The Charter: Erotic Short Story from Elizabeth.

I’m sure his heart was beating faster than usual. I know mine was. I knew without doubt what he was going to say to me and I had been waiting for this moment for some time. I stood there with my eyes lowered, embarrassed and ashamed even before hearing what he had to say.

“The thing is,” He said, “The thing is that this Academy is very old and the Charter under which it operates has never changed.”

I was all too aware of that, having accepted when I joined that so long as I was here in this remote crumbling building, more like a monastery than a college, that I would be leaving the modern world behind me. “I know, Sir.“ I said, afraid to meet his own dark lashed eyes that always seemed to glow like coals when they looked at me. Why did he have to be so young and handsome, his body lithe and his jaw chiselled by God to make us girls dream of him when we went down to sleep in our chaste bunks at night?

”We are primarily a music school, but any girl who joins is obliged to accept its code relating to obedience, modesty, chastity, attention to work, and all the other ways of the life we live here.” He paused to clear his throat, knowing that I knew what he was obliged to tell me and deeply embarrassed by it. “You have been an exemplary pupil in every way, and your music.......” He did not need to elaborate. When the two of us joined in duet, my violin counter pointing the soaring strings of his cello, the vaulted ceilings sang with the sound, the whole institute thrilling with it so they would often pause their own practices to come and listen. Playing music with him was like making love, our trembling strings in the sort of erotic harmony that our bodies were forbidden. “But not just your music, “He went on, “In every possible way you have been attentive and obedient, completely beyond all criticism.” And then it came the words he had been so long avoiding “However our Charter, our ancient Charter that binds our every movement obliges me as your tutor........”

“It obliges you, Sir,” I went on for him trying to save him the agony. ”To spank me not less than five times each term. “And then I quoted straight from the Charter, as I knew so much of it by heart. “To ensure that with regular and thorough scourging the habits of obedience and goodness become integral with each girl’s flesh and soul.” Even as I said these words, forbidden images flashed through my head despite all my efforts to shut them out.

“My dear child......” He was clearly overcome with emotion. “Normally the girls here, well they so often misbehave they give us countless reasons for punishment and the five spankings are reached and exceeded without a problem. But in your case......”

“But in my case, I have not.” Now I did look up and meet his dark eyes. “So you are obliged to spank me not less than five times before the term is over which is in a week or so.”

Why did the blood rush to my face in shame, the implications of what had to happen flooding through me. My body would be in intimate contact with his, imprisoned over his knee with my panties lowered and my secret and most intimate places on full view to him as he chastised my flesh.

And as I visualised this in my mind, why was I hit with another rush of moisture, this time filling my lower body with a soft sweetness that made me want to squirm. Hidden by my skirt my tiny white panties were suddenly wet between my legs and for a moment it was as if my skirt had been raised and he could see exactly what was happening.

“It is not my choice, child, but just as you are in thrall to the Charter, so am I, and I have to carry out my duty....” He picked up the document in question and cast his eyes over it although he probably knew every word and comma better than I did. “It seems I am obliged to vary each punishment so you fully appreciate the extent of my authority over you as your tutor.” He searched for the right thing to say. ”I have to be inventive in the ways I punish you, how you are positioned, the degree of exposure and undress......”

Now it was his turn to blush. Although not yet ordained I know that he is in training for Holy Orders, yet even in my young virgin state I know that every day he looks at me with hunger and longing. He is still a man with all that implies, a man who has suddenly found himself entitled to do almost anything he wishes with me, to remove my knickers, to bend me over benches or chairs, to take me across his knee, and even strip me naked should he consider it appropriate.

"Sir," I said, trembling internally but determined to be courageous. "This is not something either of us will find easy, so as we are alone now.... I mean, maybe the first spanking should be administered without delay, and after that each further occasion should be less of an ordeal." And even as I said it I know I wanted him to, wanted to feel his punishing hand scourging my tender flesh. If we could not be joined in other ways, let the punishment be the silken rope that ties us together.

"You mean here, now..."

He was if anything more confused than I was, and I felt that I needed to take the lead. "I am no more used to this than you are, Sir,” I said, but I can only assume that if I were positioned like this...." And turning my back on him I bent forward with my young bottom upturned. I knew I would have to be exposed but I would have to leave that to him. “I will leave the rest to you, Sir." I said, and then I waited for whatever he chose to do. He took his time and I could hear his breath expelling from his nostrils like some aroused animal, but then I could feel him behind me and in a moment he had raised my skirt to my waist and then, and my heart was now in my throat and making it almost impossible for me to breathe, he was lowering my knickers till they fell round my ankles. I seemed to be standing in this demeaning and vulnerable position for an age, and the whole time I was aware that every dint and crevice of my most intimate self was before him, there to be looked at and examined like one of the framed pictures in the long gallery.

