Blind Man's Buff

"OK, these are the rules. If you catch either of us, you give whoever it is a spanking. If you haven’t caught either of us in three minutes, then we both get to spank you. Oh yes, and we get to tie your hands before the game starts! "
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Being good

“And if you do anything else to draw attention to yourself,” He said, “I’ll have to put you across my knee and spank you again, really hard this time. Just be quiet and friendly and try and be like all the other women in the street.”

So earlier I was really friendly with the man in the corner shop, and then I was even friendlier with the man who came about the boiler. And I’ve just seen the milkman so here I am putting out the bottles ready for him as good as gold.

No chance in the world of being spanked now!
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I bet you’d love to see my pussy!

There he is!

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No one would know....

No one will guess I’m not wearing any knickers

No one will guess I’m not wearing any knickers

No one will guess I’m not wearing any knickers

No one will guess I’m not wearing any knickers

Maybe they will!

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Getting ready

Oh! You want me to get ready to be spanked!

Will this do?

Oh I see, more like this?

Surly like this will do?

Oh dear! Now I understand. You want me like this.

I like making up. Like this is fine!

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What are you all looking at? I didn’t want to get any drips on my dress!
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Sometimes the punishment should reflect the crime...

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Nude with cane

I published this image originally several months ago, but I thought it good enough to give to you again.

There is a wonderful quality to it, the cane highlighting and drawing attention to the girl's tall slim elegance.

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It used to be that whatever a girl was doing, to be properly dressed she had to wear a hat.

Maybe nothing has really changed.

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An apology

My postings this week have been very thin and I can only apologise. There are far too many strands to my life and occasionally they get in the way of each other and then I find it impossible to make time for everything.

I hope that next week will be better and the blog will be it's usual vibrant self

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If only.....

If only I could spend more time doing simple wholesome things like cooking..

Or cleaning my house,

Or maybe going out roller skating

Then I might spend less time meeting unsuitable men and getting into scrapes

Or thinking wicked thoughts

And doing naughty things

And then getting caught and spanked for it.

But then I wouldn't be Elizabeth, and it wouldn't be as much fun!
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Soul full of hope....

Are these really Colin Firth's underpants?
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The Festival of Lupercalia

Following a comment made on one of my postings recently I suddenly remembered that there was an ancient Greek festival involving mild flagellation in ancient Greece .

It was the festival of Lupercalia held annually on Feb. 15. It was intended to secure fertility and keep out evil. Two male youths, clad in animal skins, ran around the city slapping passers by with strips of goat skin. The the youths were impersonating male goats who were, surprise surprise, considered to be the embodiment of sexuality. First the runners had their foreheads anointed with blood, and then they ran around the Palatine hill, striking at any woman who came near them with their thongs which was supposed to bestow fertility.

All I can say is it that it makes Morris dancing look pretty tame!
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Julia: A story of sex and spanking.

I wrote this a couple of years ago but have not been able to use it. For the story to work the girl in it needed to be young and inexperienced, but of course over the age of consent, so I made her sixteen. Publishers these days however are very nervous about any sexual activity in print that involves anyone under eighteen which I understand , but had I made her that old, the story would have lost all credibility. This is the only time there is a reference to a girl under eighteen in my blog.

The story is told from the point of view of Alan, a man looking back to the ninteen fifties and his relationship to the girl in question at that time

For a short story it's quite long, so take your time and read it a chunk at a time.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you want to give any feed back it would of course be much appreciated.


If you think of Nineteen fifty three, what comes to mind? The conquering of Everest, or maybe the Queen’s coronation? But what I remember is sex, probably the best I’ve ever had. But I suspect that in your mind the nineteen fifties were a time of narrow minded Puritanism and you would be right, but that was just on the surface. Underneath all that respectability was an undercurrent of sexual tension and simmering fetishes a lot of us didn’t even know we had. If you went to the cinema to watch a cowboy film there was a good chance that at some stage a terrified girl would be tied to a tree by a swarthy villain, his leering mouth no more than a kiss away from hers as he reminded her how helpless she was, and unwittingly you were being turned into a bondage freak for life. Nice girls weren’t supposed to let you, but with diligence and careful persuasion they could be persuaded, and as sex was sinful and forbidden it was that much more enjoyable And of course most girls routinely wore high heels making their every step along the pavement a clattering invitation, their long skirts and dresses hiding the secret erotica of stockings and suspenders. Best of all, if they misbehaved they went straight across Dad’s knee to be spanked with their knickers down. It was against this background of innocence and seething lechery that my relationship with the lovely Julia was set.

In 1953 I was twenty one but looked much younger which in earlier years had been a pain as in adolescence when I was first getting interested in girls, they all thought I was still just a child and didn’t want to know. But then it all started to get good. At seventeen I looked like a pretty fourteen year old, and a racy semi professional in her twenties took a shine to me and took me in hand in every sense of the word. Not only did she suck and squeeze every last drop of my innocence from me, but over a few weeks she taught me that women have their sexual needs too, far more complex than a man’s but just as strong, and what a subtle instrument a finger or a tongue can be to ensure that they have as good a time of it as the man does. The lessons she taught me I never forgot, but that’s another subject. Looking so young at twenty two stood me in good stead with the luscious Julia and she’s the person this is all about.

When I started going out with her she was just sixteen and I lied about our age gap and I told her I was twenty which was still quite a lot older than her, but she quite liked that. To get away with her parents accepting me we told them I was eighteen and they never questioned it. Her father was impressed with my maturity and thought I was a solid sensible young man. I called him Sir which he liked and we all got on famously. You might wonder why a young man of twenty two would want to be going out with such a young girl, but if you ever saw Julia you wouldn’t ask again. She was beyond gorgeous, dark haired with huge great eyes and a body that made me ache with longing twenty four hours a day. She was slim and lithe but with simply the most perfect breasts I have ever seen on any girl then or since.

They were full and beautifully shaped, but had developed late so at sixteen they still hadn’t quite finished growing. This meant that they had a firmness and thrust to them that most girls could only dream of. It always looked as if her breasts were trying to push their way out of whatever top she had on and it left me in a state of permanent priapism. Those wonderful breasts of hers were the main focus of such sex as were having at that stage. Julia was affectionate and passionate, but couldn’t help being very much a girl of the nineteen fifties. Sex outside marriage was something nice girls didn’t do, so although we kissed and grasped and panted as if our lived depended on it, anything like full congress was out of the question. Over several patient months I had acquired full visiting rights to her naked breasts but that was about as far as things had reached. Below her waist was a complete no go area and indeed I’m not sure I had ever seen her legs above mid calf, but having been out with lots of girls like her I knew that if I hung in there it would all be worth it.

