Thinking of him

Lying here, pleasuring myself as I think about him and the things he does to me, the ways he gets me excited and takes me places no one else ever has. His impatient hardness probing new ways to give me satisfaction, the feel of his lips on mine and his hands on my breasts easing them into secret joys of their own. And of course punishing me when I need it, taking no nonsense as he pulls me into position over his knee and bares my bottom in readiness.

“You deserve this, don’t you?” He says, caressing my bottom before scourging it with his punishing hand. It’s not a question, it’s a statement, but I always answer that I do, swooning with the pleasure of submitting to him as he spanks obedience into me.

And when it’s over! Oh God, when it’s over.......
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Now this looks to me like a very angry man, spanking his young mistress as if on a mission to teach her a lesson she won't forget. He's so impatient he hasn't even got round to pulling her panties down yet, but inevitably he will and her bare flesh will soon be feeling the lash of his leather hard hand.

What is it she's done to incur such punishment? She's dressed the way he likes, stockings high heels and suspenders, everything that helps to give more thrust to his bedroom attentions, so its probably not that. Whatever her crime, after this I doubt if she'll be repeating it.
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I’ve been to Venice a couple of times and spent every moment seduced by it. It’s a uniquely beautiful city of swirling dreams and sensual thoughts, its very stones oozing erotic promise, a place for lovers to arrange secret meetings where kisses are exchanged along with promises which will not be kept. In its narrow alleyways and crumbling courtyards, obscured by masks, fantasy can run free and midnight revellers can mingle their bodies with beautiful strangers before moving on to other trysts.

For me, this beautiful girl is what Venice is all about, a drape of fabric, a partially obscured and mysterious face and the sexual allure of her glowing nudity.

I have to go back.
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Starting Out (three)

And then the next day in the office at the end of the day when everyone has gone home your boss takes you across his knee and spanks you, spanks you with your knickers down like a little naughty girl, and not only that, you’d given him permission to do it. How did that happen?

It started as soon as you went in and he sat you down to have a serious talk

“Up until the last few weeks.“ He says, “I’ve been very pleased with you, but recently your work has been deteriorating at a very serious rate.” And you know he’s right as all you want to do these days is masturbate and think about sex and you can’t concentrate on anything else.

“It’s got so bad.” He says. “That I’ve been thinking of dismissing you.”

And your heart starts to thump as you can’t afford to lose your very first job. Not only that, he is rather gorgeous and you like working here with him.

“Oh please don’t do that, Sir!” You say. “Don’t sack me. I’ll do anything to avoid that.”

“Well, what else can I do?” He says. “I’ve given you enough warnings. What you really need is a good spanking to make you, concentrate but as I’m not allowed to do that…….”

“But if that’s what you think,” You cut in, desperate to save yourself. “Then you have to do it.”

He’s looking at you oddly, and you can’t make out what he’s thinking. “Do you mean that?”

“Oh yes, Sir!” And as you say it you start to feel the way you do when Isobel approaches you with that look on her face. “If it means keeping my job, you can spank me as often as you want.”

“Right!” He says, a look in his eye you’ve never seen there before. “That’s what I’ll do. Come to my office at six tonight.”

So you spend the rest of the day with the spectre of a spanking hanging over you, fear and excitement churning you up inside in ways you’ve never felt before as you picture yourself across his knee. You want him to and you don’t want him to , a weird mixture of fear and arousal flooding through you.

At six you go into his office and he’s waiting for you, sitting on a wooden chair in front of his desk, and as you stiletto toward him, each step is like a walk to the gallows.

“I’ve come to be spanked, Sir.” You say, wondering what the next half hour is going to bring.

“And not before time.” He says, and in a second he’s taken you by the wrist and pulled you across his knee. You’re wearing a very short silky dress, one that clings round your pert young bottom and you guess that stretched across his knee like that there’s a good chance that he will be able to get a glimpse of your snowy white panties underneath and despite yourself, the thought if this gives you a frisson of excitement, but then you start to wonder if this is all such a good idea. He has slipped his hand underneath your dress and he’s feeling your bottom appreciatively and you wonder if he’s really allowed to do that.

“You’re a very naughty girl aren’t you.” He says, fondling your bottom in ways that make you wriggle with pleasure, even though you know you shouldn’t. “Making mistakes day after day. I think this spanking is exactly what you need.” You’re now so excited you can’t speak, but then he pulls your dress right up and you give a little cry of protest

“But, Sir!” You say. “That’s not fair. You can see my knickers!”