All the while I waited I was braced for pain, for chastisement, but what I eventually felt was something as soft as a moths wing touching me, and I realised that he had planted a tiny kiss. "You are so beautiful, so innocent." He said, his voice trembling. "I cannot do this."

In a second I was covered again and he was pacing up and down in a state of agitation. “I am the wrong man for this and I could easily find myself corrupting you. I will have to arrange for one of the seniors to administer your punishments. It is the only way."

"No!” I called out my voice betraying the panic I felt at his words. “It can only be you. “

And I was kissing him, chastely and gently, but still on his beautiful mouth.

"There is danger in this child.” He said, and I loved him calling me that notwithstanding my having passed eighteen summers. "You know there is."

"A danger I am prepared to live with." I said. "I will come to your room tonight at eight and the first punishment can be administered.”


He was calmer this time, prepared and ready for what had to be done and he wasted little time. “You know why you are here, to be spanked as decreed by the Charter, so let us not waste any time. Come here so I can put you across my knee." In a moment he had taken me by the wrist and I found myself pinned in place with his strong arm. Just being in this position was almost too much, the realisation that I was now wholly subject to his will, but I tried to stay calm as I waited for his next words. "For you to get the maximum benefit you really should be spanked on your bare flesh, but this first time at least I will not pull down your knickers as I suspect that you are not ready for such intimacy so soon. I will however raise your skirt as otherwise there would be far too much protection. You appreciate that don't you ?" And I muttered some sort of agreement knowing that in a moment he would be staring at my white cotton knickers tightly stretched over my girl's bottom, and of course wondering what effect that might have on him after what had happened this afternoon. There was a pause before he spoke again, clearly choosing his next words with care. "Remember, we must neither of us use this as an opportunity to think lustful thoughts.” And then, letting out a strange sigh, he pulled up my skirt.

Lustful thoughts or not, in a moment I felt his hand exploring the shape and feel of my bottom through the thin cotton of my panties, and I gave myself into the pleasure of it, imagining that he was doing it for reasons not connected with punishing me. But even more arousing than this, underneath me something live and stiff and feral was shifting and moving. Having me positioned across his knee like this had given him an erection and wicked girl that I am I found myself picturing his engorged member in my mind and wondering how it would feel in my hand and, even worse, deep inside me.

“When we first spoke," He said, still investigating my soft globes with his hand and sending thrills to every corner of my body. “I said that I would have to spank you for no other reason than I am obliged to under The Charter. But now it is different. Intentionally or not, this afternoon you filled my mind with impure thoughts, and I am going to spank you for that as well. You understand, don't you?”

"Oh yes, Sir!" I said, suddenly filled with a strange joy. “Oh yes! And that being the case, you must not spare me.”

My words were unnecessary. After the briefest pause he gave a token slap or two like a gourmet trying a new dish and wondering what it would taste like, caressed my bottom again, slapped me briefly once more then set in spank me in earnest, his leather hand raining down on my virgin bottom as if to tell me that this time nothing would deter him from what he was obliged to do. Never once in my eighteen years had I ever been spanked so I had no way of knowing if the sudden fire in my bottom was what all errant girls had to accept as their due as their lovers or mentors spanked them into goodness and obedience, but I instantly appreciated why being spanked was such an effective punishment. Even with my panties protecting me a burning pain was already making itself known and he had barely started. Not to wriggle and thresh was beyond me, but not for a second did I try to escape. Being spanked by him was my fate, and as this punishment was intimately connected with my having aroused sexual thoughts in his mind I wanted to savour and experience every stinging slap. As I wriggled and scissored, little gasps and moans were escaping my lips but they were not all because of the searing pain. There was something else building up in my loins, a strange liquid joy as well, a weird pleasure in being punished across his knee like this, and as it melted into the fire of my punishment and became one, it was turning into a pleasure so fierce I could scarcely cope. My mind was in turmoil as I threshed and moaned under his attentions, and feeling the angry jerking of his hard rod beneath me was adding a further level of confusion. It was becoming all too much and then suddenly, something unbelievable started to happen, an imminent explosion I had no control over was about erupt in the tight wet embrace of my schoolgirl panties and I could do nothing to stop it. As for him, somehow I knew that this relentless spanking he was visiting on my upturned bottom was nothing more than his way of cauterising his recently discovered need for me, and that realisation was the final trigger. As my body jerked and spasmed I let loose such a howl it was like some midnight beast in torment.

