Over the knee socks

There’s a section in Educating Anna where she’s driving an old open car to go and meet an artist called George. To stop her hair blowing around she has put it in plaits, and to stay warm, underneath her jeans she is wearing long over the knee socks. There is a degree of hostility between them when they first meet, but in due course she volunteers to be one of his models. He asks her to strip off to see if she would be suitable and she does, but when she’s naked except for the socks he points to them and asks what they are. “Over the knee socks.” She answers in all innocence. “Just as well!” He says gleefully. “Cos that’s where you’re going!” And before she knows it she’s across his knee being given the first of the many spankings he ends up giving her. As she screams and struggles and demands to know why he is doing this, he gives her a whole series of reasons, but amongst them is the fact that between the plaits and the long socks he’s never seen a girl so perfect for a good spanking. I can see where he is coming from. There is no doubt that girls do look unutterably sexy in over the knee socks whether worn with shorts or a mini skirt, or in the bedroom with not a stitch else. They make men incredibly aware of the exposed area of thigh above and they are very flattering to the legs. More than that they give the girl wearing them a perverse and provocative element of schoolgirl innocence.
The girl pictured here in here long red socks is sexiness personified, and the only problem coming across such a creature would be the decision whether to fuck her or spank her. If the decision were mine, I’d chose both, several times each.
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