Every picture tells a story, even if it’s one you need to write yourself. So what’s the situation behind this surrealistic image?

I see it as being set in the French countryside, the girl has managed to get away from her strict parents for the afternoon and take time in the woods to be with her boyfriend. Things between them had just go to the interesting stage, both naked and she fondling his young and ever eager manhood when who should come across them but Papa, furious that his properly brought up daughter should so disgrace him.

Her boyfriend runs off and Papa takes his errant daughter home on the back of his bicycle, and should any of their farming neighbours see her shame and her nakedness then she has brought it on her self.

Back at the farmhouse he explains the situation to Maman, then struggling and screaming his daughter goes over his ample knee and is soundly spanked while Maman looks on with grim approval. The poor girl thinks her punishment will never finish, but when it does, her father passes her across to Maman who spanks her even more thoroughly than Papa did, clearly remembering the times when she swallowed Papa’s seed in the truffle barn when they had not long met, and not wanting her daughter to become as wicked as she was.

Sent to bed, her bottom burning, the young girl ponders on the day. Her chastisement has only made her loins even more hungry for what nearly happened with her young lover and she slides an inquisitive finger down to her moist pudenda and starts to ease the pleasure from it as she does every night.

The loft above the woodshed, that’s the place! Her father almost never goes there. That’s where she can meet with her boyfriend tomorrow and they can finish off was interrupted today. And she can tell him all about how she was spanked. It always makes him more vigorous than ever when she does that!

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