Starting out (Two)

So in one go, one amazing never to be forgotten afternoon it’s happened. You’ve been spanked, your first ever spanking, a proper across the knee bare bottomed thorough spanking, and you’re still on fire with it. Not only that, you’ve had your first proper sex with Isobel and it was wonderful.

You can’t think of anything else but Isobel and sex, and you find excuses to go back and see her, only to find that she’s on fire with it too. Suddenly your relationship has changed and she’s in charge now, still loving and affectionate, but strict. Defiantly strict.

“You’ve not come to have sex with me again have you?” She asks, her eyes fixed on yours in the way that always makes you melt

“Well, yes.” You stutter, knowing what’s going to happen

“You’re a very naughty girl, aren’t you?” She tells you. “I think I’m going to have to give you a good spanking.

“Please! Not a spanking!” You beg, your insides filled with a strange sweetness as she walks towards you with a look of grim determination on her face.

“Oh yes!” She says, and her eyes are bright with anticipation. “Now tell me what you deserve or I’ll make it even harder.

It’s not fair how excited she can make you, and even as you tell her what she wants to hear, you have to clench your young thighs to keep your arousal under control. “I deserve a good spanking, Miss.” You gasp, and then, because you can’t resist saying it. “With my knickers down,.”

And that’s just how she spanks you as you gasp and squirm across her knee, pain and pleasure building up in an uncontrollable cocktail that ends in an explosion of purest bliss.

And sometimes you play games where you dress up. Sometimes you’re a naughty schoolgirl, bending over the desk and waiting for your punishment,

or she’s your boss and she’s making an example of you to the whole office, your glowing bottom there for all to see above your stocking tops as she spanks and spanks some obedience into you.

And afterwards of course, there’s always forgiveness time.

You still see your boyfriend of course, but you don’t tell him a word about our visits to Isobel as he wouldn’t understand, but he can feel a new energy in you. These days you’re always bright eyed and panting and eager, and sex with you is even better than it used to be,

and you’re always ready to try something new like him helping you masturbate while he whispers inflammatory things in your ear.

And if he doesn’t understand when sometime you flash your sweet eyes at him and comment that you’re becoming a really naughty girl these days, well why should he? It would never occur to him to spank you, though it’s something you fantasise about when you’re alone, bending over your bed with your panties down imagining him telling you that you’ve been asking for it.

But men don’t understand that sort of thing, so being spanked by a man will never happen.

Then one day at the office……(To be continued)
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