I have a third erotic novel, Punished, which as yet is unpublished as it needs editing and I need to make changes to the overall plot line. As that will take me a some little time, I thought I would treat you to an extract.

 Lucy the principal female character has recently met and become involved with Alan, a charismatic and dominant lover. It seemed to be all embracing and when he goes away on business she had planned to have a period of abstinence, a complete sexual de-tox. In fact she finds the opposite, her libido is on fire and that her brain is teeming with erotic fantasies, including that of having sex with girls, something she has never previously experienced. Exercising massive self control she manages to keep from masturbating for a couple of days but has promised herself a reward, a long alfresco session with herself in the garden hammock. To make it special she has gone to a local delicatessen to buy things for a sybaritic lunch before settling down to long session of self pleasuring.

 Now read on:-

Pending any major decisions I’m keeping myself going with small treats and I’m due one today. By exercising massive self control I’ve managed to keep myself from masturbating for two whole days, so my clitoris is hungry to be re-united with my index finger. The weather currently is tropical, so my plan for the afternoon is for some alfresco sex with myself in my big double hammock.

There’s something very erotic about wearing something thin and filmy above the waist but little or nothing below , and that’s how I’ll be dressed for it, simply the thin cheesecloth shirt I’ve got on now.

Just thinking about it is making me moist, just me and the sunshine, pleasuring myself till I groan, and with my body glowing with anticipation of it I’m in Gainsborough’s Stores in the town, a temple of old fashioned respectability where I’m buying myself treats for my pre-seduction lunch, though there’s no reason anybody here could guess what I’ve got in mind. I’m wearing ordinary loose jeans and trainers, and although I’m bra-less underneath my see through shirt, I’ve got a linen waistcoat on over the top so the predominantly middle aged customers here don’t get to look at my breasts. Quiet as I always am in public, I’m feeling so aroused that part of me wants to make a display of my newly awakened sexuality and as the shirt rubs against my nipples it takes real discipline to stop myself from reaching up a hand to stimulate them further.

Trying to pull myself together I reach into my large shoulder bag to double check I haven’t forgotten my wallet, and I make contact with something hard and alien. Unable to think what this might be, I look in the bag to discover a couple of items of inflammatory underwear from my last visit to Alan’s house and also the handcuffs he had used to restrain me! I have to stop myself laughing. I don’t belong in places like this any more, and as I quickly rearranging my bag so these things are out of sight it hits me that long ago that women like me were flogged in the market square outside as an example to others.

The thought is quite appealing and for a second I lose myself in a fantasy of being publicly stripped to the waist and my hands tied to a rail above me while some great brute gets ready to swing a heavy leather whip, when I suddenly notice that there’s someone else here who doesn’t quite seem to fit in. There’s a girl moving between the mahogany shelves with dark gypsy eyes and a watchful expression on her bright feral face.

She doesn’t belong here and she knows it; her every movement is guarded and her enormous eyes are moving from side to side as if expecting that any second she would be grabbed and thrown out. But what is really taking my attention is that she’s so beautiful. Her skin is olive coloured and translucent, and her mouth holds all the ripe promise of a fresh fig. I’d spent the last few days fantasising about the sexual possibilities of innocent young girls, and here in front of me was as delectable example as I had ever seen. Never mind her combat jacket and scruffy rucksack, she was an erotic dream made flesh and suddenly I had forgotten everything else and all my attention was on her.

Fortunately she hadn’t seen me as I was positioned behind a wooden pyramid stacked with bottles of expensive wine and jars of artichokes and I could watch her at my leisure. It didn’t take long to see why she was so guarded. Darting her eyes in all directions to see that she wasn’t being watched she grabbed a tin of olives and stuffed it into one of the big inside pockets of her jacket, and a second later it was followed by sun dried tomatoes. Looking round further and now apparently confident that no one had seen her, her hand shot out again and she had added anchovies and dried champignons to her haul.

Not sure what I had in mind, as silent as a ghost I crept round from my hiding place so that in a second I was right behind her and when she reached out to steal something else, my own hand shot out and grabbed her by the wrist. She nearly jumped out of her clothes and she was about to scream out but instinctively I shot my other hand to her mouth and gagged her. She whirled round, frightened and aggressive and her eyes so large they were in danger of falling out of her face.

For seconds we stared at each other silently, each trying to read what was in the other’s mind and then, scarcely aware of what I might be getting into I spoke, keeping my voice low so no one else in the shop could hear what was going on.