Did he know what had happened? I’m not sure, but he paused his punishment, paused and started to stroke and sooth my glowing bottom through the stretched white cotton of my panties. “My child!” He said, “ My child, maybe I was being too unthinking, this being your first time...... “And while I tried to regain some sort of composure he continued to caress me as the hot fire changed into the sweetest glow.

“I deserved it, Sir” I finally managed to say, not wishing to be anywhere else but here bent across his muscular thighs while he stroked my bottom. “Maybe I am not the girl you think I am and being punished is what I need.”

He made no comment and we stayed like this for a while in a sort of companionable peace till I broke the silence again. ”So having been given my first spanking, Sir, I will know what to expect the next time."

”I wonder.” He said thoughtful pulling my dress back into position and restoring my modesty. “Do either of us really know?”


I guessed that he would take my knickers down the next time he spanked me, and I was right. He had barely got me in position over his knee before he was pulling them down, slowly and lovingly lowering them to a point not an inch further than was necessary so my bare bottom was peeping up at him between their bunched up provocation and my upturned skirt.

Knowing I was going to be spanked, instead of the regulation cotton knickers I was wearing something a little more grown up, skimpy and silky and offering him another excuse to chastise me thoroughly . What was happening to me? His original picture of me had been accurate; I was an obedient and modest girl, exemplary in every way, but now my head was full of strange erotic imaginings centering on his punishing me and what effect it might be having on him. Was I, an inexperienced and until now pure virgin, guilty of corrupting a man who was going to take holy orders? If I was then no amount of punishment was enough. I should be spanked till my bottom caught fire.

Having some idea of what to expect this time I was even more nervous than the first time, yet also filled with some strange throbbing excitement. This time my young flesh would be completely exposed and bared for his attentions, so would I be able to tolerate this new level of pain, and how would it be for him watching my naked bottom turn crimson under his punishing hand?

“I take it,” He said, almost unconsciously exploring every inch of the naked flesh that was on view between my lowered panties and upturned dress. “That this is the first time you have ever been spanked with your knickers down?

“Of course, Sir, “ I said, my heart fluttering. “Remember, it is only my second spanking ever.”

“So yesterday......?”

“Yes, Sir. Yesterday was my first. You are the only man who has ever spanked me.”

“I see!” And there it was again, his thrusting member, engorged and alive beneath me, twitching in anticipation and hungry for a feast that was to be denied it. “Well, as this is the first time on your bare bottom, maybe not too harsh.“ And he gave me a little slap, almost a caress, and then another and another, little stings waking up some sleeping need in my loins, each one tiny but sharp, carefully paced and considered while I mewed and gasped at this benign attention. It was beautiful, pain and pleasure perfectly blended in perfect harmony, a slow build to something that his time I knew was inevitable and had no intention of fighting. And this time he knew for sure how it was arousing me, I could tell without any doubt. Consciously or unconsciously he was taking me somewhere my girl’s body had to go and after a while it was as if he was going there with me and had forgotten everything except this strange communion between us. Spank followed spank in an unhurried succession, a steady rhythm of stimulation that was perfectly in tune with my needs.

”You are a bad girl.” He was growling at me as if he knew to the second the point I had reached. “Tell me what a bad girl you are!” And I did so, suddenly loosing all restraint and confessing that I was full of lustful thoughts and that the whole of last night I had fantasised about my being across his knee with my knickers down while he spanked and spanked the wickedness out of me, and as I told him I realised that spurred on by my confession he was spanking me harder and harder and the smouldering fire between my legs was suddenly raging out of control. I was on the very edge of my crisis, but without warning everything had changed and we were attacking each other, tearing at each others clothes and in a moment we were both naked and his rod was in front of my face, hungry and feral and desperate for satisfaction. Suddenly my needs were different. He had brought me to this new and wonderful stage in my life and all I wanted was to show my thanks while experiencing something that I had scarcley allowed myself to even think as I tossed and turned in my midnight bed. Taking a moment to enjoy the sight of his luscious erection straining in front of my eyes I took it between my virgin lips and sucked it till the great gush of his satisfaction erupted into my mouth.


