Starting out (One)

So what about this. You’re young and sweet and pretty, and sex with your new boyfriend so wonderful you can’t believe that anything could ever be so good. But being so young and ripe, you’re curious about other things too, and when your boss laughingly says that after that mistake of yours he really should put you across his knee and give you a good spanking, you find yourself strangely excited for the rest of the day.

When you get home, your head is still full of it and you go and lie on your bed and pull down your own panties and try to imagine what it feels like to be spanked, and it gets you so aroused that you so simply have to do something about it, inserting a finger into your moist centre, stimulating and cajoling till your orgasm fights its way out as you lay there whimpering with a pleasure.

You need to know more, and you go and visit your friend, Isobel. You’re not lesbians the two of you, but there’s a special affection there, so time and again you end up kissing and fondling each others breasts, often ending up completely naked even though you never intended to.

“Isobel," You shyly say after a while. “Have you ever been…….” And you can scarcely say it, but knowing something interesting is coming she encourages you to tell her. “Have you ever been spanked?” You finally say, blushing so badly that you have to bury your face in her neck, but she’s very understanding about it and knows exactly what this is about.

“Oh, I see!” She says, kissing you in that way she does that makes you wriggle with pleasure. "You’ve never ever been spanked and I suppose you want to know what it feels like.”

“No! No!” You say, denying it hotly. “It’s just that I was wondering……..” But she is already pulling you across her knee and you’re powerless to resist, and it’s as if everything inside you is melting. “The thing about being spanked,” She tells you, almost purring with pleasure. “Is that if you’ve been really naughty, and I’m sure you have, you have to be spanked with your knickers down.“ And although you want to protest, your voice is no more than a whimper and now your young bottom is bare and she’s caressing it with her hand and it’s so beautiful that when the first spank lands you let out a little squeal and jerk your legs, but you don’t try to get away , and when she really gets into it, spanking you with a steady rhythm it's totally in harmony with what you realize your body has been craving

“You’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you!” She says, spanking you harder now, and you find yourself agreeing with her, the pain that’s building up down there all too wonderful, so when she tells you that maybe this is enough for now and lets her fingers dangle down to where you pleasure yourself at night , your entire self is suddenly jack knifing with sensual overload as your orgasm rips itself into the open.

And then what happens? I’ll have to do another posting on that, won't I.
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