Spanking Kylie

I had only got into the music business by accident. It was really my wife’s business and I helped our occasionally, but suddenly she upped and left me and I found myself having to decide whether to take it over completely or let it collapse. The artists signed up to us were a mixed bag, few with serious potential but with on exception, Elvira B, a girl who could well be going places. She had a better than average singing voice, real stage presence, but most of all she was so sexy that all the newspapers and magazines wanted to photograph her. Petite and youthful she had a body to die for and in particular a bottom that left men drooling with lust and for that reason she was tipped to be the next Kylie.

She was quite a nice girl at heart, but typical of the very young she could be self centred and oblivious of other people’s needs. One of my principal concerns with her was that she was a bit too keen to show off that gorgeous body and not concentrated enough on her actual singing. She was completely relaxed about undressing for the cameras, and although I had forbidden her to do nude, she was getting dangerously close to it,

each of her publicity pictures a bit more outrageous than the last.

As I said she was completely uninhibited about being seen undressed, and as her manager I found myself spending hours of my life helping her not merely to choose her blatantly cock teasing clothing but even helping her to dress and undress for shows and photo shoots.

Having taken over from my ex wife I was absolutely determined that she never considered me as any sort of sexual threat so I never once laid an inappropriate finger on her nor said a word that could be misconstrued. As a result she had complete and total trust in me which was fine but I was a boiling cauldron of lust, much of the time nearly weeping with frustration and need to rip those inflammatory garments from her and let myself loose on that wicked little body.

And then out of nowhere things got even worse! One morning I let myself in to her London flat to discus her next album to find her in one of the ludicrously short dresses she tended to wear, but in a real state.

“John!” She said, coming over and clinging on to me as if about to announce the next world war. “John it’s too awful! I’ve got a photoshoot an a couple of weeks and I’m getting cellulite! Look !”

And as unselfconsciously as if I were her sister she bent over a chair and pulled down her knickers to let me see.

What can I say? That her bottom was as gorgeous and unblemished as it ever was without a hit of a cellulite or anything like it ? Or do I tell you that inside my pants my cock had turned into sprung steel and that for a few moments I could barely speak for the need to ravish her on the spot and sod the consequences?

“I can’t…..I can’t see anything I eventually croaked” Nothing at all” Could you give me on second” And I walked stiff legged out of the room then went into the spare bed room and took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself, then, fighting the urge to give myself instant hand relief went back, only to find that things were now marginally worse. She was lying face down on the bed, her skirt up and her knickers down looking up at me with limpid appealing eyes.

"It's terrible, John!" She was a saying. "Look at it. You’ve got to help me!"

"But how? I asked, my brain still barely functioning and my libido in danger of exploding. "What is it you think I can do?"

"Spank me she said jumping from the bed and taking hold of my shirt in her two hands. "Spank me. I know t will hurt but there’s no choice. I picked up from a magazine that regular spanking is a gauranteed cure for cellulite!"

This was now getting completely out of control. One of the sexiest girls in the world with a bottom that could effortlessly launch a thousand ships was asking me to give her a spanking.

"You will won’t you. You’re the only person I could possibly ask to do this! " She was positively begging me, and before I knew it we were both walking towards a convenient chair. "I know it’s going to be embarassing for both of us but we'll both get used to it." And seconds later I was seated with her across my knee like all those girls in the past whose misbehaviour had earned them a spanking.

I was dizzy with arousal and confused by the speed of all this. I had never spanked a girl in my life, though God knew that like all men I had fantasised about it from time to time, and suddenly I had this all too desirable young sex goddess across my knee positively begging me to do so. On some sort of automatic pilot and with my stomach turning to liquid inside me I pulled up her tiny skirt and took a deep breath as I stared at her gorgeous bottom beautifully displayed in tight white panties.

“Look, “ I finally said, hoping against hope that she could not feel the thrust and force of my throbbing cock underneath her. "This is entirely your idea, but if it’s what you really want me to do...."

