I suppose it was only fair, punishing me the way you did. I so love looking in the mirror, looking at my nakedness and turning myself on. Imaging that I am making love to myself. So it was inevitable that that is what I ended up doing. Making love to myself while I watched, my inquisitive fingers exploring and probing as I watched my own face contorting with pleasure as I came closer and closer to that most beautiful of moments . But you caught me! Inevitable I suppose. I have done it so often that one day I just had to be found out. “I’m going to have to spank you.” You said. “Spank you good and hard on your bare bottom.” And of course I melted in anticipation, knowing how I love being punished by you. You bent me over in front of the mirror so I could see my fear, could see my own face anticipating that first hard spank on my unprotected flesh. You delayed it for quite a good while, stood behind me looking at our own two faces, in the mirror, you glowing with the power you have over me, and me trembling in anticipation, my knickers round my ankles and my bare bottom out thrust in readiness for my punishment Yes I let out a scream when it landed, when the scorch of your punishing hand made contact. But I wanted it, and loved seeing my features twisted in pain. So this is what I look like when I’m bad and you spank me. No wonder you do it so often. I must go out and buy a bigger mirror!
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