A couple of naughty pictures for the girls.

I know these guys are almost certainly gay, but imagine the fun you could have trying to persuade them they're not!

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Schoolgirl Fantasies

Deep in the fantasy world in our head we find all sort of concepts and images that arouse us, and something which gets most men going is the idea of the wantonly innocent schoolgirl, dripping with sexual possibility on the outside with her negligently buttoned blouse and visible suspenders, yet apparently as innocent as a puppy inside. As calculating females, ever keen to get the men who come our way ripe and lubricated, we know that the combination of mini skirt, stockings and high heels on its own is something that few men can resist, and this works if we are playing the part of a French maid or a chirpy secretary.

But as a schoolgirl there is the added Viagra of apparent innocence, and this is the chilli in the mix. When this little erotic popsicle looks at the big grown up man with big open eyes and asks if she’ll have to be punished as she may have forgotten to put any panties, or even, “Mr Smith, I've noticed that when I sit on your lap there seems to be something big and hard in your trousers.” it will arouse him like nothing else. And of course, a schoolgirl can kept in after school for ‘special lessons’ or spanked if it turns out that, yes, she did in fact forget to put any panties on under her little skirt.

Early in Educating Anna, after being given her first ever spanking by her tutor, Anna deliberately dresses up as a naughty schoolgirl for the sole purpose of goading him into doing it again, knowing that inevitably it will lead to their having lots of lovely sex. Try as he can to resist her, her tutor is done for.

There’s a relevance to all this, and it’s very close to home. The other night I was watching one of the St Trinian’s film with a boy friend, and it didn’t take long to realize that he was so absorbed in their soft pouting mouths and suspendered thighs that he had temporarily forgotten about me. This was easy to deal with, and I slipped away and re-appeared dressed very much like the girls in the film and promptly unplugged the TV. His annoyance was more than balanced out by knowing he was in for a treat, but I still had to pay the price. After ten minutes squealing and struggling across his knee as he soundly spanked me with my panties down, I spent the next couple of hours purring and melting across his bed as he lived out a few more of his fantasies on me.

I only have to tell you that he insisted on my keeping on my tie and stockings the whole time to prove my point.

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Decisions, Decisions!

Spank, kiss or otherwise pleasure. With such beautiful bottoms as these, what is one to do?

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Bondage, spanking and flagellation are close relatives, though we don't necessarily like all of our relatives, and some of us avoid them at every opportunity.

I'm not into flagellation as its primary object is to cause serious pain, unlike spanking where although the pain is integral, it's more about establishing the right of one party to impose their erotic will on the other, and in the process making the little brat on the receiving end contrite and anxious to please. As spanking generally involves panties being taken down or off completely, once the lesson has been learned, for the young lady to move on to showing her appreciation for being shown the error of her ways is hardly difficult.

Bondage has far more in common with spanking than flagellation does. With spanking, the female is held against her will while being punished, even if the punishment turns out to be ultimately pleasurable and in fact something she really wants to happen. From the first threat of redress to the conclusion she is not quite sure how painful or humiliating it will be, and indeed if it will be too much for her to cope with. As such there is excitement, stimulation and of course danger. In a perfect world it will hurt just that bit more than she thinks she can tolerate, so the next time it happens, the fear and apprehension will still be there giving it an edge. Without that essential ingredient the magic is lost.

With bondage she is totally helpless, completely at his mercy and having no idea what he might chose to do. He could produce a rod of punishment or of course a rod of pleasure. She could be tawsed or teased, or pleasured in ways she did not know existed. He could simply take himself in hand and bathe her in his excitement, or produce her best friend and penetrate and please her in front of her. Better still he could produce his own best friend who could help him to take her to places never reached before. Nothing is of limits, but as with when he's giving her a spanking, whatever he does must have an edge to it so that should she find her self tied by him again, it has her aroused even before anything as happened.

Of course, although the problem of getting him tied in the first place is not easy, once that has been achieved, bondage is an area where the female of the species can get her own back on the male. The stronger and more masculine he is , the more exciting it is to get him whimpering for release.(On this subject do read my post, 'Delayed gratifaction' where I deal with the subject of slow masturbation.) Of course you'll have the possibility of his revenge to cope with afterwards, but that just adds to the excitement.