“And very pretty knickers too.” He says almost purring now and you know he’s enjoying this, and some perverse part of you is glad he is. “Perfect knickers to be spanked in.“ And then, and you can’t believe this, he’s pulling them down.

The wicked part of you wants him to do this, but something inside you is protesting, realisation of what this involves hitting you properly. Your boyfriend is one thing, and Isobel is another, but he’s your boss and you’re across his knee with your dress up and your knickers down and your young bare bottom in full view. You start to struggle, but it’s no good as he is much stronger than you and as the first spank lands you know that it’s really going to hurt, but maybe that’s what you want. You deserve to be punished for all the erotic fantasies flooding your brain these days so as he gets into a steady rhythm, spanking you with serious determination, you surrender yourself to it, squealing and gasping as the pain starts to build.

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Life - (That old thing!)

Even people who live in ivory towers have to deal with life from time to time. I'm about to take a long weekend,(don't ask!) and also I have things to deal with next week. If postings are fewer over the next four or five days, don't worry. I haven't lost interest and will back to normal shortly.

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Starting out (Two)

So in one go, one amazing never to be forgotten afternoon it’s happened. You’ve been spanked, your first ever spanking, a proper across the knee bare bottomed thorough spanking, and you’re still on fire with it. Not only that, you’ve had your first proper sex with Isobel and it was wonderful.

You can’t think of anything else but Isobel and sex, and you find excuses to go back and see her, only to find that she’s on fire with it too. Suddenly your relationship has changed and she’s in charge now, still loving and affectionate, but strict. Defiantly strict.

“You’ve not come to have sex with me again have you?” She asks, her eyes fixed on yours in the way that always makes you melt

“Well, yes.” You stutter, knowing what’s going to happen

“You’re a very naughty girl, aren’t you?” She tells you. “I think I’m going to have to give you a good spanking.

“Please! Not a spanking!” You beg, your insides filled with a strange sweetness as she walks towards you with a look of grim determination on her face.

“Oh yes!” She says, and her eyes are bright with anticipation. “Now tell me what you deserve or I’ll make it even harder.

It’s not fair how excited she can make you, and even as you tell her what she wants to hear, you have to clench your young thighs to keep your arousal under control. “I deserve a good spanking, Miss.” You gasp, and then, because you can’t resist saying it. “With my knickers down,.”

And that’s just how she spanks you as you gasp and squirm across her knee, pain and pleasure building up in an uncontrollable cocktail that ends in an explosion of purest bliss.

And sometimes you play games where you dress up. Sometimes you’re a naughty schoolgirl, bending over the desk and waiting for your punishment,

or she’s your boss and she’s making an example of you to the whole office, your glowing bottom there for all to see above your stocking tops as she spanks and spanks some obedience into you.

And afterwards of course, there’s always forgiveness time.

You still see your boyfriend of course, but you don’t tell him a word about our visits to Isobel as he wouldn’t understand, but he can feel a new energy in you. These days you’re always bright eyed and panting and eager, and sex with you is even better than it used to be,

and you’re always ready to try something new like him helping you masturbate while he whispers inflammatory things in your ear.

And if he doesn’t understand when sometime you flash your sweet eyes at him and comment that you’re becoming a really naughty girl these days, well why should he? It would never occur to him to spank you, though it’s something you fantasise about when you’re alone, bending over your bed with your panties down imagining him telling you that you’ve been asking for it.

But men don’t understand that sort of thing, so being spanked by a man will never happen.

Then one day at the office……(To be continued)
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Of Human Bondage

There is a question with this beautiful high heeled female with her elegant dress and perfect make up. Has she tied her own hands, deliberately rendering herself helpless for any predatory male who might come along and strip her down to her stockings before feasting on her naked availability, or was she rendered this way by a specific tormentor who this very second is deciding just how best to take pleasure in her?

Either way, she looks like she is looking forward to her imminent ravishing. Might be best to leave her to it.
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She did warn me when she took me on. "I'll be very strict." She said, leaning forward and smiling at me in a way that made my insides feel strange.

"Strict?" I asked, at that stage not sure what she meant.

"Yes, strict. If you accept the job, you'll find out." And when her eyes met mine, sending me secret messages, I knew I wanted the job, whatever it involved.

