Bath Brush Blues

I had a new experience a short while ago, one I shall be remembering for a good while, but let me start at the beginning to get it in some sort of context.

It's often been said that men are slow learners, and sometimes that is the case, but not always. A man I met a while ago can hardly be accused of not picking things up quickly. We met, we were attracted, and before we knew it we were doing the business and it was pretty good.

It was good enough that when he invited me to his house a couple of times again I was happy to accept, but although he was very proficient in the bedroom department, he clearly was pretty straight and needed to be encouraged by Elizabeth down a few erotic turnings he clearly had not trodden before. Admittedly it took a good few hints, but after I'd dropped into the conversation a couple of times that maybe if I'd been spanked more often when I was younger it might have done me me good, I saw a familiar glint starting in his eye. It wasn't long before he found an excuse and I was over his knee in a short summer dress which he pulled up to give me a good over the panties pasting. Cue lots of giggling squealing and protesting, and the next thing he’d ripped the panties off and he finished off spanking me on my bare bottom. Just when it was getting a bit too much, off came everything else and a happy time was had by all.

Less than three days later and fired up by the sight of me in a formal suit and sheer stockings he created another excuse and before I knew I was being spanked again with the thoroughness of a seasoned professional. Before another full week had gone by it was, ”Elizabeth! Go and wait for me in the bedroom with your panties down. My hand and your bottom have some unfinished business.”

That he was thoroughly into the joys of having me wriggling across his knee was becoming all too clear, but quite how much I hadn't realized. I was soon to find out. The next time I stayed at his house he invited me to take a nice relaxing bath before dinner which I was happy to do.

I was just settling into that nice dozy feeling you get when immersed up to your neck in a hot perfumed bath when he marched in, his face telling me everything I didn't want to know, and telling me I was holding everything up. Before I could protest he literally pulled me out of the bath, still soapy and wet, and threw me across his knee. He was still standing up, one foot up on the bath stool, and me squirming like an eel across his raised knee, totally naked and running with suds. I don't know if you've ever been spanked when wet, but I have to admit that there's something very exciting about it, each spank sounding like a firecracker on the wet flesh, the effect made more so by the echo in the enclosed and tiled space.

So far so good but this is where it all changed . He reached behind him and picked up the bath brush an old fashioned long handled job, then proceeded to finished me off with that! Have you EVER been spanked with a bath brush? My God, it is so painful, but fortunately he realized after a bit that my screams weren't my usual "Stop it, I like it!" but were for real, and he eased off.

As for the rest of that night, let's just say he allowed me a pretty free reign and I was able to take a few sexual liberties I might not otherwise have got away with to the point that he's the one in credit now. This does mean that a thorough knickers down spanking is already ready and waiting for me and it will be triggered by my next mistake. I don't mind that, in fact I rather like it, but from now on, I'll be making sure I've had my bath before meeting up with him again.
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