The Best Cinema Spank

Everyone knows about McClintock, True Grit, and the other usuals, but I have never seen this one mentioned. Not saying it hasn't, I just haven't seen it.

During the visit with my parents, A movie called The Happening was shown. It was the recent one and as far as I know, has no spanking in it, but it reminded me of a movie that I saw back in 1999 or 2000.

It was called The Happening but it was made in 1967. I had recently discovered my interest in spanking and was watching tv late at night in our basement and that is when I saw this scene.

It happens at 4:50 of this clip. George Maharis gives Faye Dunaway a perfect spank.

It was shown again a couple days later and I taped it so I could really watch it and also see it in slow motion. It is so much better in slo mo. You can see every frame of her reaction to the very real swat.

And I am not so sure it was scripted. Sure the camera angle for it was perfect to see the swat and her reaction, but I think it might have been  just to show off her butt in those thin tight pants and to see him walk away at the same time. But it is her reaction that makes me wonder if it really was scripted.

I do not have the tech skill to figure out how allow you to see it in slow motion, but perhaps someone out there does and can show us. You will see exactly what I mean.

What is your all favorite spank scenes from the media?
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