What I love about this image is the subliminal narrative. On the surface of it is no more than a mature woman giving a younger girl a strapping on her bare bottom. For those of you who tune into blogs like mine it is hardly an unusual thing for you. Naughty girls getting punished is what you like to see.

But it’s the look on the young girl face that is taking my attention, eyes half closed and a look of beatific acceptance. It’s very much as if she quite literally asked to spanked, to find out if reality matched her fantasy. I can see her having asked her more experienced lover to give her a good smacked bottom, a proper knickers off punishment to see what it felt like, and now she’s in a private world, working out how much she is enjoying it and savouring the new experience as the throb and sting pulses through her limbs.

Those of you who have read my account of it (my very first posting close on a year ago) know that I most certainly did not ask for my first spanking. I fought it vigorously until suddenly I found myself giving in to it. But the result was the same, a joyous realisation that I had found a new and very special erotic path to tread.

Lucky girl!
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