But whatever bits of her I could or could not touch or fondle, there was an unacknowledged element to our sex life that added a weird edge to it for both of us. As I said, in those days it was common for girls to be spanked if they misbehaved and Julia was no exception. Her father was an arch-typical, pipe smoking, cardigan wearing, stamp collecting old buffer of the type you simply don’t come across these days. He was pleasant natured and friendly, and na├»ve to the point of being certifiable which ended up operating to my advantage. He was neither a sadist nor a pervert but he spanked his daughter on a regular basis simply because that is what you did.

Scarcely a week went by without her going across his knee as least once or twice. For standard infractions she was spanked with her knickers down in the living room, but for anything more serious it was by appointment in her bedroom where she had to wait for him, wondering just how serious it was going to be. She would either have to change into her nightie, or strip of everything except her blouse before she went over his knee to be soundly punished. As I said, I don’t think he was a pervert but how innocent do you have to be to spank a sexually ripe sixteen year girl across your knee wearing nothing more than a shirt pulled up round her armpits and not think that maybe this is just a bit kinky.

I was experienced enough to have some reasonable idea about sexual kinks and hang ups, but Julia in her virgin state had probably no idea such things existed, but although she was completely unaware of it, these sessions across her dad’s knee had planted the seed of quite a strong spanking fetish which only served to lubricate my own. I started to notice that when were alone, kissing and groping for all we were worth she would suddenly start telling me about her last spanking. “Dad spanked me yesterday.” She would gasp and I would ask her about it and she would tell me about it in obsessive detail.

“I was only wearing my school blouse and knickers.”

“Did he pull them down?” I would ask, my cock trembling with excitement.

“He was really cross and pulled them off completely!” Then, kissing me even more urgently, “He must have been able to see everything!”

I realised how deep rooted her fetish was when it became plain that she was inventing scenarios for our joint benefit. “Dad spanked me today.” She’d say in a voice I’d leaned to recognise as her working herself up. “What happened?” I’d ask, and she’d tell me, panting with arousal. “He came into my bedroom when I was naked. I was trying on the things Mummy bought me for Angela’s wedding. ”

“So what had you got on then?”

“High heels, leather gloves, and a hat with a veil.”

“Nothing else!”

“Oh yes,” She added to make it even better. “Sheer stockings. He said my room was in a mess and put me straight across his knee. He spanked me for ages!”

Sometimes I would tease her and say that it was about time I spanked her for something she’d done and she would look at me with moist eyes and say I wouldn’t dare, but then she’d go on to ask me if I did, would I put her across my knee the way her father did and then, hugging against me and unable took me in the eye, ask if I would pull her knickers down.

This was as far as things had developed, and although I knew that one day she would give in to me I took it for granted it would be a long slow process. It didn’t occur to me it would happen all at once. It was a Sunday morning in late May and I was visiting with the intention of taking her to Richmond Park for the afternoon, but when I arrived I could see something was up. Her father opened the door to me, pipe in hand as always, and looking distracted.

“Come on in, Alan.” He said. “Listen, I’m not sure if I can let Julia to go out today. Sorry and all that but she’s being silly and I don’t know how to deal with it.” I stepped in and asked as politely as I could what the trouble was. “I wish she was as sensible as you, Alan.” He said. “But you know what girls are.”

“But what is it?” I asked, mostly worried I might be deprived of an afternoons kissing and fondling. “She’s wearing something quite unsuitable.” He said. “In fact it’s plain dammed silly. I’ve made her keep it on so you can see, but I really don’t know how to deal with this.” He called for her to come down and a few moments later she appeared clearly upset by this problem with her father. She was wearing a long summer dress, full skirted below the waist and form fitting above and with a moderately low cut top that was partly off the shoulder. By today’s standards it was as innocent as you can get, but I could see what the trouble was. It only took a glance to see she wasn’t wearing a bra, the swells of her breasts beautifully displayed with no hint of underwear in sight. Girls simply did not go bra-less in those days and it occurred to me in a flash that as we had a day in the park ahead of us, hoping her parents wouldn’t notice she’d left her bra off deliberately so I could have greater access to her. Whatever the reason, she looked quite gorgeous and all I wanted to do was to go and kiss and fondle those luscious globes, but somehow Dad had to be dealt with.

“I’m not having her try and lead a sensible chap like you astray. It’s ridiculous.” He banged his pipe out into a heavy ashtray. “Of course I’m going to spank her.” He went on as if he were talking about washing the car, “But how do I get across just how silly she is. All I can think of is not letting her go out this afternoon, but that’s not fair on you, and you’ve done nothing wrong.” He stared into the distance as if trying to work out a difficult mathematical problem. “You’re a sensible chap, Alan. What do you think?”

All this while Julia was standing there, flushed and humiliated at being talked about like this but unable to find anything to say. A thought came to me all of a sudden, so outrageous I could scarcely believe it myself, but I decided to take a huge risk. If it didn’t come off the worst would be I’d just look a bit stupid and lose some credibility in his eyes. “Well I suppose,” I said as if I were an elder statesman making a major policy decision. “If you need to make her see that dressing like that to go out with me is inappropriate, why don’t you spank her in front of me. I’m sure that will get the message across.”

He took a moment or two to consider this and he could just as well have been deciding what tie to wear, but the effect on Julia was something else.

“NO!” she gasped, her eyes huge with horror. “You just can’t!” But the horror was mixed with some deep rooted excitement I recognised from our times alone together.

“Capitol idea!” He said having taken a suck of his pipe. “Then the two of you can still go out. Well done young man!” I knew he was bonkers but even I hadn’t realised just how deep rooted it was. “Come on,” He said. “Let’s go into the living room.” All this time Julia was mouthing like goldfish, looking from one to the other of us in disbelief, but the opinions of a sixteen year old girl in those day were for naught and over her head the men had made an important decision and that was that. In the living room he drew up a hard chair and indicated I was to sit in an armchair opposite to watch the show. I slumped down, thankful that it wasn’t possible to see just what a massive erection I had thrusting into my trousers, but I was so excited I almost didn’t care. I was actually going to watch her being spanked and I was nearly dizzy with anticipation. As for her, I couldn’t imagine what she was going through. The looks she was giving me were impossible to read, her face so infused with seething emotions. I was responsible for this humiliation and I couldn’t tell if she was looking at me with hatred or boiling lust, but whatever it was, the show was about to start and I couldn’t wait. He’d got her by the wrist and was about to pull her across his knee and she gave one last token show of resistance. “Julia!” he said sternly and it was enough. Girls had to do what they were told in those days and she gave in and a second later was across his knee her face twisted round to look at me with an appeal for help in her eyes but knowing it wouldn’t be forthcoming. As casually as if her were taking off a table cloth he pulled up her dress so it was round her waist and fighting every sort of emotion I tried to keep the expression on my face as neutral as I could.

