Short vest

How perfect can it get? An exquisite young girl wearing just a short tight tee shirt. Nothing can be seen, even her face is partly obscured, but everything is suggested and everything is exactly right, all the way down to her peachy little bottom, just half of which is on display, shyly peeping out at us and wondering if it is safe to show itself further.

She is as kissable huggable and spankable as any young creature could possibly be. Can you imagine the pleasure of draping her across your knee and reminding her that even for girls as sweet as her, lessons have to be learned? To start with you'd stroke that half visible little bottom before administering the first exploratory spank and then, for her own good of course, settle in with a short stinging punishment. all the while whispering endearments.

And then, but do I need to spell it out, you would have to kiss her better, holding her body to you in that skimpy little tee shirt that is responsible for so much that has happened while she responds in kind, appreciating your care and concern for her.

With any luck she'll wear it again, this time knowing all too well what are its implications.
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