The next time you phone for someone in an office to be told, "I'm afaid she's tied up," make a point of taking a few minutes off to imagine just what this could mean. She could be strapped naked across her desk with her panties stuffed in her mouth!

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Thank you, and a confession.

Certain people have been taking an interest in my blog and have been kind enough to post comments, (You know who you are), and I have been appearing churlish in not acknowledging them. As explained in a comment headed 'Anonymous' and in reply e mails which I don't think will arrive, the fact is that I am not very technical and even now am not sure how I am supposed to post replies to comments. All deeply embarrassing!

Let me simply say that I appreciate the interest that has been taken and will try to keep the blog interesting, lively and worth folowing. Of course apologies to those concerned.

Thanks again

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Naughty girl + Strict mistress = Good Spanking

Such an easy calculation really. Shame she's such a slow learner.
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I envy this girl!

Naked, beautiful, and being spanked by a good looking man who will probably expect her to show her appreciation afterwards for being shown the error of her ways. Does it get any better?

Shame about the funny hat.
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The psychology of spanking

Spanking, the act of taking a miscreant across the knee, baring the bottom and repeatedly and rhythmically slapping it, (if you can think of a better definition, please send it to me) is fixed in all our collective minds as a punishment for children, especially girl children, notwithstanding that we don’t spank children these days and very few people under the age of about sixty will ever have been punished that way.

These days, it’s wives, girlfriends, and lovers who get spanked, and although the ostensible reason is because they’ve been asking for it, we all know it’s because for a man, taking a pretty young girl across his knee and telling her in quite unnecessary detail just how much she deserves the punishment that he’s about to visit on her bare bottom, makes him as horny as hell. Just to threaten a girl with a spanking, especially a girl with whom he is not (yet) in an intimate relationship will probably on its own be enough to give him an erection. It’s a fact that giving, thinking about, or watching a spanking is an erotic trigger for most men and a lot of women which immediately makes us ask why, and the answer goes way beyond the fact that it gives a man an excuse to pull a girl’s knickers down, although that does add to the pleasure of it.

The full answer could fill a book but I think a powerful element is what I have set out above, namely that spanking is fixed in our heads as a punishment for children and that when man spanks a woman he has reduced her to the status of a child, and having taken that degree of power over her it gives him a massive high. Not only that, the moral high ground he has taken on entitles him lower or even remove her panties and concentrate all his attentions on her naked bottom and her scarcely hidden sex, all the while making out that he has only done this because it was his duty to do so as a responsible adult.

For a grown woman being spanked is undignified, painful and demeaning, but in my case that’s exactly why it turns me on. For as long as it lasts I’m a naughty little girl again, and at some level I know this punishment is for my own good and that once I’ve learned my lesson everything will be made right again which of course will be a grown up treat of beautiful sex. And for me the other side of the coin is that when I decide that any female in my life has overstepped the mark and a spanking is called for, I get exactly the same arousal from exercising that power and authority as a man does when taking me over his knee.

I could write a great deal more, but I don’t wish to over analyse. Having said that, I would like to understand this better and I would be interested in any comments from anyone as to why for them giving or receiving a spanking is such a turn on.

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More stockings

As my stocking pictures proved so popular, havea couple more!
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Bound to be spanked.

This girl has a beautiful serenity about her that I really love. Naked save for a few skimpy items designed to eroticise rather than protect her body, she is tied and helpless, but in a mood of quiet acceptance. Whatever pleasure of punishment that will be visited on her smooth elegant body it will not disturb her dignity. She was born to give and receive erotic pleasure to herself and others, and each time I look at this picture it reminds me why I decided to devote so much of my time and energy to sex.
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Please let me have my panties back, Sir.

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Come on then, I dare you!

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Duet in Stockings

What a wonderful quirky photo! Simply had to share this.
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Dreaming of last nights spanking.....

I'm not sure if I'm really cut out for university as I'd much rather masturbate while thinking about sex and all the things he does to me.

