Oscar Wilde famously said that there was no such thing as the perfect moment, only the anticipation of the perfect moment or the recollection of the perfect moment. One of the older and more erudite of my male friends took that a little further a while ago over a wine sodden and candlelit dinner to say that there could be no such thing as perfect sex. "The problem with perfect sex " He told me. "Was that it would leave you no space to fantasise." This is an interesting concept and one I'm not going to elaborate on at great much length here as it would be too wordy and you would all be switching over to check out Marque's Study or The Pink Report before I knew it. But just touching on that theme, if reality cannot reach the parts that fantasy can penetrate, then that does explain the pleasure that so many of us seem can get from looking at erotically charged drawings. A good drawing is a very personal thing and reveals far more about the artist than it does about the subject as, however carefully disguised, it nakedly shows us the artist's personal obsessions and erotic kinks. So here without further comment are a handful of drawings, all concerned with restraint or spanking or whipping. I could make lengthy remarks about each of them but it might be best to leave you to enjoy them for their own sake. And if they do for you what they did for the artist as he drew them, then that's wonderful.
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