Teaching her

It's a fact of life that any nation or group of people who suffer from repression exercise even greater repression when they find themselves in control. So using the same psychology it's not surprising that with girls like us who have been on the receiving end of a spanking or two,

should we find ourselves in a relationship with one of our own kind we tend to realise that certain urges are taking us over. Yes, this sweet trembling little creature is irresistible and kissable and staying out of bed with her is nearly impossible,

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if......, and the fantasy of spanking her keeps coming into your mind and you can’t get rid of it,

And before you know it it's all happening in ways you can scarcely believe. You send her upstairs to wait for you, the pensive look on her face telling you that she knows that something interesting is about to happen to her.

You. (Kissing her and relishing the feel of her breath against your cheek.) “I really think I should. I mean, it's for your own good........"

Her. (Pulling even closer to you and panting slightly.) "But you wouldn’t really ……would you?"

You. I’ m not sure I have any choice" (Taking her by the wrist and drawing her across your knee as she lets out a soft sigh) "And I'm sure you'll thank me for it once it's over" (Pausing to run your hand over the swells of her bottom through the thin cotton of her short dress.) "Have you ever been spanked before?"

Her. "Never!"

You. “Not even by a boyfriend?

Her. “No, honestly !"

You. (Pulling up her dress till it is above her waist and glorying in the sight of her bottom embellished by a tiny pair of silky white panties stretched over the straining cheeks)

"Well as it’s your first time I'd better make sure it’s something you remember!" (Caressing her bottom through her panties and trying and cope with the flutter of excitement moistening your insides.) “You know I'm going to pull your knickers down, don’t you?"

Her. "Oh my God! Do you really have to? It will hurt so much on my bare bottom!"

You. "It’s not a proper spanking unless your knickers are pulled down." (Doing so with sadistic slowness, then taking an age to caress her smooth pink globes and fighting the urge to simply take her to bed.

You "Are you ready?”

Her (Sighing) "Oh yes!"

And then you’re actually spanking her, quietly and firmly at first so she can fully appreciate what is happening,

carefully building up the glow and throb and sting till her gasps turn to squeals and you know she's ready to be comforted.

Then comes that blissful moment when you pull her up and kiss away her tears and slide your questing hands up and over her waist and breasts, scarcely believing it when she whispers her thanks to you, you know it was exactly what the two of you needed.

And before you know it, she’s tempting you to do it again!

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