“Detective Sergeant Lucy Chrichton. I can either arrest you now and we can go straight to the station, or you can come with me for assessment. Which is it to be?”

If she’d asked to see my card I would have been done for, but with her face a mask of fear and apprehension she begged me not to arrest her. “Right then.” I had to think quickly. “You’re with me, OK. Put all that stuff in my basket now and we’ll go through the check-out together.”

She did as I asked, and ten minutes later we were loading it into the boot of my car. The sun was out and the roof of my MG was down and getting in we probably looked no different from any other couple of privileged girls just enjoying the sunshine, but as soon as we were in I reached into my bag and fished out the handcuffs thinking it had to be fate that I had them with me.

“Stick your wrists out.” I ordered her, and she did so, and seconds later I had them on her and she was mine. “Right, let’s go back and decide what to do with you shall we.”

With my brain racing I slipped the car into first gear and roared off, my panties already wet with anticipation.  

“You should think yourself lucky.”

 We were back at my cottage and I was pacing up and down in front of her. “We’ve got new programmes in place which are proving to be very effective with young girls like you and it’s significantly cutting down the number of people we put in prison.”

She didn’t look like someone who felt lucky, standing there with her hands cuffed together in front of her. Her eyes were wet with tears and her mouth twisted up with concern. This was exactly what I needed, a vulnerable girl who would be likely to chose almost anything rather than face a spell in prison. It was my big chance to experiment with girl on girl domination, and if I played my cards right, girl on girl sex. What I could scarcely believe was how badly I wanted her; her neat petite body was everything I could have asked for and her mouth was so desirable I knew that I had to kiss her or die. It was all a question of getting it right.

 “We’re using a carefully balanced mixture of punishment and rehabilitation, and with most girls it seems to work. First,” And at this point I slipped off my waistcoat, gratified to see her eyes open in surprise at the sight of my breasts poking their shape into the thin cheesecloth.

“Before we work out a tailor made rehabilitation programme, girls of an appropriate age,” I paused and looked at her enquiringly. “How old are you by the way?”

 “Eighteen.” She answered. Right now she looked more like a precocious fourteen year old, but whatever she had answered I would have said the same thing.

“Spot on. Anyway, girls of an appropriate age are spanked and then…..”

“Spanked!” She looked at me in horror. “No!”

“Very well.” I said, as calm as ice. “Your choice of course.” I reached down for my waistcoat. “Let’s go the police station and you can be formally charged.”

“Please no! Not that!”

 “You’d rather be spanked then?” Just talking about it was making me horny. She was delicious and sweet and it was beyond doubt that shortly I’d have her across my knee ready to be punished. No wonder Alan got so aroused when he spanked me and why he couldn’t wait to fuck me afterwards.

 “Ohh… God…!” She was squirming with discomfort. “I suppose, I mean…. I’ve got no choice have I ?”

“You have to be precise about this or I could get myself in trouble. Technically what I’ll be doing is an assault. You have to tell me in as many words that you want me to spank you.”

 She took a huge breath, meeting my eyes with those great big dark ones of hers and said what I was longing to hear. “All right then. Yes, I want you to spank me.”

“Good!” I took a good few minutes relishing her words before I could trust myself to speak again. “Let’s get those jeans off and we can get on with it.” I could see her whole body tensing with resistance, but knowing she had no choice she stood quietly while I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to her ankles. She stepped out of them obediently then stood facing me in tee shirt and panties, young beautiful and prepared to accept punishment from me. Taking her by the arm I lead her across the room to where my wonderful chair was positioned and she looked at its unusual design than back at me, her eyes questioning.

“Specially designed spanking chair.” I tell her. “We’re all issued with them now.” I put my hand on the tall slim back and stroked it up and down with affection. “Probably the best piece of equipment we’ve ever been issued with.”

I said it with real feeling. I’d been spanked and pleasured in it time and again now, but this time I would be the one in control and I couldn’t wait. I slid into position then pulled her up so she was over my knee, her shackled wrists dangling down in front of her. Having been in an identical situation myself with my wrists tied the same way I knew exactly how helpless and defenceless she must feel and revelled in the pleasure of being in charge.

“Right.” I said, stroking her bottom with my hand. “I need to find out what level of spanking is most appropriate.” Her bottom was sweetly rounded and the stretch of her white panties over the globes only served to make them look even more kissable. They were silky and expensive looking and something occurred to me.

