Fantasy Foootball

I know that there are a lot of girls out there who enjoy football, but I don't happen to be one of them and I'm indifferent to any aspect of it . Nevertheless, knowing that for a lot of men football is close to a religion, as soon as I saw this image I was struck by what a risk this girl was taking. Stealing a football when not wearing any knickers has to be as dangerous as it can get. If she's into spanking of course, it could be a different thing as she could well spend the afternoon being passed around, spanked across eleven different knees in a row, and maybe even twenty two if the opposing team join in as well.

But then my mind really began to work. What about a football match, male against female, with both sides nude from the waist down like this? Now that would be fun!. The men would be at an immediate disadvantage as running around with an erection would hardly be easy (If they don't have one with the girls all flashing their naughty bits, there has to be something wrong with them) and they'd spend half the time afraid of being hit there by the ball. And think of the penalties that could be imposed for foul play, wankings and spankings and all kind of fun humiliations. Never mind the offside rule whatever that is , celebrating a goal would be mind blowing. There would have to be a party afterwards of course and the winners would get to have their wicked way with the losers in any way they chose.

Maybe football could be fun after all!
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