It had to happen one day and thank God there were no real consequences, leaving aside a good smacked bottom, but for a girl like me, that was hardly a penance.

As you must know from my masthead, I’m a cat lover. One of the many things I like about them is that they have all the characteristics of the perfect female lover, sensuous, luxury loving, self indulgent and of course playful, but we all know that games can occasionally backfire.

I was entertaining a boyfriend a few days ago, no need to go into detail save that we had got to the stage when lower garments had been removed and we were unhurriedly enjoying some mutual exploration. The man in question has a member that is not short of personality, and when aroused it tends to tremble and jerk and while the two of us were having a pleasurable kiss it was showing its appreciation, doing a quiet little dance of its own, as happy as anything.

As I said cats are playful and my big black cat, the very grand one had, unknown to us, padded into the bedroom and seeing what for him was a fun new toy couldn’t resist giving it a bop with his paw! My God, my companion leapt upright as if he’d been given an electric shock nearly tipping me onto the floor. Fortunately the cat in question has always been good at keeping his claws sheathed when playing, his big paws like velvet boxing gloves, so no actual harm was done, but the shock had both our hearts racing like nobodies business.

All’s well that ends well, and once we’d resumed our previous activities , the door now firmly shut it didn’t take long before the inevitable happened

“And what do you think the punishment is for naughty girls who train their cats to saveage their lovers?”

“I suppose………” Eyes big and innocent, “A good spanking, Sir?” Kissing him and getting interested. “On my wicked bare bottom?”

At least I got that right!
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Teaching her

It's a fact of life that any nation or group of people who suffer from repression exercise even greater repression when they find themselves in control. So using the same psychology it's not surprising that with girls like us who have been on the receiving end of a spanking or two,

should we find ourselves in a relationship with one of our own kind we tend to realise that certain urges are taking us over. Yes, this sweet trembling little creature is irresistible and kissable and staying out of bed with her is nearly impossible,

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if......, and the fantasy of spanking her keeps coming into your mind and you can’t get rid of it,

And before you know it it's all happening in ways you can scarcely believe. You send her upstairs to wait for you, the pensive look on her face telling you that she knows that something interesting is about to happen to her.

You. (Kissing her and relishing the feel of her breath against your cheek.) “I really think I should. I mean, it's for your own good........"

Her. (Pulling even closer to you and panting slightly.) "But you wouldn’t really ……would you?"

You. I’ m not sure I have any choice" (Taking her by the wrist and drawing her across your knee as she lets out a soft sigh) "And I'm sure you'll thank me for it once it's over" (Pausing to run your hand over the swells of her bottom through the thin cotton of her short dress.) "Have you ever been spanked before?"

Her. "Never!"

You. “Not even by a boyfriend?

Her. “No, honestly !"

You. (Pulling up her dress till it is above her waist and glorying in the sight of her bottom embellished by a tiny pair of silky white panties stretched over the straining cheeks)

"Well as it’s your first time I'd better make sure it’s something you remember!" (Caressing her bottom through her panties and trying and cope with the flutter of excitement moistening your insides.) “You know I'm going to pull your knickers down, don’t you?"

Her. "Oh my God! Do you really have to? It will hurt so much on my bare bottom!"

You. "It’s not a proper spanking unless your knickers are pulled down." (Doing so with sadistic slowness, then taking an age to caress her smooth pink globes and fighting the urge to simply take her to bed.

You "Are you ready?”

Her (Sighing) "Oh yes!"

And then you’re actually spanking her, quietly and firmly at first so she can fully appreciate what is happening,

carefully building up the glow and throb and sting till her gasps turn to squeals and you know she's ready to be comforted.

Then comes that blissful moment when you pull her up and kiss away her tears and slide your questing hands up and over her waist and breasts, scarcely believing it when she whispers her thanks to you, you know it was exactly what the two of you needed.

And before you know it, she’s tempting you to do it again!

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Long weekend

It's another long weekend and I will be away. Regardless I will do my best to try and fit in a couple of postings, provided of course my hosts don't keep looking over my shoulder when I'm busy on my laptop. If they do, I can see my reputation as a nice quiet girl being lost for ever!

Look forward to being back properly next week.

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A Royal Spanking

So it seems another young couple are getting married, OK one of them a member of the Royal family, but essentially it's just another wedding and there's lots of things they will have in common with other couples. And of course one of them is that, whatever we've been told or like to believe we've no real idea bout their sex life, either to date or what it's going to be.

So lets allow our imaginations run a little free......

“Gosh. I'm getting married and to a prince. Wow! I'd better give him a good time on honeymoon then. What about some nice sexy undies. That's right! Knickers? I wonder. I'll decide about those at the last minute.

Lets see how the dress looks. Nice pulled up like this so he can see my bare bot.

Nothing like looking at my bottom to get his Royal flag staff standing to attention. Oh dear ! I must stop thinking about that, it gets me all...... well why not? Just a little stimulation from the finger....Oh YES!!

Whoops! Must stop doing that. Very naughty of me. Better tell him I suppose. William.......

Wow. I'm being spanked with my knicks down, and by Prince! It's wonderful. That right. Harder, Harder. Yeeeees!!!

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Sir, It’s been a good twenty minutes since you spanked me. Can I have my knickers back please.
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Old fashioned good manners

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Dazed and confused

Hang on. Did I get it wrong? My boyfriend said he was going to spank me today. That’s fine,.

Where did this woman suddenly come from?

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We are lucky enough to live in an age which is sexually free and easy, where daily tabloids give us pretty bare breasts to look at each day and where the internet feeds erotic tastes that might even make me blush.

