Gorgeous little brat

Every now and then you come across a girl so sweet, so toothsomely innocent yet wantonly wicked that you know you simply gave no choice but to put the little brat over your knee and spank her for sheer fun of it. And here's such a girl now, cheekily grinning and accidentally but deliberately letting us see her panties under her carelessly shrugged up dress. What a gorgeous little minx she is , and you know instantly just how she would react when you had her struggling across your knee while you pulled those panties down in readiness for her punishment. Yes she would yell, and yes she would protest, but she'd absolute love it, and once you'd let her up, within moments of telling you what a big bully you are, her lovely arms would be round your neck and she'd show you that she really is as sweetly wicked as you thought, so maybe the whole process might just have to start all over again. Why can't there be more like her?
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