And now I know. Virtually every day I'm taken over her knee and spanked, sometime with only my bottom bare, and sometimes with so little clothing left I might as well be naked. I'd never been spanked before and at first I was nervous, but now, well how I feel about it is different.

"You are so bad!" She says to me, her voice gentle and in contrast to her punishing hand, and it's as if she is doing this for my own good and because I need it. I'm sure I do, and when each time I my bottom reaches scalding point and I call out that I've really learned my lesson, she soothes me with her hand and her sweet words and makes it all right in ways I didn't even know existed, ways that leave me swooning and groaning with something I don't have words for.

And when I drop off to sleep at night, still feeling the caress of her lips on my burning bottom, I know that she'll probably spank me again the next day, and safe with that knowledge, I fall into a deep and happy sleep.

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No comment needed

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Whipping lesbians

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Bathtime bliss

For most of us, life's needs call for speed and efficiency, and that means that our daily routine calls for a quick shower to start the day. But when time permits, there's nothing like the luxury of a long soapy bath, a glass of champagne on the side and the strains of Vivaldi or Pachabal in the background. And if on these occasions, should we be joined by a lover of either sex, then why not , someone to help turn our languor into ecstasy.

A few postings ago I mentioned an occasion when I was hauled out of my bath, taken over a man's knee and spanked, all the while dripping suds all over him and the floor. No point in pretending that it wasn't exciting as it was, until he introduced a bath brush into the proceedings and it took a completely different turn. I'd love to give you an image of a girl being spanked like this, wet and soapy and squirming like a fish, but have failed to find one. If any of you can point me to one I would be really grateful.

And another thing while were on the subject of naughty bath time images. It's quite easy to find pictures of pretty young girls in the bath with their ripe breasts emerging from the water, pillows of temptation for any bathroom guest to reach lips or hands to . But what I've never seen, and really like the idea of is a picture of a man in the bath (preferably straight, but beggars can't be choosers) with his erection poking up through the foam like an erotic periscope, peeping round and looking for mischief. Anyone who can direct me to an image like this will be my friend for life!
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Starting out (One)

So what about this. You’re young and sweet and pretty, and sex with your new boyfriend so wonderful you can’t believe that anything could ever be so good. But being so young and ripe, you’re curious about other things too, and when your boss laughingly says that after that mistake of yours he really should put you across his knee and give you a good spanking, you find yourself strangely excited for the rest of the day.

When you get home, your head is still full of it and you go and lie on your bed and pull down your own panties and try to imagine what it feels like to be spanked, and it gets you so aroused that you so simply have to do something about it, inserting a finger into your moist centre, stimulating and cajoling till your orgasm fights its way out as you lay there whimpering with a pleasure.

You need to know more, and you go and visit your friend, Isobel. You’re not lesbians the two of you, but there’s a special affection there, so time and again you end up kissing and fondling each others breasts, often ending up completely naked even though you never intended to.

“Isobel," You shyly say after a while. “Have you ever been…….” And you can scarcely say it, but knowing something interesting is coming she encourages you to tell her. “Have you ever been spanked?” You finally say, blushing so badly that you have to bury your face in her neck, but she’s very understanding about it and knows exactly what this is about.

“Oh, I see!” She says, kissing you in that way she does that makes you wriggle with pleasure. "You’ve never ever been spanked and I suppose you want to know what it feels like.”

“No! No!” You say, denying it hotly. “It’s just that I was wondering……..” But she is already pulling you across her knee and you’re powerless to resist, and it’s as if everything inside you is melting. “The thing about being spanked,” She tells you, almost purring with pleasure. “Is that if you’ve been really naughty, and I’m sure you have, you have to be spanked with your knickers down.“ And although you want to protest, your voice is no more than a whimper and now your young bottom is bare and she’s caressing it with her hand and it’s so beautiful that when the first spank lands you let out a little squeal and jerk your legs, but you don’t try to get away , and when she really gets into it, spanking you with a steady rhythm it's totally in harmony with what you realize your body has been craving

“You’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you!” She says, spanking you harder now, and you find yourself agreeing with her, the pain that’s building up down there all too wonderful, so when she tells you that maybe this is enough for now and lets her fingers dangle down to where you pleasure yourself at night , your entire self is suddenly jack knifing with sensual overload as your orgasm rips itself into the open.

