From Fergus

Here we have a contribution from Fergus, apparently an expert on spanking as he is giving us a thesis on the subject, his chosen topic being “Percussive Spanking,” This is something of which I have not ever heard, but I’m always keen to learn. In the e mail sending this to me he did go so far as to threaten me with one, but all I can say about that is, “Fergus, what sort of girl do you think I am?” But I will make a slightly more serious comment. He refers to the girl getting into a transcendental state after a period of lengthy and slow stimulation, and this of course echoes the unutterable bliss one can experience with gentle and skilful masturbation whether self applied or given by a lover. This, to me, is what sex is all about, the sweet beautiful sensation of arousal brought about by whatever stimulation happens to be right for you. So, Fergus, I forgive you for threatening me, and I forgive you for naming me at the end of your treatise. Hardest of all, I forgive you your corduroy trousers, and that wasn't easy! Anyway, here it is:- The best kind of “good girl” spanking is technically known as a Percussive Spanking. The session features gentle, consistent, rapid, rhythmic and light to medium weight spanks that increase in intensity very gradually over a long period of time. There is practically no pain during a Percussive Spanking, the spanks are so light they are often felt as more of a vigorous skin massage, and the area is no more than lightly pink after the session is done. By tomorrow there won’t even be much marking. This technique can and usually does induce in spankos a relaxed condition called "subspace"; a transcendental state which helps separate the mind from the body to allow the mind to "fly". (This is often accompanied by the playing of spiritual music, and the burning of incense which helps the process and speeds up her decent into subspace). The endorphin release which all spankos crave, is not a rush, but rather a slow and gradual buzz as her sense of well being increases. As the glow in her bottom spreads and her relaxed state and heightened sensitive awareness grows, she starts to move around on my lap and realises that she can get sufficient purchase against my trouser to generate some interesting friction. She now feels the need to gently rub herself against my corduroy trouser leg and generate a little more friction. Provided her panties are warming her pretty ankles, she now faces a dilemma. She wants to wriggle around on my lap to get in the exact position in order to further increase the friction in the right area. She wants to wriggle more to increase her delight, but being a demure and lady-like girl, she needs to stay still to preserve her modesty. Her delicious dilemma will only get worse as she either has to postpone the gratification she craves, or expose her charms and succumb to her wantonness. Her preferred solution, if she was in charge, is to stop, kick Fergus out, and attend to her urgent requirement in the knickers department, but he grips more tightly, and still the spanks continue. Increasingly frustrated, she wriggles, moans, and becomes progressively more insistent that she be released. Why hadn’t she agreed a safe word? She demands release as she becomes frantic but he just tightens his grip and ups the tempo. And….and……and...... Some spankos claim that, at this point, they have actually climaxed. Others involve their Dom, but the result is a big, shuddering O. Would Elizabeth cum on her own? I think so. But it is only for good girls. You been a good girl?
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The girl from the agency

Yes, Sir. I'm the new girl from the agency. I'm well recommended, Sir and most of the gentlemen tend to be pleased they had me. If it's all the same with you, Sir I'll just take my knickers off now if that's all right. Well, I've never yet been to a job where they didn't come off sooner or later, so let's do it now to save time.

What change completely? Right now? Well, if you like. No, I suppose I don't mind if you want to watch. What I always say is that if God gave a girl a nice body, it’s a kindness for her not to keep it to herself.

Oh I see! My uniform is upstairs is it! No problem! It always seems that my uniform is upstairs. You're going to come up and show me exactly where it is are you? How very kind of you! I could tell straight away that you were the considerate sort.

Now, let’s be honest, that was a bit naughty how you behaved up there, but I'll let it go this time. Now let me get my uniform on. I’ll start with the stockings, you gentlemen seem to like those don’t you? Now tell me, are they nice and straight?

No – stop that! I really must get dressed and start getting a meal prepared . Oh, you want to stay and watch, do you? Funny how all my gentlemen seem to like to watching me in the kitchen.

