Boss and Secretary:A spanking waiting to happen

Boss and secretary, a relationship so explosive with erotic potential I almost don't know where to begin. Together in an office most days, proximity and intimacy in a dangerous cocktail of mutual unacknowledged attraction enhanced by his power and her gamine cuteness shown at its best in a short tight skirt, stockings and heels!. Every day he sees her bending over a filing cabinet or reaching up to a high shelf, his blood boiling as he's given tantalising glimpses of her tightly clad bottom and lacy stocking tops. No wonder so many end up on the desk, scattering files and coffee cups in their passion to rip each others clothes off.

I'm surprised they don't sell desks in sex shops, they have so many possibilities as an erotic tool. She can sit on it in apparent innocence and flash her silky thighs at him, or reach across it and make an exhibition of her young breasts straining against the thin fabric of her blouse while at the same time guaranteeing that her skirt will have ridden to stratospheric heights, knowing that he is missing nothing and probably planning his next move against her.

And of course, when discipline is called for she can be bent over it and spanked. Ah yes! Giving her a spanking, the secret weapon he keeps in the back of his mind, never more than twenty four hours a day.

"Miss Jones!"

"Yes, Sir?" She answers, eyes as big as saucers knowing from the look on his face that something interesting is about to happen

"There's too many mistakes in this report. I think I'm going to have to spank you."

"Spank me, Sir!” Her eyes are even bigger now. "You don't mean, you know, putting me across your knee like a naughty girl?"

"That's exactly what I mean”

“Wow!” She does not mean to say that but it escapes her lips, but they both pretend it wasn't said, not wishing to spoil this moment.

“Come over here will you.” He tells her. “And we can get it over with."

Two hearts racing knowing what the next hour is likely to bring. Two libidos on fire with the thought.

"But, Sir!"

"I said...."

"Very well!"

She walks across, luminous with anticipation, and when he takes her over his knee and shrugs her into place she can't help feeling something hard and unresisting thrusting against her, something that is throbbing and twitching like an electric eel. Knowing that his eyes will be now be focussed on her tightly clad bottom, despite her suppressed excitement she's concerned by his next move, and calls out in protest.

"Sir! You've pulled my skirt up! I mean, you can see my panties!"

"It’s your own fault for being careless" He says, revelling in the sight of her pert bottom encased in its carapace of skimpy silk. His cover is beginning to wear thin as he can't keep himself from fondling her lovely young bottom through her tiny knickers. "Just as well you're wearing such pretty panties today."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Very pretty indeed!" His hand is up inside them now and she is wriggling with pleasure as his fingers make contact with places they shouldn't.

"But you do realize I'm going to have to pull them down"

"But, Sir, you can't! Not take them down!” But despite what she’s saying, carried away with what’s happening she wants him to now, wants to be spanked properly on her bare bottom. She even wants it to hurt as it might help keep her true feelings in check. “I mean,” She says, as much for her own benefit as for his. “You'll see everything!"

“Yes, I will won't I!”

And he's already pulled them down and he is seeing everything, and very nice it is too, and her spanking follows the inevitable course they always do and the desk ends up as a sacrificial alter as she happily surrenders her body to him.

There's a lesson in all this somewhere, and it's along the lines that if you want to stay pure, better off getting a job as a pole dancer or a nightclub hostess. Don't go and work in an office. You'll never stand a chance!
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