"There’s no choice in the matter is there.” She half twisted round as she spoke to me.” And, John….”


“I really appreciate this .Thanks so much.”

I was about to say that the pleasure was all mine but it was far too close to the truth for me to risk it. "Are you ready?” I finally asked, unconsciously exploring the feel of her bottom through those inflamatory panties.

“Yes, but…. " She paused and took a deep breath. "You know you’re going to have to pull my panties down don’t you. It has to be on bare flesh or apparently it doesn’t work." She let out a little giggle. This is rather kinky isn’t it. Me across your knee like a naughty girl and about to have my knickers pulled down. Just as well it's you as apparently there are a lot of men who get seriously horny giving a young girl a spanking.”

"Really!” I managed to croak. "Just as well that I'm not one of them.”

And then I was doing it, pulling her knickers down and all too thankful that face down as she was she could not see my face suffused with lust as I took in that gorgeous little bare bottom of hers.

With an enormous effort I managed to get myself under some sort of control and take stock. None of this was of my choosing, and if fate meant that I had to spank a young girl I had been quietly lusting over for months then spank her I would, and like everything else I did in life I would do it to the best of my ability. Taking a deep breath I landed an exploratory spank in the very middle of that wicked bottom, relished the sharp sound of flesh on flesh and her little squeal of shock and pain, gave her another two to get the feel of it, then set in to spank her with a steady rythm.

As she squealed and wriggled and threshed in her efforts to accomodate the realisation of what a sound bare bottomed spanking felt like, I did my duty by her and spanked her till she howled, finally bringing things to a close when I guessed that she could not be able to take any more. Getting back on her feet she whimpered and gasped, rubbing her sore bottom to take away some of the sting.

“God, John!" She said after a second. “You’re good at spanking aren't you. That must have done my bottom a lot of good though. “She bent round to look at her exposed bottom in the mirror to see what it looked like. “That hurt like hell, but if we do this on a regular basis I’m sure it will sort things out. You don’t mind do you?” And she gave me a little kiss of appreciation making it impossible for me to refuse. But then, why would I have possibly tried to?

For the next few weeks I was hornier than I have ever been my life. Having enjoyed a full and vibrant sex life before my marriage, currently I was not in any sort of relationship with anybody and was totally celibate. For complicated personal reasons had been trying to avoid the trap of regular masturbation, but when I got home that evening all that was forgotten and within minutes I was hungrily pleasuring myself, the feel of her lithe young body over my knee still burning in my brain.

Determined as I was to take a professional view of my relationship with her and simply consider her as a just another artist on my books, I was still only flesh and blood, and the fact that for the next few weeks it seemed that I would be spanking her across my knee was almost too much. If the only way I could accommodate this was to self abuse, then so be it. Despite the relief I had given myself when I first got home I wanked myself to sleep that night and was at it again as soon as I awoke the next morning with my cock straining with need.

But what took place at her flat each day proved to be even more of a test than my fantasies about it. Sometimes she would be waiting for me in long socks, "To keep my legs warm." as she told me,

and somehow spanking her in these added a new and perverse edge to the proceedings and got me in even more of a state than before.

Or she would show me on arrival that she had already taken her knickers off to save me the bother of pulling them down when I took he across my knee, apparently oblivious to what effect seeing her like this might be having on me.

And sometimes out of nowhere during the day she would remove all her lower clothing and bend over for me to have good look at her naked bottom “How’s it coming on?" She would ask as casually as if showing me a shoulder or an elbow. “Are we getting there?"

I was bordering on becoming some sort of nervous wreck with this endless arousal, so when one day she announced that I probably wouldn’t have to go on doing this any longer as she thought that her bottom was back to its previous form I was almost relieved. Being in a state of erotic arousal more or less twenty four hours a day was taking its toll, and no matter how much I masturbated it was not taking away an almost primal need to ravish her insensible. When she told me this I wondered if things might just calm down a little and I could get back to something like normality.