As I said her dress was modestly low cut, no problem when she was standing up but across his knee like this that her breasts were practically tumbling out and I was on fire with the sight which fortunately was out of his vision. But it went further than that. You have to realise that I’d barely ever seen her legs, and now the entire sleek length of them were on full display and more arousing still, so were her Sunday knickers, silky and white and by the standards of the time surprisingly brief. This was a full on porn show for me, and I was locking it into my brain to play back later when I was alone. For the first time ever I was actually seeing the lower swells of her bottom, as ripe and peachy as anything I had ever seen in such girly magazines one could get hold of in those days. For all sorts of reasons I tried to ration masturbating, but my need to ejaculate was so urgent I almost wanted to be away from here so I could give my cock the release it was screaming for. But then the temperature got even higher. He took hold of the waistband of her knickers and started to pull them down. The man was completely mad! He was actually going to pull his young daughter’s knickers down in front of her boyfriend! This time she actually screamed out in protest but he ignored her, and as if in slow motion a good half of her naked bottom appeared in front of my disbelieving eyes. By now the air was electric. Julia and I were at the extreme edge of our emotional limits and I simply didn’t know how the two of us would cope with the next few moments when suddenly everything changed. The door opened and her mother walked in, all brisk and in control as he always was.

“What the devil’s going on?” She asked in her patrician voice before turning to me and politely asking me how I was.

“I’m about to give Julia a spanking.” He answered, his voice a little hang dog and put upon. In that household, whatever authority he had over Julia, his wife was the one who wore the trousers.

“I can see that.” She answered.” Staring at him over the top of her half glasses. “But we’re due at the Frobisher’s at two and we’re already late.”

“But it won’t take more than a few minutes.” He answered, already on the defensive.

“But we should have left a good fifteen minutes ago!” She said walking out. “Now come along!”

As she strode out of room he exchanged a look with a me that was no different then as now, two men wondering about the way that women’s minds worked and wholly failing to understand. With a resigned expression on his face he pulled Julia’s knickers back up then looked at me with a mute appeal. How were we going to deal with this now?

“There might be an answer.” I volunteered in my most helpful voice. Before such a stupid idea would not have crossed my mind, but realising I wasn’t dealing with an ordinary man I knew I could risk it. “If you like, Sir.” I said. “I could spank her after you’ve gone. Same as doing it in front of me when you think about it. Would that do?”

Maybe I’d gone too far. “I’m not sure about that,” He started, but then his wife called him again and he lost all concentration. “Well why not?” He muttered, his mind clearly elsewhere. “Make sure you do a good job of it then.” And shrugging Julia into an upright position he hurried out of the room, clapping me on the shoulder as he went. “Always knew you were a sensible boy”

What sort of boy Julia thought I was I couldn’t tell, her face a mask frozen emotion, and so wound up that tears were leaking down her cheeks Having been rescued from one humiliating experience she had been throw into another one and it was all down to me. As we waited for her parents to leave we were barely able to meet each others eyes, but when we did they sent such scorching signals we couldn’t cope and looked away again. Eventually the little Morris Minor rumbled to life and drove off leaving us alone together in the house, an almost unheard of luxury. I knew the Frobishers and they lived a good hour’s drive away so we had the place to ourselves for probably four hours or so. We gave the car several minutes to get well out of sight before risking looking at each other and then she threw herself at me, pummelling and hitting me in the chest to release pent up emotion.

“How could you, John!” She said, her eyes still filled with tears “How could you!” But then she was kissing me with as much passion as I could ever remember and I knew it would all be OK. I had to decide how to play this. I would never have a better chance and if I got it wrong it could put me back several steps. Something I could take full advantage of was her father’s authority. He had handed this over to me and I was going to play on that for all I was worth. Pulling away from her embrace I fixed my eyes on hers

“You wouldn’t dream of disobeying your father, would you, Julia.” I said, locking her into my will. “And he’s asked me to spank you so I hope you’re not going to be difficult about it.” Her eyes looking back at mine were hugely open and moist and her breathing was irregular. When she finally managed to speak her voice was strained “But John you’re not really going to are you”

“I could never face him again if we lied to him.” I said. “He’s put me in charge and I’m not going to let him down.” And here I did take a big risk. “I know when you’ve been really bad he punishes you in your room, so why don’t you go up there and wait for me.”

“In my room?” The implications of being in her bedroom came flooding over her. When she was spanked up there he normally expected her to change into her nightie. “But I haven’t been that bad.” Encircling her neck with my arm I took hold of her left breast and leaned down and kissed the upper swell visible above her neckline and she let out a little gasp. “Oh yes you have.” I said, desperately trying to keep myself under control. “But you don’t have to change. Just go up there and wait for me.”

She walked out of the room like a zombie, a strange wooden expression on her face, and I heard her high heels clacking on the wooden treads. So far so good, but all too easily lost if I played it wrong. I desperately needed a few moments to myself to collect my thoughts and get myself under some sort of control. For the last few minutes I had been playing it cool with both her and him despite being so aroused I was afraid I could shoot off involuntarily. To give myself a second’s relief I undid my trousers and dropped my underpants and my cock leaped out quivering with urgency. It was crimson with engorgement and the bulging tip was self lubricated and hungry for action. I was in such a state I had to fight the urge to simply jerk off there and then, but confined myself to giving it a squeeze or two before tucking it back in.

Upstairs a young girl was waiting for me in her bedroom. She was in desperate need of a good spanking and I had no intention of letting her down.

“You’re not really going to?” She asked me yet again as walked in, her eyes glistening with excitement . She already knew the answer to that, but looking at her I knew something that she didn’t. Even if her brain refused to acknowledge it, underneath all her nervousness and objections, at some level she wanted me to, and the knowledge gave me new confidence.

“You know I have to.” I answered and took off my jacket, and started to roll up my sleeves. “Let’s get it out of the way and then we can still go to Richmond.” There was no question of going out and we both knew it, but keeping up the fiction would help her to cope with what was going on. I positioned myself at the end of the bed and looked at her enquiringly. “I suppose this is where he normally does it.” I said and taking her by the wrist pulled her down across my knee before she could answer. She gave out a little gasp and I shrugged her into position trying to keep up the fiction that I was cool and dispassionate about this when in fact I was so excited I could barely cope . My insides had turned to liquid unlike my cock which was as hard as a poker and probably just as hot. In the past I’d often teased and threatened that I was going to spank her and now I was about to do it for real, and even before I had laid a punitive hand on her I knew that this would not be the last time. It had me aroused in ways I could barely understand and for a moment had forgotten that this was just a means to an end, an excuse to take her knickers down and short circuit the process of getting her into bed.