I was on his lap, bestriding him so I could meet his eye while he talked to me. That was my excuse anyway, thin as it might be. As he looked at me his voice was stern and he was holding a hairbrush which I knew he was planning to use on me and I was both excited and afraid. This time I had no idea how things might develop. After what had happened yesterday he wanted me more than ever but he was still making some effort to fight it and to bring me back to the straight and narrow. Nevertheless, against my loins I could feel his hunger, and so long as that hunger burned for me I knew that whatever took place between us, the final result, however long it might take to reach, was inevitable.

“Now despite everything, you're still a virgin.” He said sternly. “Only just, but you’re still a virgin nevertheless. So long as you remain virgin you are allowed to stay in this institution, so I'm determined to see that you remain that way.”

“Yes, Sir!” I said giggling, even though I knew that the mixture of frustrated anger and boiling lust would mean that his time my punishment would be severe.

“There are still three spankings due to you under The Charter and I'm going to give you the next one now and you’re really going to feel it. Now stand up and take your skirt off.”

I did so, seriously nervous of just how severe this next punishment would be, yet wanting it even more. Last night I had final given in to masturbating, something I had fought against all my life, as I remembered the sight of his wonderful engorged cock and the feel of it in my mouth. Whatever he chose to do to me now would be worth it.

“And now take your knickers off, that's right. I want them off completely” I did as I was told, pulling them off over my ankles, then stood in front of him naked from my waist down while his eyes burned at the sight of me.

“After your previous behaviour, He said extending an inquisitive hand. “I hope that this time the thought of being spanked it not making you excited.” And before I knew it his fingers were between my legs and investigating my lubricated pudenda, the tip of one finger even making a token entrance inside me.

Instantly and without warning I climaxed right in front of him, the unexpected stimulation on my already overexcited body too much. He smiled grimly as he watched me judder and moan and I knew that I was right and that I had corrupted him and that we were both now beyond all help.” What a bad girl you are” He said a smile of something that looked like cruelty lighting on his lips. “We will have to do something about that, won’t we!”

Dear God what had I unleashed? His need to punish me was now so deeply imbedded he could not help himself . At last I was being given the punishment I deserved and it was relentless. The vaulted ceiling roof rang with the sound of my bare flesh being mortified as he loosed all his lust and desire for me in an avalanche of pain.

Yes, I deserved it and, yes, I could not deny him what he had to do but I was still just a young girl, new to all this and it was beyond all bearing, but just when I reached a point where the my screams were hurting my throat he stopped, breathing like a man who had just been thorough some ordeal.

“Are you going to be a good girl from now?” He asked, and having no choice I gasped my acquiescence. “Good!” He he said, his voice grim with satisfaction, then tipping me off his lap got up and walked out of the room.


Confused as to where things now stood between us I was a model pupil for the next few days. Quiet in my demeanour, attentive in lessons and producing notes from my violin I did not know were there. I said little to anyone and kept myself to myself, but when he and I were alone together the tension burned between us and the air crackled with an erotic charge. Under The Charter he was obliged to give me two more spankings and we both knew it and there were only a few days left before the end of this term.

During a one on one tutorial on tonal harmony I decided to take matters into my own hands. Our dress code is an approximation of a conventional school uniform, but considering the archaic restrains we are under in so many other ways we are given a wide leeway as to how we interpret that and I had taken full advantage. I put on my shortest skirt and immediatly I could see that he could not take his hungry eyes from my legs which I posed as provocatively as possible, crossing and re-crossing them to give him glimpses of my smooth young thighs above the tops of my sheer stockings.

I had won already and it was just a question of taking things to a point of no return. He was stuggling to stay in control of the lesson and it was clear that already his head was teeming with lascivious thoughts. Taking the biggest risk of my life I leaned back in my chair luxuriously. “Maybe, Sir,” I said, my voice full of simmering promise.”Maybe my music would have a freer quality to it if my bowing arm was free of any restrictions.“ In a second I had taken off my blouse, and a second later I had discarded my bra as well, dropping these garments carelessly on the floor behind me. “In fact, Sir,” I said, my hand behind my head to give him the best possible view of my firm young breasts. “Maybe if all my limbs were free.....” And moments later I was sitting there naked with my ankles tethered together by the stretched silk of my panties, a token shackle demonstarting that I was still the prisioner of his wishes.

The silence between us was deafening and then he spoke, his voice strained and his eyes on fire. "I will need to check The Charter, but I have a feeling that being incorrectly dressed during lessons is something that calls for punishment.”

“I’m sure it does, Sir.”

“And as for being completly naked.......”

“As God made me, Sir, and as God meant me to be enjoyed.”

“I will need to consider this further. Go and wait for me in my room.”


