Two girls

Gentlemen, If you were lucky enough to meet two girls,

In the street, say

Or maybe on holiday.

And they turn out to be the sort of girls who like to have fun, if you get my meaning

Two pretty kissable girls with free and easy ways and sweet bottoms.

If things went well between you, then you might end up like this, tumbling sheets and mingling fluids. Oh lucky man!

But of course, you know what girls are like these days, even more free and easy than you expected, and out of the blue you might catch them like this. Undressing each other and getting ready to kiss and fondler and mingle. Your mother did warn you about girls like these!

Well, how could you stop yourself? It would be your duty wouldn’t it. Give them both a good spanking to teach them how behave. Probably that’s what they wanted you to do anyway.

But careful not to get carried away,

You know, over do it.

After all, it’s two against one. They might just end up getting their own back!

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