That she was in a similar state was beyond argument, her every staccato breath a grunt of arousal, but when I started to pull her dress up the erotic temperature was raised even further. These days when girls have so much of themselves on display it’s hard to understand how things were then. Dresses were specifically designed to keep the secret places underneath just that, secret and forbidden. Simply for a girl’s dress to blow up in public was positively shameful. To expose her as I was doing now was crossing new boundaries, and with the air between us electric I slowly pulled her dress up till I had it folded it back somewhere above her waist. What she was going through as I gradually brought her forbidden places in to view I could not tell. Bent over my lap her face was turned away from me, and maybe the very fact that she did not have to look into my eyes made this possible for her. Even at this stage I could scarcely believe what I had achieved. Here directly under my eyes were her gorgeous slim legs, every beautiful inch from ankle to thigh terminating at her sweet kissable bottom which was peeping out at me from her tight silky knickers. It was so overwhelming I could not quite suppress a little groan, and she briefly twisted round to look up at me then instantly turned away again, not wanting to acknowledge that we knew how excited we both were. For a moment all pretence was forgotten and I started to caress her bottom over the top of her silky panties, knowing she had to be aware that my engorged cock was twitching and dancing underneath her but too excited to be concerned. I continued with this for as long as I dared knowing that I would only achieve everything I wanted if I kept everything within the bounds of the fiction that this was simply a punishment. Still stroking her bottom and even allowing my fingers to slip underneath the silk from time to time I stared to speak, my voice very quiet and as silky as her underwear. “You know I can’t let your father down,” I said, my voice thick with emotion. “So I’ll have to do this properly and pull your knickers down.”

I think she was trying to call out “No”, but instead just a strange sob came from her mouth, a weird mixture of fear and shame and unacknowledged arousal. She made a token attempt at resisting, and thrust a hand round behind her to stop me but I simply took hold of it and pulled it into her back gaining total control over her. “It’s what you deserve and you know it.” I said, and suddenly she gave in, her body melting across my lap and she let out a little sigh. She was mine to do with what I wanted, to strip her naked for all I knew, but wasn’t going to take the risk. While I had this advantage I took hold of her knickers and started to lower them inch by lovely inch, mesmerised as her beautiful bottom came into view, and continued sliding them down till they were about mid thigh then stopped, nearly dizzy with such overwhelming lust that it took real control not to simply rip them right of and have her whatever her wishes.

My virgin days were long behind me and I had worked my way through enough free and easy girls to know what excitement was, but I can’t ever remember being so massively aroused as I was this moment with Julia submissive and bare bottomed and waiting to being spanked. Not to caress that perfect naked bottom was beyond me and I did so with swooning relish, stroking my hands the length of her lovely thighs and over her sweet cheeks, and as I did so she was literally panting with emotion. I was desperate to run my fingers up and over her cleft but that pleasure would have to wait. It would be too overt for this early stage. Changing the pattern of my stroking I started to circle her bottom with the flat of my hand preparing both of us for what was to come. “Are you ready?” I asked and she replied that she was, her voice nearly inaudible. And then I raised my hand and brought it down with a firm slap in the epicentre of her bottom and, thrilled how good it felt, did exactly the same again, then repeated it a few times more getting into the feel of it. It was so satisfying I knew I would have to take my time over it, to savour every moment of this new experience. It was arousing me in it’s own right, and, if it were possible, making me want to fuck her even more than I had at the beginning. As for Julia, she was letting out little gasps and moans as each spank landed on her naked flesh, wriggling somewhat but certainly not trying to get away, but there was a long way to go yet and I intended that by the time I’d finished she’d really knew that she’d been punished. Instinctively I understood that a steady rhythm was called for and worked into one, carefully landing spank after spank all over her bottom making sure that no part was missed but always coming back to the main target where all the creases joined in the deep musky cross that I planned to thoroughly investigate before this day was over. As I firmed up the pace and force of her punishment, feelings I didn’t know I had started to make themselves known. Although I didn’t quite understand why, I knew that in strange ways this was arousing her as well but although I wanted to work on that, but I was overwhelmed with a need to punish her, to inflict pain and humiliation and gain total mastery over her. The need to do this was taking me over and I circled my arm tightly round her waist to ensure she was unable to escape, and pulling her knickers further down started to spank her much harder. Her reaction was instantaneous. Her gasps turned to little screams and her legs started to thresh up and down , the sound and the sight making me high with a new power. I didn’t want to lose sight of where I hoped this was taking us, but for a moment or two I was lost in the need to punish, and yanking her knickers right down to her ankles was about to give her young bottom the spanking of its life but suddenly saw sense and paused, gave her a little caress followed by a couple of small slaps then started to rub my hand over her bottom as if to see how hot it was. “Do you think that’s enough?” I managed to say, soothing her scorching flesh with my hand, “Or maybe you deserve a little bit more?” Her answer brought me up short. “It’s up to you.” She said in a strangled voice. “It’s not my decision is it.”

I’d won! She’d totally submitted to my authority and I had every intention of taking full advantage of it. “I’ll tell you my decision.” I said enjoying the sight and feel of her lovely bare bottom under my hand. “As I’m your boyfriend and I as I’m so much older than you, from now on I’ll be spanking you on a regular basis to remind you where you stand with me. You understand that don’t you?” And she muttered that she did, her voice quiet and compliant. “But right now,” And I gave her bottom a little slap for the sheer pleasure of it. “Just stay where you are till I tell you.” She did exactly as I said, laying supine across my knee like a rag doll and awaiting my instructions. Flicking her knickers off from round her ankles took a split second, and it’s possible she hadn’t realised that I’d done it, but whatever the situations she made no objection. But my next act was more deliberate, and she allowed me to do it as if it had nothing to do with her. Down the back of her dress was a long line of buttons and as she lay there I undid them all, button by button, till I reached the last one at her waist then pulled her up so she was sitting on my lap. We took an age looking at each other, knowing that something momentous was about to happen and as she sat there, hers eyes misted with emotion, as if in slow motion her dress started to slip down her shoulders and her front till suddenly it was round her waist and her entire upper body was on display. She did nothing to stop this and even shrugged her arms out of the sleeves, then leaned forward and started kissing me, her mouth locked to mine as if feeding from a well. Moments later she was on her back on the bed and I was beside her, my mouth on her nipples and my hand stroking up inside her thighs.

