If the Paddle Could Talk

Hello. I suppose I should say a little about myself.

My earliest memories are of being made in a small shop, fussed over a bit and then put in a box and being shipped to a young couple named Mike and amber.

This was, I think, about three years ago, but, it is very difficult for me to judge time since almost all of my life is spent hanging around on some kind of hook in the dark.

My name is Leather Paddle. I have seen myself in front of a mirror and if I am allowed a moment of vanity, I think I am actually pretty nice looking. I am brown, maybe about an 8 inch long oval shape with a handle and about a 1/4 inch thick.

Anyways, like I said, almost all of my time is spent hanging on a hook. However, every once in a while I can come out and have some fun.

It starts when one of them comes to get me. It is usually Mike, but I like it when it is amber. She always seems so excited to see me as she can't wait to hand me over to Mike.

Once he has a hold of me, amber gets into some kind of funny position.
Sometimes it is
or maybe


but usually he just puts amber over his lap

Once she is in place they start this strange activity. You see Mike grabs hold of me by the handle, swings me thru the air and then amber and I start slapping each other.

SOmetimes she is wearing what these people call a pants or a skirt, sometimes it is this flimsy bit of cloth they call panties. But, always it ends up with her bare ass slapping one of my sides.

I don't know what I have ever done to her to make her want to hit me all the time but really I don't mind it. It doesn't hurt me at all and it sure is better than just hanging around on a hook.

Oh, amber will make such a fuss while this is going on. She will squeal and squirm and kick and carry on, but I can tell that she likes it. Sometimes I have even heard her say more, more.

It is all quite fun for me and I could do this all day and sometimes I get the idea that amber wouldn't mind if I do even though I can clearly see she feels it much more than I do when we are slapping each other.

She turns quite red at times from all our exertions and that is when I know that I will no longer be of use and I start to feel a little sad.

Mike let's go of me and amber will get up and then they start doing the strangest stuff.

Of all the silly things to do, they start wrestling!
I am not kidding. They really go at it. Bouncing around on each other and moaning and yelling and squirming. I don't know what it is they actually have to do to win, but I can tell amber must be very good cause she seems to win lots more than he does. When she does, she gets all excited and carries on.

Sometimes Mike wins and then they will move around a bit and make more funny noises and start wrestling again.

When it is all over they sometimes sleep, or go have shower, or get something to eat, but sooner or later it is back on the hook for me.

That is the extent of my life. I have some fun and I know they both appreciate me and amber even says that I am her favorite and that makes me so proud. Oh, well. Hope they take me down again soon.
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