“These panties,” And now I had an excuse to finger them and make more intimate contact with her bare flesh. “Are they stolen? Tell me the truth.”

 She let out a little sob, then admitted they were.

 “Dear me!” I said. “You really are a naughty girl aren’t you. OK, just fill me in why you’re in this mess.”

She gave me it all but I wasn’t really listening as my head was swimming with the erotic possibilities of having this girl under my control. I caught bits and pieces about running away from home and the usual drifting into petty theft which I had expected anyway. The only things that sunk in were that her name was Bella and that her father had been head gardener at a large estate in Cornwall where she had been apprenticed to him. She also mentioned that her mother had been Spanish which explained her raven hair and dark eyes. Recently she had decided to move down to London and she’d been travelling for a week now and this was just a stop off place. During all this I’d been idly stroking her thighs and bottom in a distracted way and had made a point from time to time of letting my fingers make token contact where her panties folded into her central crevice. Each time I did this she gave a little jerk, but whatever the reason for this, it was now time to pass judgment.

“OK.” I said. “Not an usual case. You’re not beyond help but you need regular discipline. I think this calls for a number three spanking to start with, and then we can make some decisions after that.”

“Number three?” She asked her voice anxious. “What’s that?”

 “Panties down, moderate to severe.”

Hearing what I said she tried to jerk round to look at me, but facing down and with her hands shackled she only managed a half twist. “Please not that!” She said. “You’ll be able to see everything!”

 “Or shall we just formally arrest you?”

 “All right.” Her voice was despairing. “You’re in charge. Take them off completely if you want.”

“That won’t be necessary.” I said although I was determined that later if not sooner that’s what I would be doing. “Just pulling them down is enough. So long your bottom is bare when I spank you that’s all that matters.” And I took hold of the waistband and slowly started to lower them, glorying in the sight of her naked bottom as it came into view.

When I had got them to mid thigh I took my hand back up and gave each cheek a good feel as if testing to see how much punishment it could tolerate. “Have you ever been spanked before?” I had to ask, remembering Alan asking me the very same question and how embarrassed it had made me.

“That’s none of your business.” She answered, her voice indignant. I gave her a further stroke.

 “I’ll take that a yes. Parents or boyfriend?”

There was a pause. “Maybe a couple of boyfriends. You know what men are like.”

 I certainly did, and I was desperate to know if she had enjoyed it but couldn’t risk blowing my cover. “Yes, but they were probably just doing it to make themselves horny. With me it’s going to be a proper punishment. Are you ready?” And across my knee I could feel her entire body tense.

“I suppose so.” She said, and almost before her words were out of her mouth I had landed my first slap in the very middle of those soft round cheeks of hers, paused for a second to relish her little yelp of pain then landed three or four more in the same spot before pausing to re-group.

I had barely started and knew already I would have to do this again, both with her and with other girls. I found the sight of her panties stretched between her smooth thighs massively erotic, and I could feel new stirrings of arousal bubbling inside me, different from when I anticipated being fucked or spanked myself, a more feral and urgent need to dominate and control. I put my arm more tightly round her waist and then began again, this time with more assurance, spanking and re-spanking her writhing bottom with a firm satisfying rhythm.

Her legs were kicking up and down and imprisoned by my arm her whole body was in spasm as she tried to tolerate the building pain and she was letting out little gasping cries which only served to make me want to punish her harder. Moderate to severe I had said and I must try and keep within that, but sadistic urges I did not even know I had were trying to take me over. So far my spanking had been on the punitive side of moderate and I decided to give her a taste of severe, raining stinging spanks on her burning buttocks with puritan fervour. I was almost feeling sorry for her, but the harder I spanked her more aroused it made me and I didn’t ever want to stop. She was now seriously struggling to escape and her yells were now screams, and as part of the plan at least was to tame her into accepting my authority I must have succeeded.

“Please!” She screamed out, her voice desperate. “I can’t stand any more. I’ll never steal anything again, I promise! ”

“Well let’s see, shall we.” I said, slightly out of breath and trying not to give away how excited I was. “Now just stay there for a minute and remind yourself why I had to do that.”