She was gasping with arousal and her cheeks were flushed, but whatever she was feeling there was still a hurdle to cross and it was a big one. Freeing myself from her I stood up from the bed hoping that at this last final stage nothing would go wrong. In all our time together, no matter how passionate our groping and grasping, the traffic had all been one way. She had never laid an inappropriate hand on me and had barely seen an inch of my flesh and now it was going to be everything at once. With my eyes never for a second leaving hers I started to undress, starting with my shirt, confident that what she saw at this point would work in my favour. I was by no means a body builder, but working as a carpenter meant I was lean and fit and I also had an on-off membership of one of the local rowing clubs so my shoulders and chest were good enough to impress any young girl; certainly they had done me a lot of good with the couple of “Not Nice” girls I saw from time to time. But taking off my lower clothing would be the big test. She was a virgin without brothers and had probably never had seen even a flaccid cock in her life, let alone one in the state that mine was in now. But it occurred to me that I had gained everything so far by demonstrating my new authority over her, and as exercising power had turned me on in ways I could not have imagined I wanted to continue in same way. Very deliberately I removed everything except my underpants, standing close to the end of the bed and staring into her eyes the whole time. “Come here, Julia.” I said, “Come and do what you’re told.” Her hesitation was only token, and I could see she had no problem with this change of dynamic. In a moment she was sitting on the end of the bed, her face only inches away from my crotch, the look in her eyes reflecting what she could see. It was as if a large snake was rearing its head in my pants and try as she might she could not keep her eyes away from it, but then she did something that told me I need not worry any more. She actually put out a hand and felt the throbbing bulge, even made a token attempt to hold it through the straining cotton and I tried not to jump at the contact.

“I want you to take my pants off, Julia.” I said, my voice quiet with authority. Now she did hesitate, and for quite while, but I think only so she could to take her time to consider the full implication of what we were doing. Her eyes left my middle for a second to look up and meet mine, then reached out her hands and with an impressive intelligence, instead of trying to simply pull my pants down which would have been impossible with my cock acting like a latch against the bulging cotton, pulled out the elastic waistband to bring it over the top of my engorgement. The second she did so it sprang into view like a spring loaded toy, inches away from her face glistening at he tip and bursting with unspent sperm. She gave a sharp intake of breath, then having slid my pants off completely, reached out to touch it, delicately running the tips of her fingers round and over the crown and up and down the thick vein that ran the length of the underside. She couldn’t possibly have realised it, but now she was the one in charge, the feel of her slim fingers against me sending electric charges through the whole of my body and rendering me helpless. Her soft lips were slightly parted and her eyes enormous with innocence and curiosity. In addition the sight of her small feminine hand with its immaculate trimmed nails against my bursting cock only served to make its brutal urgency look all the more feral and demanding and my need to take her all the greater. I started to mutter something, and as if realising that the moment had come, she let go of my cock and quietly reclined back on the bed in an attitude of total surrender. Her dress had not been discarded entirely and was bunched up like rag round her waist and all the rest of her on full display. “It’s up to you now, John.” She said, her eyes hooded and misty. She reached out a hand and took one of mine. “You might as well know I use tampons, so you won’t have to break anything.”

This was good news. As I said, at this stage of my life I was quite experienced, but I had only ever been with girls who had been around a bit. I had never been with a virgin before and that aspect of it had been lurking in the back of my mind. There was something else as well, but I would put this to one side for the moment. I leaned down and kissed her body, up and down her inner thighs and on the very centre of her, gratified as my lips made contact with her fleece that she was already moist with arousal.

She gave little jerk at the contact but her eyes remained glued to my cock clearly fascinated by it and what it was going to do. Taking it in my hand I rubbed the swollen tip up and down her cleft, then slid it in to her, barely an inch at this point, then out again, repeating this again and again, each time entering her a fraction more till I was about three or four inches inside which at this stage was as far as I was prepared to risk. I was so massively aroused and my cock so sensitive I was afraid of going off with all its implications. Now I had this opportunity of breaching her I could not let it go in case a chance like this did not happen again, but what I had not even hinted at was my big fear of making her pregnant.. Like most young men at the time I usually kept a packet of Durex in my pocket ready for any opportunity that presented itself, but I had a last minute change of clothes before I left home today and stupidly had not brought them with me. All I could do now was establish my right to fuck her and get as much pleasure out of it as I could without ejaculating. Using every ounce of self control I possessed I wrapped my arms round her and lowered my mouth to hers, kissing her as if I had never done so before. So long as I didn’t forget for one second what I was doing it would be all right. With my hand underneath her bottom and my cock only a few inches inside her I limited myself to the softest up and down movements I could risk, each time I was at the brink pausing till I felt safe, then repeating this till mounting excitement had me nearly weeping with the need to expel. All this time her own whimpers told me that she was also wonderfully aroused and with the little bit of my brain capable of thought I knew that if I could make this good for her now then she would be as keen to do it again as I would be. She looked at me in surprise when I slipped out of her, but seemed happy when I started to kiss her breasts and abdomen and even more so when I turned my attentions to the inside of her thighs, taking my hands and lips higher and higher till I was gently rubbing the flat of my hand over her fleece.

Instinctively she pushed her loins up to meet my hand’s embrace, jerking slightly when I graduated to trailing as stiff finger up and over the very centre of her and even breaching her moist lips. After a moments further exploration I made the first contact with her clitoris and as she clutched against me as if to break my bones I started to slowly stimulate her, carefully easing her pleasure from her. The noises she was making now I had never heard from her before, urgent little grunts and mews, moans of deep seated arousal, and keen to take her to the place where this had to be leading I worked on it as skilfully as I could, becoming the conductor of her erotic orchestra and bringing all the instruments together in a symphonic build up. Her gasps became more urgent, turned into little sobs of pleasure as she lost herself in what I was doing, but then I could feel that something different was happening, something cataclismic and primal, and before I knew it she was letting out a scream of shock and horror and overwhelming pleasure. Juddering against me she let it out, panting and a gasping like someone who had just narrowly escaped from some strange and unknown ordeal. I gave her a moment or two to recover, then kissed her gently.

“Was that a good one?” I asked, but the confused look she was giving me told me something I had never even considered. “Was that your first one ever?” I asked never having even considered that before. “You mean you don’t do that to yourself!” She was unable to answer, so overwhelmed at what had just happened to her, so I gave her time to come back to some sort of reality.

“That was the most, my God! I mean…..” She was completely out of her depth, in a strange underworld he hadn’t even realised existed. “I know when you kiss me and all that I sort of feel like that inside, but I mean….” She looked at me as if I were the fountainhead of all wisdom. “Was that what an orgasm is then?” She actually started to laugh. “Is that what it was all leading to?” She was really confused. “How can anything that feels that as good as that be wrong?” She was laughing again. “No wonder that’s why you wanted to do it all the time, I mean….. But it’s so … Oh my God!” She was kissing me again. “Oh Alan….that was so beautiful. It was better than beautiful! ” Her eyes suddenly went to my cock still in such a state of engorgement it was in danger of bursting. “Listen, I know I don’t really understand quite what’s involved but I’ve just got to do that for you.” She reached out a hand and took hold of my cock as if it were something very valuable. “I know a little bit, but you’ll have to show me. I’ve got to hold it and rub it up and down, isn’t that it?”