But things are never that straight forward, and it can still take quite a simple thing to drive a man wild. I don’t have to ask you girls to try this as we’ve all unwittingly done it at one time or other. Put on short floaty dress on a windy day and walk past a building site.

Exactly, my case rests! The instant your dress blows up and they get the merest glimpse of skimpy knicker, then suddenly it’s like being at the primate house at the zoo, the whole lot of them reduced to screaming whooping barbarity at the sight. Sort of flattering I suppose, but I won’t go into that.

The thing is, your underwear is supposed to be private, a secret only shared with your mirror or your lover. What you wear under your clothes is out of sight from the moment you leave home, and in the street and in the office men can only imagine what you might have on underneath, and possibly it is that which gives it it’s mystique.

You can be attired in the blandest things, baggy jeans and an old fleece, but if underneath you are got up like a French whore then that gives a thrust to your stride and the inner you can still exude a glow that disturbs and excites.

Even with your lover who is entitled to feast his eyes your nakedness, a careful or surprising choice of lingerie can kindle a new level of excitement from him. It is yet another item in the feminine armoury, carefully designed to help us in the sexual war zone.

And if we’ve misbehaved and earned a spanking (as girls like us so often do!) as our lovers purr in anticipation as we pretend to struggle across their knee, how much nicer for both of us if when he exposes us in readiness he finds something sexy and inviting..

And best of all, he’s far more likely to do it again!
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Unanswered comments

Several comments have been left on recent posts and I have been in such a rush I have not been able to reply. I promise I both appreciate and care about your input and I will reply the first moment my feet hit the ground!

In the meantime, many thanks for your continued interest.

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What I love about this image is the subliminal narrative. On the surface of it is no more than a mature woman giving a younger girl a strapping on her bare bottom. For those of you who tune into blogs like mine it is hardly an unusual thing for you. Naughty girls getting punished is what you like to see.

But it’s the look on the young girl face that is taking my attention, eyes half closed and a look of beatific acceptance. It’s very much as if she quite literally asked to spanked, to find out if reality matched her fantasy. I can see her having asked her more experienced lover to give her a good smacked bottom, a proper knickers off punishment to see what it felt like, and now she’s in a private world, working out how much she is enjoying it and savouring the new experience as the throb and sting pulses through her limbs.

Those of you who have read my account of it (my very first posting close on a year ago) know that I most certainly did not ask for my first spanking. I fought it vigorously until suddenly I found myself giving in to it. But the result was the same, a joyous realisation that I had found a new and very special erotic path to tread.

Lucky girl!
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Schoolroom games

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Two girls

Gentlemen, If you were lucky enough to meet two girls,

In the street, say

Or maybe on holiday.

And they turn out to be the sort of girls who like to have fun, if you get my meaning

Two pretty kissable girls with free and easy ways and sweet bottoms.

If things went well between you, then you might end up like this, tumbling sheets and mingling fluids. Oh lucky man!

But of course, you know what girls are like these days, even more free and easy than you expected, and out of the blue you might catch them like this. Undressing each other and getting ready to kiss and fondler and mingle. Your mother did warn you about girls like these!

Well, how could you stop yourself? It would be your duty wouldn’t it. Give them both a good spanking to teach them how behave. Probably that’s what they wanted you to do anyway.

But careful not to get carried away,

You know, over do it.

After all, it’s two against one. They might just end up getting their own back!

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Bondage and spanking.

A few postings back I talked about why for so many people giving or receiving a spanking was sexually stimulating. I was careful to hedge my bets on most aspects of it as it is such a minefield, but my broad conclusion was that it’s psychology was rooted in a mixture of things including a change of the power balance between the two people involved.

For the man his, “Wow! I have this gorgeous young thing across my knee like a naughty little girl and her knickers are down and I’m in total control of the punishment I’m going to give her.” is mirrored by the woman’s, “ Oh my God! He’s got me over his knee like a naughty little girl and my knickers are down and he’s in total control of the punishment he’s going to give me.”

A similar psychology comes into place when in our sex lives some degree of tying up or other bondage is involved. As females, when tied to a bed post , across a bed, or simply with our hands shackled behind us it essentially means that within reason almost any sexual act can be visited on us and there is very little that we can do to stop it.

Bearing in mind that even in today’s liberal age, there is still something inherently wicked in having sex at all, this gives the whole thing a wonderful edge. And of course, he might prove himself to have tastes that we had no idea about that might take us places we never even dreamed of.

For any girl into such things I would say that an element of the perfect spanking is one that is just a touch more painful than she expected, and equally with any sexual practice, it can be that much more exciting if taken a fraction further than what we thought we could tolerate.

Just as the excitement of finding yourself across your boyfriend’s (Or girlfriend's) knee is partially connected to folk memories of schoolroom punishments from years ago,

so is bondage likely to be connected to childhood experiences.

There are few of us who in childhood did not at some stage find ourselves tied to trees by gleeful friends who then could not stop themselves from pulling down our knickers or taking out our willys and playing with them. This tended to result in strange but wonderful feelings washing through us that were repeated in weird and beautiful dreams, so not surprising that as adults we find ourselves self pleasuring in our midnight bedrooms visualising ourselves captive and helpless and not sure what our captors have in mind for our naked bodies..

Personally I’m not heavily into bondage, that is the formalised use of straps and other sex shop devices, but finding myself suddenly tethered and rendered helpless by a lover using say a stocking or dressing gown cord and wondering what is going to happen to me next is a different thing. That can be pretty wonderful if the person in charge knows what he’s doing.

But as with all sexual game playing, the whole key to it trust. When spread eagled on a bed, naked and available and with all your extremities shackled into place you want to know that you’ll soon be on a magic carpet to an erotic paradise, not in a van on the way to the mortuary.

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