Under my hand her bottom was positively burning and I quietly soothed it, all the while trying to keep my urges to lean down and take a bite out of it under control. Ideas were forming in my mind and I was taking this moment to let them take stronger shape. While I sat here collecting my thoughts she made no effort to move and simply lay across my knee awaiting my instructions and it seemed that already she was contrite and biddable. A few more spankings and I would be able to make her do anything I wanted “Another couple of those and we might make some real progress with you. What we need to do now is consider a rehabilitation programme.” I shrugged her off my lap and stood up. “It’s actually my day off and I had planned to have lunch in the garden. We’ll have it together and can talk about it then.”

She stood there helplessly, her hands still shacked and her panties now fallen all the way down to her ankles. It gave me a chance to look at her properly and it made me want he more than ever. Her tear stained face was small, neat, and heart shaped, and with this huge dark eyes she looked like a cross between an angel and a small and very frightened woodland animal. All she was wearing was a short simple tee shirt which only served to draw attention to just how available and vulnerable she was below the waist and I had to restrain myself from dropping to the ground and kissing her between her lovely slim legs. Pulling myself together I started to walk to the door and indicated that she should follow me, but with her panties down round her ankles all she could do was shuffle. Her eyes looked at me appealingly.

 “Please! I can’t walk like this.” She said, and although suddenly my heart went out to her I knew that I had to keep up my show of authority for just a bit longer. Reaching down I freed her ankles from her panties, stuffing them into my pocket so they were now totally beyond her reach. Clearly she had expected me to pull them back up and she looked at me helplessly.

 “But .. I mean, can’t I put my jeans back on?”

 “Not yet.” I smiled. “The day’s not over yet and I might decide to spank you again. But I can trust you not to try to run away can’t I?”

 She nodded helplessly and in a second I’d undone the handcuffs. For a moment she went into the classic hands over the groin stance then, suddenly took a deep breath and stood up straight with her shoulders back, a new expression on her face. It wasn’t difficult to see what was going through her mind. She’d been caught red handed, had been painfully spanked and was totally at my mercy. She didn’t know what else I might visit on her, but whatever it was she would cope with it and wouldn’t grovel.

 “If we’re having lunch together I’m happy to help you with it.” She said. “As I’m your prisoner, I might as well be useful.

 For the next fifteen minutes I was on fire. Naked from the waist down she went back and forth from the kitchen to the garden, walking with a silent grace, her flanks moving with the flowing elegance of a young colt.

To make matters worse, now that I could see her nudity from the front I realized that her dark pubic hair had been expertly trimmed into a perfect arrow pointing to the hidden secret between her legs. I was yearning to reach out and touch her there and to tell her that as soon as I could I wanted to comfort her pain, but knew I must not make any wrong move too soon. That she was aware of how arresting she looked was clear. From time to time her eyes met mine as I watched her glide past me and in turn I saw her quietly observing my breasts through my thin shirt. Eventually our meal was ready, and it was as seductive as sin itself. In a deep arbour of honeysuckle and perfumed roses, the table was spread not only with ripe cheese and fresh bread, but figs and grapes and olives, quite apart from all the tapas I had caught her stealing. I couldn’t help noticing that as well as the cold Muscadet I had put out, there was a bottle of chilled champagne as well. I looked at her enquiringly, knowing the answer to my question before I had asked it.

 “If you’re deciding what has to be done to me,” She said, her voice carefully neutral. “You might as well allow for that as well.” Her eyes met mine, not challengingly, but open and candid. “It was in my rucksack. I’d stolen it earlier today. You see,” She gave me the ghost of a smile. “I’m coming clean.”

 “You’ve got expensive tastes.” I couldn’t help commenting. She smiled. “It’s just as easy to steal smoked salmon as it is to steal pot noodles. Why settle for anything less than what you really want.”

We didn’t say a lot more after that but set to and enjoyed the food and wine. It was clear she was hungry, but she ate not with greed, but with serious relish, clearly appreciating just how good this all was. For a girl on the streets she clearly had sophisticated taste as evidenced by what she had been choosing to steal After a while the wine and champagne was beginning to have an effect, and although we had yet to say anything of consequence, from time to time we glanced at each other across the table, our eyes full of curiosity about each other. In my case the curiosity was blended with sexual hunger for this enigmatic girl with her exquisite slim body. Leaving aside that under the table she was naked, her full lips were glossy with juice and I wanted to lean across and lick it off them, but along with this I was trying to keep my head clear so I could devise a plan.

Out of the blue she spoke and gave me what I needed to make it all happen. “If you don’t prune that wisteria soon, you won’t have any flowers on it next year.”

