spanking was far too much fun and far too arousing to be confined to the classroom or the servant’s quarters. They are playing out a ritual, and for those of us for whom giving or receiving a spanking is an ingredient in the erotic mix that makes up the cocktail of our sexuality, that ritual is very important. The words and the gestures are all integral to our arousal, and certainly for most men, simply saying, ”I’ve a good mind to put you across my knee young lady.” Is enough to get their juices flowing. And for us girls? Depending on our inclinations we are either equally fired up knowing that the next half hour could prove to be very interesting, or at the very least we know that the man in question is giving himself the hots and to be very very careful what we say and do.

Speaking for myself, if the man making this threat is someone with whom I suspect I would enjoy exchanging fluids, then yes, hearing those words or any of the endless variations on them would set my heart racing in anticipation of what was likely to follow. For me, just on its own the very word Spank can be an aphrodisiac, so wonderfully onomatopoeic, like the sound a horny hand makes echoing against my bare bottom, and all the other phrases have their own resonance. They may be time worn but they still can work their magic on me, and as I struggle and protest as the last vestiges of my dignity is stripped from me along with my panties, fear and arousal mingle into a cocktail of excitement. I enjoy the entire ritual from the first threat to the moment when I promise never to be a naughty girl again.

And what about the pain? The pain as such is not what turns me on, although its absence would leave out something important. I enjoy the element of danger that is integral in being given a spanking, never quite knowing how strict the man in question is going to be, and of course that wonderful glow down there when punishment is over is vitally important. When the two of you are nakedly entwined and he is breathing soothing things in your ear as the sweet thrusts of his manhood tell you that you are forgiven, the throb in your bottom counterpointing his rhythmic penetration is a reminder of how you ended up like this. And of course it’s a reminder that you must make sure to misbehave again!

So where are the couple we first started with? Oh yes, she is across his knee with her knickers pulled down all ready for the bare bottom spanking he’s about to administer.

So let’s leave them to it! I’ve little doubt they can manage without us.

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The Story

“………. so then George comes in and finds us kissing and he’s really cross. Before we know it he’s got you across his knee, and he makes me watch while he starts to spank your bare bottom…….."
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The Earing

Jim, can you help me! I’ve lost an earring. Yes it’s down here somewhere. Jim! Jim! What are you doing? Jim!!!
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First Date

Look, kissing you is wonderful, and I really do like you! I mean it, but I’ve only just met you and I really shouldn’t go too far. I can see you keep looking at my breasts but just don’t do that sort of thing on a first date.

Well, all right, I’ll just undo a couple of buttons, no more than that, just to give you a glimpse.

Look I feel really naughty even doing just this, and, no, I am not going to take it right off!

Well, all right, just for a second, no more. Yes I know they are ripe and kissable, but it’s not my fault I’ve got breasts like this. You can have a quick peep, that’s all, and then my blouse goes back on. If I let you start fondling them who knows what might happen.

Oh my God, that feels so good! I shouldn’t be letting you…..Listen. I think you should know I was brought up in a Catholic school, so we were taught that we should never even have wicked sexual thoughts, let alone actually doing anything.

Any hint of anything like that and we were spanked with our knickers down.

Even now I can’t get rid of the idea that girls who do naughty things with men should be soundly spanked on their bare bottoms.

Oh I see! You think that way too! But, Hang on! Surely you’re going to spank me! Oh you are!

Ouch that really …OW!!! OooH!! Stop it . Ahhh!

Wow! You're good at spanking aren’t you!. Trouble with being spanked is that afterwards I feel even naughtier. But I suppose that now I have been spanked, well, I mean there’s nothing actually stopping us is there.

OK, let’s see what effect spanking me has had on you……

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I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!

Oh dear! What’s the punishment for a girl who re-starts her blog, and then doesn’t make any postings? Not hard to work that one out.

To avoid further over the knee humiliations I promise to make up for it all next week.


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The Tie

Oh look, I’ve just found my old school tie!

It reminds me of the games we used to play when we were first together. I used to pretend to a sexy schoolgirl who was always misbehaving and driving the boys wild.

You used to put me across your knee and spank me, quite hard sometimes. You would tell me what a bad girl I was and no matter how much I protested you always took my knickers down to get the lesson across.

Do you remember?

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