Who would you like to spank?

Those of us of either sex who take pleasure in giving a spanking from time to time are most likely to be doing it because either some little brat has earned our displeasure and needs teaching a lesson, or we can't resist doing it because we know that once all the squealing and squirming is all over, it will inevitably lead to further writhing and wriggling but of an even more pleasurable nature.

Given that, who amongst those in the public eye would we most like to take over our knee and teach a quiet lesson to? A million names might spring to mind, but bearing in mind that we would want to be able to enjoy the making up afterwards, those wonderful sweet moments of kissing and contrition, then the list instantly shrinks and we are left with the young and the pretty. Allowing for that, what names stand out at us? Let's leave aside celebrity mag fodder like Paris Hilton and Katie Price who should simply be locked in a dark room and forgotten, and think of some more worthy names.

What about Penelope Cruz as a starter? Small, neat, and dark, and so beautiful it hurts to look at some of her pictures. What a joy it would be to slip down her knickers and stroke her exquisite bottom before spanking into her the lesson that simply noone is entitled to look as good as she does..

And then, how about Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Not such an obvious choice, but as I happen to have this mocked up image, of her fighting to keep her knickers in place, I couldn't resist passing it to you.

The young Brigitte Bardot? Oh yes! Now we're talking. Possibly the sexiest woman ever, so gamine and French. The first and best of all the naughty girls, her pert bottom wriggling under her flowing skirts in an endless invitation pour un grand fessee.

And of course Christina Ricci, that tiny body and great eyes. How she would wriggle and scream across the knee, a real pleasure to spank. And then who else?

No question, Peaches Geldorf, overwhelmingly asking for it by endlessly appearing in the newspapers in erotic underwear just to annoy her Dad. In her case I might leave out the making up bit at the end.

What about Kate Winslet? Actually she's someone for whom I've got quite a soft spot and I would enjoy sharing a coffee and a gossip with her, but this picture ('course it's not her!) looks so like her, I had to post it.

Pamela Anderson? Most of the time no, but I’ll make an exception if she’s wearing this nightie.

Kate Beckinsale? Well she is rather asking for it posing like this.

And let's finish off with Nastassja Kinski, offspring of another cinematic actor (Klauss), an actress with strong thespian principals. Whatever the script, she'll always find some excuse to get her kit off and flash her pubic hair at us. The chances are we wouldn't have to take her knickers down to spank her as she probably wouldn't be wearing any.

I could go on, but it would get boring and it's all too personal anyway. Any of your nominations of who should be added to the list will be gratefully received.

(Sorry, it seems I forgot one! Little Kylie! How could I have missed out that delectable bottom? As spankable as they get.)

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