Although my mind was full of nothing but sex and seduction, I immediately saw how I could use this. My garden was at the point of turning from being romantically overgrown into little more than a wilderness. Clematis dripped out of trees, trailing against my face as I walked through, honeysuckle twined its way through perfumed shrubs, and the ground was buried in tall feathery masses of cottage flowers. It was wild and beautiful which was fine, but it was getting dangerously out of hand and I needed expert help before it choked itself to death.

“You’re a trained gardener aren’t you?” I said, a hint of my previous formality in my voice. She didn’t answer but simply gave me a small nod, wondering what I was going to say. “I’ve been trying to work out a rehabilitation programme for you, and maybe there’s one right here.” I looked round and indicated the perfumed jungle which surrounded us. “You can work for me for the next three or four weeks. You’ll live in and get a bit of pocket money, but at the end if you’ve not messed up you’ll be paid a proper wage for the work you’ve done.” She was still silent, but there was interest in her face. “Do you want to hear the up side or the downside first?”

She gave me a hint of a smile. “You might as well give me the upside to start with.” She rubbed her bare bottom ruefully. “I can probably guess what the downside’s going to include.” This was going too well and I had to maker a serious effort to keep my voice steady. “OK, The room you can have is comfortable and attractive and I’m sure they’ll be things of mine you can wear.” My head was instantly full of images of her in wispy nightdresses and erotic lingerie and had to make myself concentrate.

“I don’t see why you shouldn’t live as well as I do, so when you’re off duty you can have all the perfumed baths and good food you want. You’ll have to accept me as the boss, but I won’t throw my weight around unless I have to, and I see no reason why we can’t have some fun while we’re working together.”

“And the downside?” Her face was twisted with a cynical smile “As I said, there’s no reason why we can’t get be friends, but I’ll have to stick to the rules. If you misbehave or make stupid mistakes you’ll be spanked, and even if you don’t I’ll still be obliged to spank you a couple of times a week anyway as part of the programme.”

She took a moment or two to take this in. “I take it that if I don’t I’ll be straight down to the station and arrested?”


“I don’t have a lot of choice do I?” She got up and walked about, reminding me that she was still naked below the waist, her pubic arrow pointing to the exact spot where I wanted to plant a kiss. I so wanted to lick and fondle her young body that I had to slip a hand down below the table and grasped my pudenda to keep myself under control. After a moment she turned and faced me and I knew it was going to happen. Her face was wreathed in smiles and her body has lost its tension. “Even if it was a free choice I’d still do it.” She said. “I think it might be good for me.”

“Well that’s great!” Suddenly we were both smiling and for a second it looked as if we were going to reach out and hug each other, but I deliberately held back. “Now look, before you came along and changed all my plans I was off duty and I’d planned a lazy afternoon sunbathing, and I’m not missing out on it. We can start work tomorrow, but right now let’s just enjoy the sun.” I met her eye, trying to plant ideas but without giving everything away. “I always sunbathe naked. That won’t bother you will it?”

Conscious that she was watching my every move I started to undress, first peeling off my cheesecloth shirt, deliberately prolonging the moment when my arms were above my head so she could see my full breasts at their best, then removed my jeans. Now all I had on was a pair of skimpy panties and I could feel her eyes burning in to me wondering if these were coming off as well and after giving her a shy glance I slid them down and off, glorying in being naked in front of her.

“Come on.” I said. “There’s a big double hammock fixed to the apple tree and we can use that.” I reached out a hand and put it on her shoulder. “You don’t have to be shy. I’ve already seen most of you, so no reason why I shouldn’t see the rest.”

 She hesitated, confused by my sudden friendliness and my nakedness, but no doubt helped by the wine she had been drinking, shyly peeled off her tee shirt, the only garment she had left and stood there, her eyes fixed on mine, and with her head up and her shoulders back she deliberately gave me a moment to take her in, letting me know that, although different from mine, her body was just as beautiful.

She was all I could have hoped for, graceful and slim, and with breasts that were two perfect half spheres pulled upwards and outwards by her nipples. They were as sweet and kissable as breasts could possibly be and it took all my self-control to keep my mouth off them. Taking her by the hand I lead the two of us across to the hammock. “Provided we’re careful it won’t tip over.” And giggling slightly we climbed in to it, and then, fixing big silky pillows under our heads we lay side by side with our eyes closed against the sun.

