It had to happen one day and thank God there were no real consequences, leaving aside a good smacked bottom, but for a girl like me, that was hardly a penance.

As you must know from my masthead, I’m a cat lover. One of the many things I like about them is that they have all the characteristics of the perfect female lover, sensuous, luxury loving, self indulgent and of course playful, but we all know that games can occasionally backfire.

I was entertaining a boyfriend a few days ago, no need to go into detail save that we had got to the stage when lower garments had been removed and we were unhurriedly enjoying some mutual exploration. The man in question has a member that is not short of personality, and when aroused it tends to tremble and jerk and while the two of us were having a pleasurable kiss it was showing its appreciation, doing a quiet little dance of its own, as happy as anything.

As I said cats are playful and my big black cat, the very grand one had, unknown to us, padded into the bedroom and seeing what for him was a fun new toy couldn’t resist giving it a bop with his paw! My God, my companion leapt upright as if he’d been given an electric shock nearly tipping me onto the floor. Fortunately the cat in question has always been good at keeping his claws sheathed when playing, his big paws like velvet boxing gloves, so no actual harm was done, but the shock had both our hearts racing like nobodies business.

All’s well that ends well, and once we’d resumed our previous activities , the door now firmly shut it didn’t take long before the inevitable happened

“And what do you think the punishment is for naughty girls who train their cats to saveage their lovers?”

“I suppose………” Eyes big and innocent, “A good spanking, Sir?” Kissing him and getting interested. “On my wicked bare bottom?”

At least I got that right!
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