Now what are you doing there? You really are a naughty boy aren’t you. Look, if you really have to do that, at least let me help you. There, how was that? That's much better isn't it?.

I'll just get that stickiness cleaned up and then I can start getting some food organised. What? Yes, I suppose that was very naughty of me! Don't know what came over me. You're right. Maybe a good spanking is exactly what I need. Across your knee, Sir? Oh well, that’s always where I seem to land up across the gentlemen’s knees. There I was right wasn't? You want my knickers down don't you. Silly of me to put them back on.

Yes, Of course I'm sorry I was naughty, and of course I want to get back into your good books again What? Forget dinner and have an early night? Well I don't mind, but......Oh I see! That sort of early night! Well all right, but just this once mind! I don't want you to get any wrong ideas about what sort of girl I am!

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Art Attack

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The Plea

When I first saw you in that strange dark club, I could not stop staring at you, all the while hoping that you would not see, yet wanting you to be aware of me as I was of you.

You were dark and mysterious, a creature whose existence I could not believe, wreathed in cigarette smoke and experience. I wanted to be part of you, to shelter under the wing of your erotic knowledge and to crawl at your command when ever you asked me.

But I did not think that would ever be possible. Too shy to approach you and sure that you could never take any interest in my youth and naivety I took myself home, but that night in the darkness of my room I fantasised about our being together and our hands taking a mutual voyage of discovery over each other’s secret places,

In my mind’s eye my hand was yours, and it took me to places I needed to go to, but I knew that they were for nothing without you..

So this is my letter to you. I want to be yours, to do with what you wish. Spank me like a naughty child if that is your will. (Oh please do that! I need to be punished by you!)

Bind me or blindfold me and make me helpless

Strip me naked and spank me as often as you will

I will make myself available to be punished by you , baring my bottom to your scourging hand. It is what I crave.

And afterwards, I will be contrite, anxious to make it up to you, and in my inept and clumsy way will try and give you pleasure in exchange for punishment. If that is what you want.

At the club tonight I will be brave. I will come over and kiss you in the darkness then hand you this letter.

And then I will go and wait for you to come to me. All night if necessary. And every other night.

Please don’t let me down. My body is young and beautiful, and it is yours for the asking.
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Breaking the rules

Rules are of course meant to be broken. What a drab world it would be if things were otherwise. And as a rule I would say that men don’t like tights. It’s true that in the real world if you want to show off your legs of at their very best in a skirt so short it makes peoples eyes water, then only tights will do, but they have their down side. If as a result of your mini skirted posturing you find that you have enticed a beautiful man to your bedroom, then when he’s caressing you on the bed and investigating your upper thighs with his eager hands, there’s no doubt he would have preferred to have found that under your little skirt there’s no more than a pair of skimpy panties to slide down before he can make his first sweet entrance.

But pausing there (and why not; what a lovely thought that was ) just take a look at this gorgeous creature, her thighs and bottom encased in sheer dark nylon that eroticises her limbs so wonderfully. It’s true that like this there is a barrier to penetration, but pleasure, particularly erotic pleasure should always be taken slowly, so take your time to first to enjoy the look and feel of her like this.

And if your tastes run in a certain direction, then gently ease her across your knee; investigate her further with your eyes and hands, then quietly and rhythmically give that exquisite nylon clad bottom a quiet spanking. Enjoy her little squeals as you do so as the two of you get even more ready for the moment of consummation. After all, you won’t find a bottom like this every day.

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Low Cut?

But what’s the problem? All you said was to make sure I didn’t wear anything too low cut!
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The present

As I have so often said in this blog, pleasure in this world of ours is to be savoured, whether in the realty of a lover’s bedroom or in the Ivory Tower of our personal fantasy world, safe from alien intrusion as our questing fingers ease the joy from out trembling limbs.