How she could not hear my heart beat I don’t know. I was all too aware of her shoulder touching mine and the whole length of my arm and my thigh were brushing against her own nakedness and making me shiver. Despite an overwhelming need to simply pin her down and fuck her like a predatory male, I was never so glad that I was female with a female body. Women have the advantage over men in that even when fully naked, no matter how massively aroused they might be they can hide it, unlike a man in the same state. If I were a man now my cock would be so engorged and erect it would be visible from the moon.

It true that between my legs a line of juice was running down into the fabric of the hammock but it was nothing she would be able to see. For a good ten minutes I lay beside her, as rigid as a corpse and frightened to move in case I gave away what I was feeling, and the thing of which I was most conscious of was the back of her hand brushing against my own. What I desperately wanted was to take hold of it and see how she reacted, but while I was thinking about this, and I could not believe it, I felt her fingers tentatively curling round my own.

“Can I say something?” She said, her voice hesitant.

 “Of course.” My voice was thick in my throat wondering what she was going to say.

“It’s just,” She paused as if not sure how to go on. “Well, it’s weird, but I’m grateful to you for giving me that spanking. Having someone in charge of me made me feel safe suddenly, so in a strange way it was sort of nice as well as being so humiliating with my panties down and everything. I know the next one will be just as painful but I know it it’s for my own good and I really won’t mind.”

 “My pleasure.” I managed to reply, hoping she didn’t realize what sort of pleasure it had been. I felt her head turn in my direction and I turned to face her back, our eyes looking straight into each others and our faces so close I could feel her breath blowing against me. In my chest my heart was now beating such a rhythm I was afraid I would come over faint. “Well it’s a bit odd, but would you mind very much if I kissed you to say thank you?” She said.

 How I kept my voice steady I don’t know. “Of course not.” I said, and then we were, softly and nervously, those butterfly lips of hers against my own, and after a while a flutter of her tongue as well, meeting mine in a hesitant embrace.

We pulled back and she looked at me inquisitively, her lips making the movement of someone investigating a new taste and trying to decide if they like it or not. She then gave me a little smile.
“I’ve never kissed a girl before.” She said.

“Neither have I.” I answered, and smiled back. “But I liked it. Shall we do it again?”

“I think we should.”

As we kissed I put an exploratory hand on her shoulder and in a moment one of hers was on my waist. Most of our attention was on each others mouths, but after a while I had taken a hand to her breast and took my time exploring its shape, the dark nipple hardening in the palm of my hand. The deeper we kissed the closer we moulded our bodies into each others and the more we sent our hands on journeys of discovery. When she fondled my breasts and then kissed them I found myself gasping with pleasure and it was only after an age of this that I was able to pull away to pay her more serious attention.

Starting between her breasts I took my tongue down the centre of her until I had reached where her arrow had been pointing me and ran it down and over her cleft and clitoris till her whimpers turned to moans and then, after more attention, to a banshee wail as with her mouth pressed to mine she climaxed against me. She took a moment to recover and then it was as if we had started from the very beginning again, our bodies close together and our mouths in fevered contact. The feel of her was making me swoon and as she kissed me she was again pleasuring my breasts with her inquisitive hands. For a second she paused and pulled away, looking me in the eye and her face full of knowingness.

 “You’re not a police officer at all are you?” She asked, and as she said it her fingers slid over my cleft and made me whimper.

 “Does it matter?” I managed to grunt, so aroused now I didn’t care what the implications of my answer might be. She made a small movement and my first preliminary orgasm whispered out of me and I groaned in relief.

 “What I really have to know.” She said, her lips brushing against my nipples. “Everything you said about working for you and all that. You meant it didn’t you. It’s still going to happen?”

“Oh yes.” I answered, desperate for her attentions to go on and on.

“Including the spankings?”

I managed a short laugh. “Particularly the spankings!”

“Oh good!” She said. She slid down my body and her tongue made its first contact with my sex. “Now let’s make it really nice for you.”
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I've come to be spanked, Sir

“I’ve come to be spanked, Sir.”

Arguably the most exciting and arousing words that any one of us can ever expect to hear, and if of course we are female then we are familiar with hearing some equivalent.

Clearly in this situation the build up started maybe an hour, maybe a whole day before, when the wanton little miscreant in question misbehaved in one of her many delicious ways that she does and retribution was agreed and an appointment made. And here she is, all ready for a long stinging session across your knee, her punishment being something which she entirely accepts is her due and maybe is even eager for it.