Last night he spanked me really hard. I know I'd asked for it, leaning across the dining table wearing that really short dress and hold up stockings, but I still squealed and wriggled and squirmed when he dragged me across his knee and pulled my panties down. He really gave it to me this time, his hand going spank, spank, spank on my little bare bottom and it really hurt, but I loved it really, and when he asked me to tell him I was a wicked little girl and I'd deserved it, of course I did and then he was so nice to me, undressing me and kissing all my naughty places till my whole body was one big smile..

Please God the lecturer doesn't ask me any questions about quantum physics as he'll realize I've not been listening at all. Heavens, maybe he'll want to spank me! Oh my God..........
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I'll never do it again, I promise!

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There’s endless reasons why men enjoy giving us a good spanking from time to time and an analysis of why they want to do that could fill a book in its own right, (and there would be another book again why a lot of us enjoy it) but I’ve often thought that at least one reason is their getting back us, or possibly putting us in our place for being too sexy. Of course they want us to be sexy and flirty, but at the same time it is possibly threatening for them when a woman can make them virtually stop breathing by some simple ploy as muttering “Oh dear, I think I’ve forgotten to put any panties on!”

Where this is unfair on men is the endless and effortless ways we can do this, a flash of the eyes before you bend down to the lowest drawer of the filing cabinet, or standing on a desk in your shortest skirt and asking him to steady you. And of course the market place is crammed with garments that women can wear in the office or in the street that seem to have no other purpose but make men horny. Skirts so short we daren’t bend an inch in case we make an exhibition of our knickers, or skin tight tee shirts that make a thrusting invitation of our breasts and make them look as if they are making an escape attempt through the straining cotton. As if this wasn’t enough there’s high heels to make our legs look even more alluring and of course the wispy pornography of our underwear. No wonder men feel the need to exercise some sort of control over the brazen strumpets we all are.

And then of course there’s stockings, the most incendiary device in any girls erotic armoury. Men adore women’s legs and if you want to mesmerise every man in the room or the street but still be within the bounds of what is acceptable, wear the shortest skirt you can manage teamed with sheer dark tights and high heels. The problem here is this is the ultimate advert for a product that can be something of a let down as having aroused him to a the point where fluids might be exchanged, hidden under your skirt is the temporary disappointment of the tights stretched over your panties. But on the other hand, if you make the skirt a scintilla longer and exchange the tights for stockings, then things start getting much more exciting. The lure of the naked flesh above the stocking top is irresistible and their lips and hands can’t leave it alone, drawn to it like a heat seeking missile, and of course this inch or two of flesh takes him inevitably on to your moist waiting entrance. As a woman who likes women I can't resist this either, and when there’s a girl in my life and I discover she’s wearing stockings I know that every minute of the next few hours are spoken for.

Stockings have everything. They eroticise the legs and make you look as sexy as all hell, but do not interfere with whatever pleasure or punishment he chooses to visit on you having being aroused by them. You can wear them with a city suit in all apparent innocence, or wear them with a short skirt and without panties to make it all too plain what you’re encouraging him to do. If you appear out of nowhere in nothing but stockings and heels you'll drive him mad, and if you enjoy being spanked, when he’s got you across his knee with your knickers down you’re likely to be there for some time as it’s such a visual treat he won’t want to stop.

I’m treating you to lots of pictures with this post as I couldn’t decide which of them to leave out. One of them is a girl in tights, not stockings, but she has such gorgeous legs it would be a shame for you to not get to enjoy them. Whatever your gender or inclination, I’m sure having these girls in their stockings in your ivory tower will make it an even more seductive place to slide off to.

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Nice picture, shame about the shoes!

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When one of the characters in Christopher Hampton's play, The Philanthropist said "Masturbation is the thinking man’s television.” He gave us one of the great immortal lines of modern drama and one of the great truths about humankind. In my opening post I said that most of us have created an ivory tower in our head into which we could escape when necessary, and masturbation is the inner sanctum, the velvet lined holy of holies within that ivory tower.