Still naked I waited for him to come to me, kneeling on his bed and knowing that nothing would keep him away.

What I did not know was how would he deal with me. Would he punish me, spank my naked helpless body across his knee, mercilessly scourge this new wickedness from me till I finally capitulated and became the good and obedient girl I used to be? I knew the answer when he walked in, unambigously ready to deal with the wanton temptress I seem to have turned into. He was naked too, beautifully so with his wonderful member engorged and erect and ready to each me lessons even more basic than the ones I had been receiving across his knee.

“Assume the position young lady.” He said, his eyes eating my young girl’s body and scarcely able to keep his voice under control. "You know which one I mean!”

We fucked and fucked, then fucked some more till finally we lay exhausted and happy in each others arms, our bodies soft with satisfaction but our minds busy with erotic possibility.

“You appreciate,” He said after a while, pausing to kiss one of my nipples and sending new shivers through my all too receptive body. “You appreciate that under The Charter I’m still obliged to give you two further spankings, and that's quite apart from any punishments you have earned with your wanton behaviour recently.“ I snuggled into him, glowing with the thought of being punished again, the very idea of it now a hair trigger to my libido. “And as I said before I spanked you the first time, we are encouraged to be inventive. So what do you think?”

Even as he spoke his lovely ripe cock started to come alive again and I held it in my hand and felt its growing hardness as he whispered inflammatory words to me.

“Maybe tied naked to the old oak tree in the quad, maybe bent over my cello, that would be apropriate, or what about.........”

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Ten good reasons to give that little minx Samantha in accounts ANOTHER good spanking (See original post)

1. That picture in your mind of when she had made herself ready for you, bent over and submissive, just won’t go away and you simply have to see it again.

2. Since that first spanking there have been a number of times in the office when she has positively been goading you to repeat it.

3. Having had her just the once squealing bare bottomed over you knee you simply have to do it again.

4. You still find yourself thinking about it at night

5. As she was so good at showing her appreciation afterwards for your being so thorough and attentive, you can’t wait to see what she might have in mind the next time

6. Any girl who takes of her own panties then purrs that she's ready for her long overdue spanking on her naughty little bottom clearly understands how badly she deserved it and it would a dereliction of your duty not to do it again.

7. Watching her doing ordinary things round the office is still driving you mad, so quite frankly she's asking for it.

8. You’ve re-checked the office manual and there is definitely NOTHING saying the girls can’t be spanked naked, and well, you’re only human.

9. Back at your flat she had her own ideas for different ways that you could punish her and you've yet to try them all out

10. (Have I reached ten already! I've got LOADS more reasons left) There's NOTHING in the office manual saying that the girls should not be made to dress in stockings and suspenders, bent over a desk, their knickers pulled down and then caned on their bare bottoms while all the other girls watch and then…..Ohhh!!!!

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Mary always found that a good ten minute with the hairbrush at bedtime produced particularly efective results!

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If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise....

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It's only fair!

Look, as it was you who made them all sticky, it's only fair that you should wash them!

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Ten good reasons to give that little minx Samantha in accounts a good spanking:-

1. If just watching her go about her daily duties in the office gets you so horny you can barely cope,

just think what it would be like having her wriggling and squealing across your knee.

2. She looks so sweet and innocent on the surface,

yet so often you wonder what she would be like if appropriately stimulated.

3. There is NOTHING in the office handbook saying that when spanking junior staff you shouldn't take their knickers down.

4. It's a very good way of finding out if in fact she wears stockings rather than tights.

5. There is NOTHING in the office handbook saying that when spanking junior staff you shouldn't take their knickers off completely.

6. Sitting her on your knee while telling her exactly why she need to be spanked could be a very good way to get to know her .

7. You could find out at last if the rumours are true that, no matter how short her skirts, she often wears no knickers at all.

8. There is NOTHING in the office handbook saying that when spanking junior staff you shouldn't strip them completely naked.

9. There is NOTHING in the office handbook saying that when disciplining junior staff you shouldn't take them home to your flat to do it.

10. As she's an intelligent girl and knows that you're doing it for her own good, afterwards he could well show her appreciation in lots of interesting ways.

11. (Yes I know I said ten, but I just love thinking about this!) Comforting her afterwards could be just as pleasurable as when she shows you her appreciation. (See ten above.)

12. There is NOTHING in the office handbook saying that having soundly spanked junior staff they shouldn't stay the night with you afterwards.

13. Because you've been fantasising about spanking her for so long now that if you don't do it soon you are simply going to explode !

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