Strictly for older men

Who are you all out there, checking in to see how the myriad cast of characters I bring to you are faring, the erotic cartoons, kissing lesbians, and young girls having heir naughty bottoms spanked by lovers, strict headmasters and displeased bosses?

As thinking about sex in all its glory is probably the leisure activity of choice of just about every adult in the world, I suspect you are a good cross section of the demographic, from pretty young girls curious about their sexuality and nervously interested in the idea of a dominant lover taking them across their knee, to older men, well experienced in the pleasures of exercising discipline. If you are such a man, I suspect you find that living in a world that’s hog-tied in red tape and where pulling down your young secretary’s knickers before giving the little minx the spanking she’s been positively asking for will land you in an Industrial Tribunal or even prison somewhat frustrating. That being the case, at least you can still enjoy checking in here to help you muse on the glory days when it was common practice.

With men like very much in mind, here is as quintessential an image as you could ever ask for. A man such as you, correctly dressed down to his tailored waistcoat, giving his young maid a lesson in discipline. Stockinged and suspendered, her dress up and her knickers down, she’s across his knee and having her bare bottom thoroughly spanked for whatever it is she did this time. Whether she learns her lesson is a moot, point and maybe he’ll have to do it a few more times till the lesson is thoroughly learned. But then again maybe she’s a quick learner and as soon as she’s allowed up, shows him her appreciation in a way that’s as old fashioned as time itself.

We can all dream!

And as for you sweet young girls out there, doe eyed and curious about all this, there’s a separate posting for you.
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