I don’t believe in God but if I did, whenever I went down on bended knee at night, the thing I would give most thanks for would be for making the great gift of masturbation to humankind. Masturbation is democracy made flesh, it is all things to all men, and of course to women. Whoever you are, young or old, ugly or beautiful, rich or poor, or clever or stupid, like the balmy air of a summer morning, masturbation is a joy available to all of us. Possibly one can get greater emotional satisfaction from body on body sex, and arguably better orgasms, though that's not a foregone conclusion, but not all of us can afford to dine at the finest European restaurants on a regular basis. On the other hand, with a little care and thought we can prepare a magnificent sexual feast for ourselves cooked with the finest ingredients freshly picked from our personal fantasies.

And with masturbation, everything is always on the menu. Nothing and no one is off limits, no man too rich or handsome, no girl too classsy or out of reach. In our head we can fly to the stars or wallow in the muddiest gutter depending on our mood. If you want to take Penelope Cruz across your knee and spank her (What a give away!) or be tied naked to a tree by Rufus Sewell (Have I no secrets left?) it’s possible in the theatre of our imagination where we sit in the best seats and are chauffeur driven off to a blissful sleep afterwards.


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Really sorry, Sir

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Delayed Gratification

This is such and odd picture I couldn't resist posting it, but it is closer to home than might appear to be the case.

A handful of times I have been lucky enough to create a situation where I had a man tethered and at my mercy, (that's the difficult bit; after that it's fun all the way,) then tortured him with an excess of pleasure. Believe me girls, if you want to have man literally whimpering for mercy, slowly masturbate him till the point of emission then stop, and then repeat and repeat, slower and slower each time till he's nearly screaming with the need to ejaculate. The upside for him is that when it does happen it's incandescent, but the downside for you is that when he's released you'll have to pay the price. Depending on your tendencies that could be even more enjoyable than masturbating him, but that one is down to you. Sorry, but I refuse to accept any responsibility for other girl's spanked bottoms. I'm generally too busy looking after my own.
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Naughty Habits

Sometimes I almost envy people who had their adolescence and younger years during the nineteen fifties. Yes it was probably one of the the most puritan and restrictive times in recent history, but that is the point. Restriction creates appetite and seething need. Sex was a sin, so it tasted twice as sweet when finally consumed. It was a time of clandestine fumblings and stolen kisses, and when it was overwhelming joy for a young boy to get as far as feeling his girlfriend's breasts under her prim blouse.

In both Educating Anna and the book I am finishing now, a major character is a girl prevented by circumstances from having the sexual release she needs, and as a result are pressure cookers of erotic arousal which explode into life on the page when they are at last given their head.

A group of people for whom sex is supposed to be permanently off limits is nuns, and we tend to be fascinated them and their lives of tight celibacy. We tend to have one of two views of them, the first being that that their piety is just a front and that their long habits cover sheer stockings and open crotch panties and they spend their days and night behind the convent walls fucking and sucking each other. The alternative fantasy is that they are so frustrated by permanent erotic deprivation that their only sexual outlet is chastising the bare bottoms of any young sinner unfortunate enough to come under their jurisdiction. If that is a thought that turns you on, the following picture is just for you.
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Was it something I said?

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Tactile Pleasures

It's not necessary to explain the wonderful pleasures of having one's breasts fondled, of being kissed on the inside of the thighs, or the myriad stimulations that can be applied to the dark and mysterious place between ones legs. What we know of course is that when a man simply can't keep his hands off our breasts, whatever pleasure we are deriving from it, he's doing it, not for us, but because he can't help himself. For him, exploring the look and feel of them is it's own pleasure, because under our prim starched blouse or skin tight tee shirt we have for real tactile three dimensional naked breasts, the very same thing that he ogles pictures of on garage walls or page three of The Sun. And the same goes for all the other erogenous bits of us he likes to kiss and touch, our bottoms and thighs, and if he's a romantic, our mouths and eyes, and that all too sensitive spot where the neck melds into the shoulders.

But let's not be cynical about this. Let's enjoy and celebrate men's pleasure in this as we are hardly free of guilt ourselves. If he's got a cute biteable bottom or a gloriously suckable cock, we can't leave them alone either, and we're doing it for us, not him.

I'm posting three pictures, each giving I think as good an example as you are likely to come across of a piece of anatomy that would be a pleasure to kiss and fondle and explore to the full. First, a girl's bottom, so delicious I have to keep checking to see if I really imagined that it was this good. For those of us, whatever our sex, who enjoy spanking fantasies, this could keep us happy for many a warm night.