“Look, like this” I said in such need of release I was beyond thinking. I closed my hand over hers and helped her make the movement, gasping and groaning and nearly weeping with arousal. “That’s right. Not too fast and not too tight, that’s right, and just go on … ….Oh God! That’s good, that’s really good!”

She was getting it as right as any girl who had never done it before ever could, but I was in such a state her lack of experience didn’t matter. I lay back and gave myself into it, my half closed eyes feasting on her naked body and my mind whirling with the pleasure of it all. I was being wanked off by Julia, the most beautiful and sexy girl I had ever known, and at last I’d fucked her even if only for a moment, and I’d given her her ever first orgasm. Oh yes, and I’d spanked her as well. I don’t know why, but even with all this overwhelming stimulus the image of her across my knee with her knickers down aroused me more than anything else and it happened. My whole body juddered and for a second everything stood still before a great ribbon of sperm shot out of the gaping eye, splashing both of us in its wake before a second even thicker jet had her gasping with amazement.

As I panted with pleasure, released at last and my loins at peace, sinking back onto the bed, she was beside herself, almost hysterical with excitement at what she’d done, at the sight of it, the volume and force of my gush and that it was her who had made it happen. She already wanted to do it again, wanted to know how long before my cock would be standing to attention again because in front of her eyes it was losing size and stiffness, all its majesty reduced to a quiet softness by her attentions. “Yes, you can do it again.” I managed to laugh, “But not for a bit.” I explained as best I could that men needed some recovery time, careful not to tell her that she could be made to orgasm again and again. I’d show her that shortly, but while I was getting my potency back it was better that she wasn’t being too demanding. “Come here” I said and pulled her in beside me, kissing her quietly and pulling her body close to mine. “Oh John,” She was saying. “Oh, John!” Her lips and hands all over me and her whole body glowing with affection. She was asking me endless questions about sex, all her inhibitions suddenly lost, and I told her what I thought she should know at this stage, but so replete that I wasn’t keen to go into too much detail. “But why didn’t you do the whole thing.” She asked . “You know, when you were inside me. You must have wanted to spurt out then.”

“O.K. Listen.” She was so receptive it was time to ease her into the habit of being compliant and also to break down some barriers. In those days girls simply never used certain words and even in the sexually exhausted state she had temporarily reduced me to it would be exciting to hear certain things from that sweet innocent mouth of hers. “What I was doing,” I said, choosing my words with care. “Was fucking you.” Despite everything we’d done she nearly started back from me, but I was determined to persist. “And before we go any further I want you to tell me you were enjoying it.” She pulled against me, hugging me close. “You know I was.” She whispered. “More than I could have imagined.”

“Then tell me that you did.” I said.

“But I just did.”

“No. Tell me you loved it when I fucked you”

It was almost too much, but in her excited state she wanted to wallow in what we were doing and to learn more. She looked me in the eyes, closed hers for a second, took a deep breath then opened them again. “I really loved it when you fucked me, John.” She said, her face lit with triumph that she’d breached this barrier. “O.K. I think I can say it now.” She was nearly laughing with excitement. “But why when you were, Oh God, fucking me, did you come out so soon?” She paused, genuinely curious “I mean, didn’t you want to fuck me lots more?”

So I told her about my pregnancy concerns and her answer completely threw me. Apparently she’d had a very bad infection when she was a child and it had messed around her chances of having children. Making her pregnant wasn’t an issue.

“But why the devil had you never told me before? In fact,” Intelligence was suddenly beginning to dawn. “Along with every other reason in the world, you often threw in pregnancy as one more reason why we couldn’t do it!”

“Of course I did! It was because you were always trying to get me to do it.” She looked me in the eye. “You were so keen to fuck me all the time I knew that it would make you even more persistent if there was no chance of me having a baby.” She was right of course but the information sent all sorts of charges through me including a flash of real annoyance.

“So you’ve been lying to me all along”

“Well yes, but…”

How dare she! We could have been having sex for months now had I known the truth. The urge to teach her a lesson brought with it an erotic surge such as I couldn’t remember. “Right!” I said my cock already fired up and pulsing with excitement. “I’m going to spank you for that, and this time its for real!”

“You can’t spank me again!” She said, but suddenly she saw it in a new light and her voice went all girly and innocent. and she lay back on the bed looking at me with limpid eyes. “Well I suppose I have asked for it. And as I’m completely naked you won’t even have to pull my knickers down.”

Something had changed. We had been in her bedroom for less than an hour, but an hour is a long time in the life of a sixteen year old girl who had just discovered the pleasures of sex. Until today any glimpses I was allowed of her flesh were carefully rationed, but now she was making an exhibition of her nudity. She was laying there with one hand behind her head and the other stretched above and she was positively flaunting herself. Her breasts were thrust upwards and she was subtly moving her loins, partially I expect to keep her sensations under control but I’m sure also to draw attention to them.

“Can you imagine the spanking Daddy would give me if he knew what we were up to.” She came round to sit on my lap, her eyes smouldering. “Daddy,” She said in a voice so provocative that on its own it made my cock throb even more. “Daddy I’ve been such a naughty girl today.” She fixed her eyes on mine, willing me to pay along with this game. “I took Alan’s willy out and it was all big and stiff and I rubbed it up and down and made lots of cream shoot out.”

“Never mind Daddy.” I said, so full of dark needs I didn’t know how to accommodate them. “You’ve got me to deal with now and you’re going to find me a lot stricter than he is.” I couldn’t wait to spank her again but while she was in this mood I had other fantasies to live out as well. Images from magazines glimpsed in Soho bookshops came into my head and I wanted them for real. “You’ve got stockings that hold themselves up haven’t you.” I asked her and she nodded, not sure where this was leading. “Then go and put them on.”


In a clean movement I swung her round and across my knee and gave her bottom a hard slap. “From now on you do what you’re told, O.K?” I brought my hand down again, the sharp sound of my hard carpenters hand on her soft flesh nearly as satisfying as her little yell of protest. “And from now on you’ll call me Sir. Do you understand.”

“Yes, Sir!” She said half in play, but clearly anxious to do what she was told.

“That’s better. Now go and put those stockings on.”

She did as I asked, a little self consciously to start with, but when they were on she walked across to look at herself in the mirror and then, realising what they did for her, slipped on a pair of high heels to enhance the effect. Her whole appearance had been eroticised, and the black nylon counter pointed the dark triangle at the top of her legs. “So this is what Sir wants is it” She said as provocatively as she could, posing with her hands on her head. She was as aroused as I was and wallowing in her new sexual self. “He wants the naughty girl to dress up in stockings and heels so she can be spanked. I think Sir’s plans go further than just giving her a spanking.”