And then what happens? I’ll have to do another posting on that, won't I.
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This isn’t me, though it easily could be. I’m petite and dark too, and as you can see from my brief profile I have three cats, and one of them is the image of this one. I’m not going to give out his name as I don’t want my cover broken, (the locals clearly are curious about me, but don’t know the truth) but he’s black and glossy and rather magnificent with a very high opinion of himself. I’m not pretending he wears a monocle, but he could easily get away with it being so grand and lordly.

If you’re at all interested, at least half the time I’m typing this blog, he’s on my lap, purring and dribbling on the keyboard in pleasure. But as they say, maybe that’s too much information!
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Strictly for older men

Who are you all out there, checking in to see how the myriad cast of characters I bring to you are faring, the erotic cartoons, kissing lesbians, and young girls having heir naughty bottoms spanked by lovers, strict headmasters and displeased bosses?

As thinking about sex in all its glory is probably the leisure activity of choice of just about every adult in the world, I suspect you are a good cross section of the demographic, from pretty young girls curious about their sexuality and nervously interested in the idea of a dominant lover taking them across their knee, to older men, well experienced in the pleasures of exercising discipline. If you are such a man, I suspect you find that living in a world that’s hog-tied in red tape and where pulling down your young secretary’s knickers before giving the little minx the spanking she’s been positively asking for will land you in an Industrial Tribunal or even prison somewhat frustrating. That being the case, at least you can still enjoy checking in here to help you muse on the glory days when it was common practice.

With men like very much in mind, here is as quintessential an image as you could ever ask for. A man such as you, correctly dressed down to his tailored waistcoat, giving his young maid a lesson in discipline. Stockinged and suspendered, her dress up and her knickers down, she’s across his knee and having her bare bottom thoroughly spanked for whatever it is she did this time. Whether she learns her lesson is a moot, point and maybe he’ll have to do it a few more times till the lesson is thoroughly learned. But then again maybe she’s a quick learner and as soon as she’s allowed up, shows him her appreciation in a way that’s as old fashioned as time itself.

We can all dream!

And as for you sweet young girls out there, doe eyed and curious about all this, there’s a separate posting for you.
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This one's going to hurt

Oh dear! This one's going to hurt, really hurt. It's normally fun when he spanks me, me kicking and squealing across his knee as he pulls my knickers down and tells me what a naughty girl I am. Not this time. This one's serious.

"Wait for me upstairs." He said "And take everything off first."

No smiling or flirting, no exchanged glances telling me that he's so horny he can barely wait for the moment when he throws me on the bed afterwards and we're both so excited we can scarcely cope.

This time I'm really going to be punished. I'll just have to be brave.

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Divinely decadent, Darling

Ah, decadence, the lifestyle choice of the truly discerning. Shades of Christopher Isherwood's Berlin and pre-war Paris in the whiff of opium, the swirl of cigarette smoke and the heady perfume of darkness and dirty sex. Picture cigar smoking lesbians in perfect evening dress in basement clubs where bizarre sexual inclinations are being satisfied in private rooms and the nocturnal diners and drinkers make clandestine assignations with beautiful; strangers .


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Seeing things from his point of view

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Sometimes a simple spanking is just not enough

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Hairbrush spanking

In our modern high tech world of the slick and quick, I think what we miss out on is the wonderful baroque sense of style that was clearly evident in a bygone age, and here is a classic example of it. If your maid needs to be spanked on her upturned bare bottom, do it with a silver backed hairbrush. It almost certainly hurts more than an ordinary wooden one, and at the same time it will make her feel important.

Memo to Liz's various boyfriends: - You do realize that this doesn't apply to me. Your hand is quite good enough!
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Waiting to be spanked

Sitting here with a cup of coffee trying to make myself feel normal when there's nothing remotely normal about it. I'm naked and in my bedroom waiting for him to come and spank me. I know I deserve it, but that doesn't make any difference. The word he used was 'soundly'. He said he would put me across his knee and soundly spank me for misbehaving. I know what that means, the bedroom echoing with my punishment, each stinging spank of his leathery hand on my flesh sounding like a gunshot, except that they'll be too close together. Once he gets into a rhythm it's like a downpour of pain, a torrent of punishment making me squeal and squirm.

But if he didn't, didn't give me what I deserve when I deserve it, I wouldn't feel the same way about him. That's what makes him so special, and why I always show my appreciation afterwards in the way that he likes and which he tells me I’m so good at. He makes it good for me too so that by the end it’s better even than had it never happened.

