Over the desk, or over the knee?

Never mind if we should increase air strikes over Libya or the proposed reforms to the NHS, the big question of the day is whether spankings are best administered over the knee or over the desk?

How many happy hours we could all spend trying to decide the answer to that question. On the basis that variety is the spice of life, I would have thought that the answer was that different spankings suit different situations, but starting with a glib and completely unscientific comment on the subject I would say that over the desk is for sadists and over the knee is for sensualists.

Personally, whether I'm giving or receiving a spanking I generally prefer over the knee. Let's face it, there is something both cosy and intimate about that position and of course it’s absolutely perfect for playing that wonderfully gusset moistening game of Daddies and Daughters.

“Darling, you know I have to do this for your own good don't your.”

“Yes, Daddy. I know I deserve it. I've been a very naughty girl”

“You certainly have. Letting all those boys kiss you behind the bike shed. I'm not spanking you because I don't love you, it's simply that you have to learn. You realise I'm going to have to take your knickers down don't you?

“Oh, Daddy do you really have to? You'll get to see my bare bottom!”

“I'm afraid there's no choice, Darling. That's it, I've got them right down now. You do have a pretty little bottom don't you.” (Stroking it and almost purring now) “Just perfect for a long hard spanking.”

“Oh dear! I must say though Daddy that being over your knee like this with my knickers down is making me feel sort of funny and moist inside, the way I did when I let the boys kiss me.....”

And so on. We've all played it at some time or other and know how it ends.

And then of course with over the knee there is all the fun of holding her in place while she wriggles and squirms,

leaving aside the pleasures of the pre-spanking fondling and post-spanking soothing.

Over the desk tends to be more impersonal, more of a dispassionate punishment, and is classically for that knickers down in front of the class situation where all the girl’s friends get to see absolutely everything, including that pretty little kiss that peeps out at everybody through the top of her legs. This is where the hidden despot in all of us tends to come to the fore.

“Take your knickers off, Emily, and bend over the desk!”

“But Miss......!”

“I said take them off!”

But of course as with all power situations one's approach does tend to vary depending on if one is dishing it out or on the receiving end. On the occasions I find myself across a desk I do know that I'm likely to be for it in a big way, but I'm not complaining. With the miscreant bent over the desk, the man in charge has the advantage that his actions cannot be seen, so should he be inclined to introduce another element into the proceedings, something stiff and quivering and hungry for penetration, then it does add another layer of excitement to the whole business that makes being punished even more pleasurable.

The answer for us girls of course would be simply to never misbehave and never have to be spanked again, in any position. But then, where would the fun be in that?
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