Are you ticklish? I'm going to guess that are. If you are reading this blog, then there's a reasonable assumption that you are open to most of life's tactile pleasures, and tickling is up there alongside a whole host of life’s other top shelf enjoyments. Personally I'm most certainly ticklish, so much so that during my school days everyone knew that for me it was the ultimate deterrent. Forget Chinese burns and the cruder playground tortures of hair pulling and spiders in the knickers. I was so sensitive to it that if I saw it was imminent I resorted to fight or flight in ways that left my friends stunned.

There is, has to be, a strong blood line between tickling and spanking. Like spanking, tickling is generally practiced between people who are on intimate terms with each other, or are keen to be. It's a close physical contact that reduces the victim to squirming and giggling and begging for relief, notwithstanding that they are not actually being physically harmed. It's a way for the person administering it to exercise erotic power and control, yet still pretend that sex has nothing to do with it.

For a man who has yet to get even as far as kissing terms with a girl he fancies, it gives him an excuse to wrestle and overpower her and to get a good pleasurable feel of her lithe young body. Just as when he announces that a good spanking is just the thing that she needs, pulling her across his knee and hoping she doesn't realize what an massive hard on it's giving him, so it is when pinning her arms above her head and tickling her ribs, his hands as dangerously close to her breasts as he can get away with. With both tickling and spanking, sex is the elephant in the room, jumping up and down and banging cymbals, overwhelmingly visible to both parties but unacknowledged by either.

In these pictures, the intimate relationship is clear, the girls half dressed even before things have really got going and no doubt they will be wearing even less by the end. I used to have a very ticklish female friend whose boyfriend would pin her to the bed and tickle her till she promised him whatever sexual favour he asked for. Not surprising then that with couples not yet on such terms, it's not unusual for the girl to find herself calling out that he can do absolutely anything he wants to her if he stops, a lovely way for a relationship to start.

And if you want to know, yes, twice in my life that girl has been me. I’m jealous too!
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