For me this image personifies that concept. The two outside females, barely in view, have been given a present to share, and they are unwrapping it slowly and carefully, enjoying every sensual moment as their beautiful new pet comes into view. Just what they have always wanted! A little cuddy kissable thing to play with, to dress and undress at will and of course with a naughty little bottom that will have to be spanked from time to time till it is properly house trained.

And of course, they can sleep with it at night, snuggled up between them , purring with pleasure for the attentions it has been giving and receiving.

Yes, I do want one, and it’s my birthday in July.
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The last episode from David

David has sent us the last episode in the unfolding story of him and Nicole; what I particularly like is that it has left us, and him, unsure where the line is drawn between reality and imagination. And all the better for that. It is our imagination that separates us from the beasts, and what better than to wake from an erotic dream and then make it reality with the exquisite creature next to you in your tumbled bed.

Were Rita and Nicole actually having sex ? Does it matter? What matters is that David and Nicole are having sex, and David has now learned the pleasures of exercising a little discipline, possibly what Nicole wanted all along..

So, for once without embellishment from me, here it is.

Sometimes Nicole pretends SHE's Rita. She giggles and tells me, "It's not because Rita and I have DONE anything," and explains, "It's only because I know how it turns you on... I'm I too wet Nicole? Come feel how wet you make me Nicole." She giggles again.

I ask Nicole if Rita really does get her wet. Nicole is embarrassed but nods and says she gets excited when Rita plays with herself. "Tell me the truth - do you ever touch her?"

She doesn't answer but giggles nervously and says she's been a bad girl and actually REQUESTS a spanking! I am stung... but of course I'm also very excited. I'm just learning how to spank her - I want to bury my long hard penis in the naughty blonde slut at the same time I'm whacking her and she's writhing across my lap. If only Rita were here! (Liz if only YOU were here!)

As we do it, I daydream that Rita gets my wife drunk and videotapes her. "Take off your clothes Nicole. O M G Nicole you are so pretty! Dance and let me see how your breasts bounce.

Now start playing with yourself - that's a good girl - play with your big boobs - sit down and spread your legs further - I want to get some footage of your long fingers massaging your wet blonde pussy!

VERY good - now walk over to me - slowly slowly - kiss my nipple, ahhh now bite it - now reach down and feel my clit - see how wet YOU make ME? - now get on your knees - that's a good little girl, you know what to do you gorgeous slut - that's it that's it - oh God yes!"

So David, we’ll all leave you to it. It all seems very good to me. And when she starts telling you of her erotic interludes with Rita, insist on taking her across your knee and giving her a quiet spanking as she does so. Not to stop her of course, but to guarantee that she will do so again.

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Dear Aunt Elizabeth.......

Dear Aunt Lizzie,

I was wondering if you could help me with a little problem. You see my friend Sandra has started a new job recently and she rather fancies her boss. So to make sure he noticed her, the second week she dressed like this to go to work.

Not only that, at the office she made sure he got to see her like this,

and, well, hardly a surprise, out of nowhere this happened!

And later in the day it moved on to this!

She told me all about it over a drink in the wine bar, and frankly I was really jealous. So I thought, well, if she can do it, so can I. I'm just as sexy as she is , and between you and me, I rather fancy my boss as well.

So the next day I dressed for the office like this,

and when I was there, I made sure he saw me like this ,

and even like this.

You would have thought that it should have provoked the right sort of response, and its true that he did seem to appreciate it.

But the next thing that what happened was this!

Yes he put me across his knee and spanked me! Really hard on my bare bottom. “For your my own good” He said. And now I don't know what to do. I fancy him more than ever now and don't know how to behave in the office any more .


The thing is, being so elegant and sophisticated, no man would ever have put you across his knee and spanked you so you might not understand, but I actually enjoyed it when he spanked me. How the devil do I deal with things now?

Your loving niece


Dear Angelica,

Er...yes. How would I ever understand? Anyway, at the moment I don’t know what the answer to your problem might be, but, while I'm thinking about it, can you send me more of those lovely pics.


Lots of Love

Aunt Lizzie
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