Next a breast, just one, but for me at least, simply everything a breast should be, both size and shape, and somehow even more appealing because of the tease of the other being kept out of sight.

And last but overwhelmingly not least, a lovely erect cock, a get up and go stiffy, fully loaded and all ready to please and penetrate our erotic imaginations. I'd like to say that as a female with a strong erotic imagination I am constantly disappointed by both the quality of and paucity of pleasing images of erections on the web, but on its own this makes up for that. Everything about it is right (including the nice tight body it's straining out from,) and for the record whenever in one of my books any of my principal male characters has an erection, imagine this one and you won’t be far wrong. <

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I love this picture!

This so reminds me of my first spanking, the horror, the indignation, the sheer disbelief that it was happening. How things have changed!
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I haven’t done any research into this picture, clearly a cinema poster, in case what I find about either the film or the actress is a disappointment. On its own this image of a wanton young girl marinading in the juices of her own appetites is so wonderfully evocative of sin and sex and erotic promise that it’s enough on its own.

Just so you all know, I’m primarily heterosexual, but from time to time, girls too delicious to turn down come into my life, and when they do, I enjoy them to the full. As my orientation is primarily towards men, having sex with a female is like being truly happy in your own home, but periodically going away on a very special holiday somewhere hot and exotic. You are still happy to come home again, but the memory remains like a lingering perfume.

But back to the girl in the poster, not that it's going to stop me from fantasising about her, regrettably it’s clear to me that she's a girl who needs a man, a strong self assured one who will take her in hand in every way. She needs frequent and thorough spankings every day, followed by nights of endless wonderful sex.

I’m not going to write any more. Just thinking about it all, the tumbled sheets and mingling fluids, is too much. It’s sunny outside so I’m going to lie in my hammock and masturbate.
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The Perfect Spanking

There never has been, nor will there ever be, a perfect spanking, or indeed a perfect fucking, portrayed in film or television for the simple reason that . however beautiful the couple, however artfully it is shot or staged, the fact is that what turns each of us on, the wonderful mystery of erotic arousal, is such a personal thing that what might work for one totally fails to do anything for another. Even down to the minutia of whether the girl was or was not wearing panties or at what stage in her punishment they were pulled down etc etc can make all the difference to a scene working or not to the voyeur at we all are when watching things of this nature .

I will however say that, for me at least, for a spanking to work it has to go way beyond seeing a bare bottom on the receiving end of a punitive hand. The psychology must be right; the build up that leads to the realisation that, yes that girl is asking to have her bottom smacked and he's getting the look of a man who's beginning to relish the idea. Depending on our gender and orientation, we need to feel the excitement or apprehension of the people acting this out for us, and to help us with this we need an idea of the relationship of the two people involved. I think it’s important that they should have the hots for each other in a big way, but ideally that until this moment it has not yet been acknowledged. So far nothing has ever happened between them, and this is the break through moment. The excitement, the arousal, of the first intimate contact between two people, and what is more intimate than having your bottom smacked, cannot be overstated. One minute their relationship is straight forward and dispassionate, and the next she’s across his knee with her skirt up and her knickers down. Even in these days of sexual laissez faire that's still quite exciting stuff

Let me go back for a second to the concept of the couple fancying each other. More important than this, we need to fancy them. It may be a punishment, but whether it's done in anger or affection, a spanking is a sexual turn on and if it doesn't make at least one of the parties (and us!) good and horny, something hasn't worked. If the girl has been teasing him and he's snapped, and the next thing she's wriggling and squirming across his knee while he’s giving her bare bottom a thorough spanking, when it's all over and she's allowed up, bright eyed and with unexpected moisture lubricating her naughty places, the whole thing will be something of a let down if the man looks like Jim Broadbent. Sorry Jim, much as I admire you as an actor you're not someone I fantasise about sharing fluids with.

Given all that, what do I think would be an ideal or particularly arousing spanking scenario, and have I ever seen it on a screen? Potentially there are lots, but I’ll suggest two to start with, and they are both where the girl on the receiving end positively encourages it. Let me just say that if any of you girls want to engineer either of the two scenarios that follow, from personal experience I can promise you that results are guaranteed!