“They certainly do.” I said, my insides liquid with longing. “Pass me that dressing gown will you.” She was even more confused at that but soon understood when I pulled out the cord. In a moment I had her hands tied behind her back and she wasn’t just naked she was helpless as well and as the implication hit home she started to back away from me, but it was too late for her. If she wanted to play games I wasn’t going to let her down. Lurching across I grabbed her and swung her round, throwing her across my knee without ceremony. “You were right when you said you deserved this.” I said, my cock towing over her naked body, juice already leaking from the tip and a running down the shaft. “And I’m going to make sure it’s a spanking you’ll never forget.”

As I’ve said, by the standards of the time I was reasonably experienced, but this sort of “kinky” sex was a new experience and it was satisfying needs I didn’t even know I had. I was aroused in ways I had never been before and I knew that I would have to explore this side of myself even further. Circling her bottom with my hand I took a moment to anticipate the pleasure to come then, high on her tethered helplessness, spanked her with all the vigour of a reforming puritan, revelling in the sight of her stockinged legs as they scissored up and down and the top C of her screams ringing in my ears. In my excitement I had temporarily forgotten what needs she might have, but somehow I could tell that despite all the pain and humiliation at some level she wanted this. Unable to free or protect herself she was struggling like fish in a net, but her howls were like an animal on heat which only served to add to my pleasure.

I was so aroused I didn’t ever want to stop but the more I spanked her the more I wanted to fuck her so after a last couple of punitive spanks I brought it to an end, caressing her throbbing buttocks with my hand while she gasped and moaned “If I untie you will you behave ?” I asked her, and she muttered that she would, but when at last I freed her she was looking at me in a strange way, her face flushed with arousal and confusion. She was overwhelmed with what was going on but didn’t understand why and was looking to me for answers. She hugged to me to her, kissing me with a new hunger then whispered in my ear. “I’m going to tell Dad that from now on I’m too grown up to be spanked any more. It’s not right.” Then she looked me in the face, giving me the message I wanted to hear. “From now on you’re in charge of me. If I need to be spanked, it will be down to you.”

“And I won’t let you down.” I whispered, “I’ll be controlling you in ways your Dad would never have dreamt of.” She was pressed to me and so wound up with what was going on she was actually trembling. “Look, Alan, I’m so confused with all this, but when you tell me what to do it really excites me.” She pulled away for a second to look at me, speaking quickly. “When you spank me, specially tied up like that……it just makes me feel all funny, sort of all melty…. Anyway, I know I shouldn’t have told you that , but it does.” I started to say something but she stopped me, clearly wound up with all she needed to tell me. “I know what you want to do to me now, and I want it as much as you do but,” She paused and took a great breath and when she spoke again her voice was different. “But although I let you do it once I can’t possibly let you again because nice girls don’t do that sort of thing.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I was about to say something, but she interrupted me, her eyes wide open with a strange wanton innocence I had never seen there before. “But if you tied me to the bed I couldn’t stop you could I?”

It was all going so fast I could scarcely keep up. Inside this quiet girl a whole cauldron of erotic fantasy had been building up and it had just been a question of pressing the right buttons to let it all out. She was full of darkness and need and from now on it would be my job to orchestrate each stage. She was looking to me to guide her through the jungle of her erotic imagination and I only hoped I would be up to the job. I was only beginning to realise my own darker needs, but I knew that provided I continued to exercise authority over her it would be all right.

It only took a moment to tie her in position using a pair of stockings from her dressing table. Her bed head, common for the time, was in white ironwork, perfect to for tying a young girl’s wrists to, and when she was spread there for my pleasure in all her naked glory I gave whoever designed it a quiet prayer of thanks. The look on her face was a weird mixture of nervousness and anticipation, and although I was hungry with the need to take my satisfaction I wanted to make it as good for her as I could make it. She had already given me more than I could possibly have expected and I wanted to show my appreciation, but selfishly I also knew that if I gave her a taste of just how exciting sex could be she would always be eager for more. What she was thinking as she stared up at me I didn’t know, but how could I understand her needs when I wasn’t even clear about where my own desires lay, at one extreme an overwhelming urge to scourge and flagellate her helpless nakedness, and at the other to pleasure her till she fainted with it. But whatever else, I needed to worship the sheer luscious joy of that body of hers, and starting with her eyelids and working down to her toes kissed and licked every perfect inch of her, lingering lustfully at her breasts and navel before coming to the epicentre of her sexuality. She had been panting and gasping during all this and I knew she was ready for more serious attention, and teasing her at first with simple nuzzles and licks, gradually started to pay deeper and deeper attention to her moist entrance and the little bud standing quiet guard over it till I could tell from her movements she was sliding into that secret wonderland where wanted her to be. I had deliberately not tied her legs as I wanted her to be able to wriggle and thrust as her needs built, and that was exactly what she was doing, her loins pushing back against me and her moans of pleasure deeper and longer. This was part of my plan, to build up her excitement so she would be receptive when I took things to the next level, but I still wasn’t prepared when she suddenly screamed as her first orgasm let go. Gratified that this was working so well I gave her just enough time to recover before giving her the same treatment again, and she was so in tune with my tongue’s attentions that the next one came almost immediately, and then the third one followed on so rapidly it over lapped the previous one and had her entire body jerking with sensual overload.

Somehow I had been keeping myself under some sort of control, but my own needs were building to the point where I couldn’t hold back much longer. I moved myself up her body so I was bestriding her ribcage and looked down at her face which was flushed with pleasure and satisfaction and eager for whatever else I was going to unleash on her. She was unrecognisable from the Julia of only a few hours ago and was clearly more than ready to have me inside her again. I arched forwards and upright so my engorgement was barely inches from her lovely face, filling her vision and reminding her what a potent instrument of pleasure or punishment it could be, high on the realisation that I could do almost anything I wanted to her. Power was making me dangerously horny and I had to suppress an urge to defile what was left of her innocence in the crudest ways I could, to savagely jerk off and drown her face in my sperm, but had enough sense to hold back. Equally hard to resist was the need to slip my engorged cock between those soft sweet lips of hers but decided to delay that pleasure till I knew she would be receptive to it. This was the nineteen fifties remember and no matter how aroused she was she would barely have been able to conceive that people would do such a thing, and I mustn’t spoil it while it was all going so well.

Having reminded her of my cock’s majesty I slid down her body, trailing my cock between her breasts and down to her loins till the tip was at her moist opening. Taking it in my hands I started to rub it up and down her lips, gratified by her gasping reaction to this new stimulus, then eased the bulb just enough inside her to remind her what it felt like then slipped it out again. Even with just this modest stimulus I realised how close I was to release and how sensitive I was to her moist pink tightness. I did it again and again, each time taking it a fraction further in, moaning internally at the sweet joy of it and determined to make this last as long as I could. As I started to enter her again, I realised that something as missing. Having her tied and naked and helpless was massively arousing, but my dominance over her was now cast in stone and from now on I could tie and tawse her any time I chose. Right now I wanted something different. At this moment of ritual penetration I wanted to feel enveloped by her, not just down there but all around me. Reaching up I undid the tethers and in a second her arms were holding me to her, her mouth on mine and one hand on my bottom.