And of course as she has come to your room penitent and knowing that the entire reason for her being here is to be spanked, then she will be dressed appropriately, whatever that might mean for the two of you. Possibly a little vest that makes her look extra vulnerable, its short hem wholly failing to hide and in fact drawing attention to her pert little bottom peeping out defencelessly from underneath.

Or maybe something quite different, she could be quite naked save for stockings and high heels to emphasise her pouting sexuality, very likely the very thing for which she is now about to be spanked. (We all know that girls have to be spanked regularly for being too outrageously provocative, even if following their punishment, we cannot stop ourselves from wallowing in that very thing.

Maybe she might be wearing her shortest skirt, with or without skimpy panties underneath,

or if we are in the mood, we may have insisted that she be attired as a naughty schoolgirl using the unanswerable logic that as she is going to be spanked like one, she might as well dress as one to emphasise that as yet she has wholly failed to grow up properly.

“I’m really sorry, Sir.” She goes on, but her eyes are limpid with something other than sorrow and as you ease her across your knee you know that she is in need of learning that valuable lesson that there is a bridge of sighs to be crossed before true satisfaction is reached.

“Are you ready to be spanked?” You ask having got her into the exact position you want her in, her sweet bottom naked and vulnerable under your hungry eyes and her hands pinned together in the small of her back. “I think so, Sir.” She tells you, but you are in no hurry, stroking her peachy cheeks and taking pleasure in her little gasps as your finger stray over her moist crevice.

You remind her that you will have to spank her quite hard this time as she seems so slow in learning the patient lessons you are trying to get across, and as always she acquiesces, and though when you are scorching her flesh she wriggles and squirms she never tries to escape as she knows that all this is for her own good.

And then, when it is all over, her appreciation that you have made all this effort on her behalf is justification on its own for all your time and patience with her.

Such a shame that in a few days the careless girl will have quite forgotten and the whole thing will have to happen all over again!
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What is it about innocent looking girls that is, I don’t know, so disturbing?

Girls who are quiet and demure looking,

Simply wearing whatever it is they normally wear during the working day,

Or possibly, if taken by surprise in the bedroom, had never for one second expected that someone might just happen to pop in on them,

Or who, if caught after their shower, would immediately wrap themselves in a towel to cover their modesty.

Nice girls who eat wholesome fresh fruit,

and simple natural girls who l keep themselves far away from people’s prying eyes as they play their harmonica deep in the woods.

Girls who studied hard at school , never giving a second’s problem ,

and always went to bed early and alone to read improving books.

Why is it that, despite this very wholesomeness, or maybe even because of it we have an urge to kiss and undress and seduce their unsullied bodies,

but as we cannot, to help purge the seething lust that they always set off in us, to simply take them over our knee and spank them,

whether we are male or female,

peeling down their knickers to ensure that they get the full message that we are trying to get across to them.

Is it that, because we are not the remotest bit innocent ourselves, we resent that they might actually be the real thing , Or is it that we believe that they are too good to be true and that under that quite exterior there is something wicked and dangerous, smouldering and awaiting release?

What does it matter?

So long as they give us something to feed our wicked imaginations as we walk past them in the park, let’s have more of them! For all we know, they might be having similar fantasies about us!

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And so it goes on......

If girls are not spanked often enough when they are young,

either by their mothers,
or their teachers,

There’s a danger that they could easily grow up into over sexed undisciplined sexy little madams,

The sort of girls who are always thinking naughty thoughts and end up so aroused that they end up pleasuring themselves.

That being case, their poor boyfriends have no choice but to send them to bed,

And soundly spank them.

That’s fine, except there’s something about the sight of a girl who has just been spanked, lying here on the bed and looking sorry and contrite,

That tends to make their boyfriends feel somewhat over ripe,

And of course, the girl in question feels morally bound to do something about that,

But as what thy do about it is arguably naughtier than playing with themselves, there’s a good chance that their boyfriends feel that on balance that they should be punished for it in a traditional and old fashioned way, in the bedroom of course and with their knickers down ,

But while she waits for another exciting session over her man’s knee there’s a good chance the girl could get herself aroused simply by thinking about it , and we know what she could easily end up doing, and so the whole sorry story could go on and on.

Let’s hope so, for both their sakes!
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