For two days things were OK, but on day three I let myself into her flat as usual to find her totally naked, and clearly not by accident. She was positively posing, flaunting her body to show it off at its erotic best.

“What do you think?" She asked, looking at me from under hooded eyes. ”Do you think I look sexy?

“What ……?” Even after what I had been getting used to over the last few weeks this blatent display was beyond anything I could have expected.

“I've had a phone call from X Girls magazine. They want me to do a photo shoot for them, a proper full frontal one. Apparently I've been voted the girl their readers most want to…..Well, you know.”

Of course I knew, knew all too well. They wanted to fuck her and why not. No question that she was the girl I most wanted to fuck too but it was out of the question. But the issue here was whether she was a promising singer or a porn star and in fact the two of us had been having tussels for ages over her photo shoots which over a period had been getting more and more explicit. There was no doubt that discreetly sexy pictures in glossy magazines helped album sales, but there was a fine line between that and full on pornographic. X Girls magazine was little more than a wank magazine aimed at the lowest end of the market and there was no way I wanted her going in that direction.

“No way!” Edgy from weeks of frustration and further wound up by her flaunting her naked body in front of me like this made me unusually firm. ”You're a singer not a porn star and you're not doing things like that!”

“But it could be fun and I want to do it.” Her voice was petulant. “I've got a great body so why shouldn't I show it of?”

“Because no one will ever take you seriously as a singer any more, that’s why. You seem to be completely neglecting developing that side of your career.”

“Doing this won’t mean I’m going to stop singing. What’s wrong with it ?”

“You’re not doing it and that’s final!” Anger and frustration were taking me over and the two of us were staring at each other like two snarling animals.

“Oh no!” Her face was now a mask of hostility. “And what are you going to do about it if I do?”

“You want to know do you?” Suddenly I was looking forward to this. “I’ll show you then!”

Weeks before this would not have happened but these days I was like a coiled spring, and I couldn’t stop myself. Lunging forward I grabbed at her and as she shrieked in protest I threw her over my knee

“No!” She screamed “Not when I’m naked!”

“Oh yes!” I said already relishing what I was about to do. ”That’s how you seem to want to be these days.” I had one arm tightly round her and her frenzied struggles to escape were a waste of time. “And forget the last few weeks. Time for you find out what a proper spanking feels like!”

And I gave it to her, spanking out all my pent up frustration on her naked bottom till it glowed crimson and she was begging me to stop.

“Are you going to start behaving? I yelled to her, high on the pleasure of teaching her a long overdue lesson.

“Yes! Yes!” She called out. “Anything you say!”

“You’d better mean it!”

After one final and particularly punitive spank I brought it to a close, then gave her a few moments to just lie there, limp and compliant and very naked. Moments later she crawled into an upright position so she was sitting on my lap and clinging to me and I could tell that somehow there was a fundamental change in her.

“I deserved that.” She said. “I’ve been taking you far too much for granted. You’ve done so much for me and I’ve never properly thanked you.” Standing up in front of me she started to unbutton my shirt. “I think it’s time I gave something back.” In a moment she had my exploding cock between her lips as her eyes, cloudy with erotic promise burned into mine. "I'll make it as good as I can John." She purred. "Maybe it's about time you knew just how much those spankings turned me on."

The rest as they say is history. She’s still on my books and her singing career is blossoming. Our relationship has changed as she insist on calling me ‘Sir’ a lot of the time, but I don’t mind that. I’ve also accepted that her scrumptious body is far too good not to be appreciated so I let her do porno shoots from time to time, though its me who takes the pictures and they are purely for our personal enjoyment.

And nice bloke that I am I give her a thorough spanking whenever I think it's needed, just to help her keep her bottom tight and rosy the way it needs to be. And judging from the interesting ways she shows her appreciation afterwards she clearly accepts that it's for her own good!

(Disclaimer. The above is a work of fiction and neither character is based on or intended to resemble any artist or manager, alive or dead.)

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