The one I will suggest first will almost certainly popular with the men out there as it gives them licence to get away with murder. A sweet, pretty, and precocious girl is coming on to an older but very attractive man. He is flattered and massively aroused by this little mini skirted temptress, and of course she's put him fairly and squarely on the moral high ground. She’s tempting him with a sexual treat and he’s playing the part of the responsible adult and going through the motions of saying no. What possible choice has the man got when she tries to kiss him but to put the little brat across his knee and warn her that she’ll be spanked if she doesn’t agree to behave. Her skirt is short, her legs are slim, and he’s already turned on by having a good feel of her pert little bottom, and he’s praying that she won’t start being good too soon. Lucky man, she refuses to behave, so with all her clothing still in position he gives her a brisk spanking, making the two of them as horny as hell.

"Now will you behave?” He asks, but of course she won’t. She’s getting the sort of reaction from him she wants, and pinned across his knee, this is the most intimate contact she’s ever had with him and she wants more of it.

"Right!“ He says, now on even higher moral ground and knowing that he can get away with more or less anything. The more she misbehaves the hornier its making him and he can go a lot further. This time he pulls her skirt up, takes a good moment or two to feel her ripe little bottom while he warns her that it’s going to hurt, and this time spanks her properly. She yells and screams and threshes her lovely legs and he's so horny now he can hardly keep up the fiction that he‘s doing this as a punishment, but when he stops and says that maybe this time she’s leaned her lesson, she makes it plain that hasn’t.

Before it was fun, but this time it was painful which has made it dangerous and she likes it. She’s going for broke, whatever the consequences and so does he. This time he pulls her panties down and moral high ground or not, her young bare bottom is so delicious can't keep his hands off it, and of course he’s only doing this to get across to her that even thinking of having sex with him is out of the question. The spanking he gives her now has a new edge to it, but this time it doesn't last too long as he has other things on his mind. He pulls her up so she's sitting on his lap and demands to know exactly what he's going to have to do with her, but that's a foregone conclusion as she’s already kissing him again and he's kissing her back; off come the panties completely and I don't have to spell out the rest of it.

This is the concept of a spanking in a film from the nineteen seventies "The All American girl” I’ve only seen a short clip so I can’t confirm what happens to her after her second spanking, but my understanding is that she gets laid by the man punishing her for trying it on with him. Is it exactly as I have described above? Not that good of course, but as I said a the beginning, there is no such thing as the perfect spanking.

The other scenario I find massively arousing is when it is acknowledged by both a misbehaving girl and the man responsible for dealing with her that she has to be punished for whatever it was she did, but exactly but what sort of punishment is unclear. Suddenly the air between the two of them becomes electric when the girl, with all the innocence in the world, suggets that well , maybe he could give her a spanking?

This is done to perfection in a film called Blonde in Black Silk. (A film I have to get hold of from somewhere as there’s lots of sex in it.) Arcadia Lake has been caught out in some sexual misbehaviour (I think by a college tutor) and it looks as if suspension is on the cards.”Couldnt you find some other way to punish me?” She asks, her eyes huge pools of invitation, and all the while runing a finger up and down his leg. Apparently he can’t, but is interested in knowing what she has in mind. “Well I supose ......” The mixture of innocence and wantoness in her eyes alone is enough to give any red blooded man an erection. ”I suppose you could always spank me.”

She knows she’s giving a sexual invitation and he knows that’s what she’s doing, but it only helps to make it that much more arousing. I have to say that the spanking he gives her after this wonderful build up leaves a lot to be desired. Fair enough its across the knee and on her bare bottom, but in a film designed to tittilate its audience it’s a shame they didn’t do this as well as the lead in.

If you want to watch either of these clips they can be found on Chross Blogt, a site I would recomend to all of you as it’s probably both the most comprehensive and most professional spanking site on the web.

I’ll be posting articles soon on other film clips; will any of them be perfect? Regretably, no, but one day maybe I’ll find one.

N.B. All references in the above and in all other postings on this blog to ‘young girls’, ‘little brats’ etc are to girls over the age of eighteen.
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