It was exactly what I needed and I continued with my voyage of discovery, taking my time over each journey into her interior till at last my whole throbbing length was deep inside her. Oh the pleasure of it, her tight sweet body clasped to mine as I eased up and down, pausing from time to look down at her or to kiss her breasts as my pleasure grew to where I wanted it to be. I had learned over the years how to take myself to the brink of ejaculation then stop and hold back, freeze framing that point of ecstasy till I felt I could risk it again. Sensitive as I was I managed to do this several time over, building my pleasure to a point where I would no longer be able to contain it. As for her she had entered dream time. Her eyes were trying to meet mine but rolling under her lids in a delirium of arousal till there was a moment when all time stopped and we knew whatever was about to happen had nothing to do with us. As a great tidal wave of pleasure washed over us we both let out a great roar of triumph and gave into it, juddering convulsively against each other as my sperm flooded into her.

When her parents had gone off to the Frobishers it seemed that we had all the time in the world and maybe we had, but post coital talk and further exploration took up a great chunk of it and we scarcely had time for a last fevered fuck before we tidied up her bedroom and rushed away. We couldn’t risk even being suspected, let alone caught in the act, but luck was on our side and we weren’t discovered. Not then anyway.

From this point onwards things moved on a pace and nothing was ever the same again. Julia had the promised talk with her parents who had the grace to listen to what she had to say and her father never spanked her again. He didn’t know it but that was my job now and I made a point of finding every opportunity I could in tandem with satisfying Julia’s newly awakened sexual appetite which was now at least as urgent as my own. This was not easy at first as I was then in lodgings with the standard issue hawk eyed landlady, but out of the blue one of the managers in my carpentry shop went abroad for a longish period and entrusted me with keeping his flat safe while he was away. At last we had privacy and a large double bed which we used it to the limit, and two or three times a week after school we met there for extra lessons. She was the keenest pupil, hungry for experience, passionate and uninhibited and with a dark side to her sexuality that was invisible under her wholesome looking exterior. She loved playing games, dressing up in every erotically charged outfit she could devise to get the two of us excited, instinctively understanding how to be sexually explosive under the guise of girlish innocence, and ahead of her time in understanding that a schoolgirl’s uniform had a potency all of its own.

She would suddenly appear in her school hat and stockings but otherwise naked, or in her short skirted hockey outfit with the addition of high heels but minus knickers. But in particular she loved being dominated and punished, squealing with delight when I threw her over my knee and yanked down her knickers or tied her wriggling limbs across the table for who knew what treatment. She learned the pleasures of masturbation and fellatio, how to suck and fondle till my cock was screaming with arousal but not quite giving me release until her huge wanton eyes met mine in innocent recognition and I gushed and yelled in satisfaction.

It was all too good, and nothing this good could possibly last for ever. Everybody knew everybody in those days, and a nosy neighbour started to notice the two of us going into the flat, our entrances and exits carefully separate but not enough to fool an obsessive puritan with nothing to do but spy on wicked wrong doers. Her parents were told and that was the end of it. Forget that she was over the age of consent, this was the nineteen fifties and even had she been older it still would have been scandalous. There was a cataclysmic row with her parents threatening to get the police on to me, though in real terms there was nothing they could do. The main concern was protecting their daughter’s reputation and the bottom line was her being sent off to a boarding school and an agreement with me that no action would be taken if I agreed to tell no one of what had been going on and that I would never try to find out where she was.

And that was that. Of course I missed her and the wonderful sex but I was sanguine and had a life to get on with which was quietly moving forward. The colleague whose flat I had been using decided to stay abroad indefinitely and I was able to formally take over the tenancy and move in. I was given a promotion which increased my income and in addition a distant relative died leaving me a small legacy. Influenced by the foreign films I used to see at the film club I did up the flat giving it a chic left bank sophistication, and I was able to buy a sporty two seater which I used to take me back and forth to the underworlds of Soho and Piccadilly. I grew my hair a little longer and started wearing sunglasses and became the full boulevardier, working hard and diligently by day but at night was louche and dissipated. I wasn’t going short of sex but I missed the excitement of Julia and her unique mixture of innocent looks and vibrant erotic imagination.

It was quite a few weeks before I received the first letter from her in which she swore that she would wait for me till she left school at eighteen when we could get married. I knew that wouldn’t happen, but it was good to hear from her. The letter was postmarked Sussex but she had deliberately not said where she was as she was afraid I would try and get in contact and get myself in trouble. Boarding schools have always been strange places with weird and sadistic rituals carefully designed to give senior pupils opportunities to humiliate and take sexual advantage of new arrivals, so I wasn’t that surprised when her letters outlined lots of things that were happening to her. How much of it was true and how much written for my benefit and to lubricate her private erotic thoughts I really didn’t know, but they were still good to read and helped to remind me of what she was all about. She described how in her first few days she had been held down on the bed with her night dress lifted while her breasts were kissed by two of the girls while a third rubbed honey inside her knickers. Once a week she was subjected to the punishment circle where a group of senior girls passed her round from one to the next be spanked. She started of in full uniform but at each passing a garment was removed till for her final spanking she was completely naked. At the conclusion she had to kiss each of them on the mouth and thank them for giving her what she deserved.

On a school trip to museum she kissed the willy on one of the Greek statues for a dare but was seen by a teacher. Back at school, two of the senior girls held her across a desk while the headmaster caned her with her knickers down.

There was a lot more besides, and whether they were true or not they were always designed to get me aroused and I generally ended up masturbating as I pictured her being subjected to the latest ordeal. But gradually the tone of her letters changed. They became routine and bland, then became less frequent and finally stopped altogether. I guessed that something must have happened and I was right. Out of the blue I received a letter from a girl called Isobel whose name was familiar to me from some of Julia’s letters. She knew all about me, and indeed had seen the photograph of me that Julia had sneaked away from home. She had found my address in Julia’s locker and thought I should know something. Julia had got something going on with one of the junior masters and she thought I should know. Unlike Julia, she’d put the school address on the letter so I was able to write back and thank her after which a couple of other letters were exchanged.

Then one Saturday morning there was knock on the door of my flat. When I opened it, there was Isobel who had decided to pay me a visit, so I asked her in for a cup of coffee. Best to say that we got on well and, how shall I put it, one thing lead to another.

But that’s another story entirely.
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