I’m getting moist just thinking about it. Suddenly I'm looking forward to it and I hope he’ll comes soon. I've finished my coffee now and I want to be spanked!

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Spanking French style

The French used to call spanking Le vice Anglaise , yet from these drawings it looks as if from quite a while back now young French girls have been very happy to dish it out themselves. Just look at them, spanking their helpless victims with gleeful enthusiasm .

It looks to me like a case of a case of le pot calling the kettle noir !

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Those of you who check on my postings on a regular basis know that I am susceptible to falling in love with some of the the edible little morsels and wanton wenches I bring to you. This girl is no exception, all too delicious as she sits there, lost in her own thoughts and absent mindedly checking her suspender.

Or is she as innocent as she looks? Is her simple pose contrived, and does she know that all eyes are on her silky thighs as she sits there on a public step? Putting it another way, should she be embraced for her beauty or spanked for her exhibitionism? You decide.
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Boss and Secretary:A spanking waiting to happen

Boss and secretary, a relationship so explosive with erotic potential I almost don't know where to begin. Together in an office most days, proximity and intimacy in a dangerous cocktail of mutual unacknowledged attraction enhanced by his power and her gamine cuteness shown at its best in a short tight skirt, stockings and heels!. Every day he sees her bending over a filing cabinet or reaching up to a high shelf, his blood boiling as he's given tantalising glimpses of her tightly clad bottom and lacy stocking tops. No wonder so many end up on the desk, scattering files and coffee cups in their passion to rip each others clothes off.

I'm surprised they don't sell desks in sex shops, they have so many possibilities as an erotic tool. She can sit on it in apparent innocence and flash her silky thighs at him, or reach across it and make an exhibition of her young breasts straining against the thin fabric of her blouse while at the same time guaranteeing that her skirt will have ridden to stratospheric heights, knowing that he is missing nothing and probably planning his next move against her.

And of course, when discipline is called for she can be bent over it and spanked. Ah yes! Giving her a spanking, the secret weapon he keeps in the back of his mind, never more than twenty four hours a day.

"Miss Jones!"

"Yes, Sir?" She answers, eyes as big as saucers knowing from the look on his face that something interesting is about to happen

"There's too many mistakes in this report. I think I'm going to have to spank you."

"Spank me, Sir!” Her eyes are even bigger now. "You don't mean, you know, putting me across your knee like a naughty girl?"

"That's exactly what I mean”

“Wow!” She does not mean to say that but it escapes her lips, but they both pretend it wasn't said, not wishing to spoil this moment.

“Come over here will you.” He tells her. “And we can get it over with."

Two hearts racing knowing what the next hour is likely to bring. Two libidos on fire with the thought.

"But, Sir!"

"I said...."

"Very well!"

She walks across, luminous with anticipation, and when he takes her over his knee and shrugs her into place she can't help feeling something hard and unresisting thrusting against her, something that is throbbing and twitching like an electric eel. Knowing that his eyes will be now be focussed on her tightly clad bottom, despite her suppressed excitement she's concerned by his next move, and calls out in protest.

"Sir! You've pulled my skirt up! I mean, you can see my panties!"

"It’s your own fault for being careless" He says, revelling in the sight of her pert bottom encased in its carapace of skimpy silk. His cover is beginning to wear thin as he can't keep himself from fondling her lovely young bottom through her tiny knickers. "Just as well you're wearing such pretty panties today."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Very pretty indeed!" His hand is up inside them now and she is wriggling with pleasure as his fingers make contact with places they shouldn't.

"But you do realize I'm going to have to pull them down"

"But, Sir, you can't! Not take them down!” But despite what she’s saying, carried away with what’s happening she wants him to now, wants to be spanked properly on her bare bottom. She even wants it to hurt as it might help keep her true feelings in check. “I mean,” She says, as much for her own benefit as for his. “You'll see everything!"

“Yes, I will won't I!”

And he's already pulled them down and he is seeing everything, and very nice it is too, and her spanking follows the inevitable course they always do and the desk ends up as a sacrificial alter as she happily surrenders her body to him.

There's a lesson in all this somewhere, and it's along the lines that if you want to stay pure, better off getting a job as a pole dancer or a nightclub hostess. Don't go and work in an office. You'll never stand a chance!
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