Spanked again!

Across her knee again, skirt up and knickers down with her stinging hand making its presence well and truly felt on my bare bottom. Hardly a surprise. She spanks me for the smallest excuse, but that's fine. One look at her at the interview and I guessed that's how things would be. I was to be her playmate, her little companion, lighting her cigarettes, going to the opera and restaurants with her and of course visiting her vast bed at night where we kiss and fondle and exchange fluids. A perfect job for a girl like me with my pleasure in idle luxury and hunger for erotic experience. And if she likes me to dress up and become different girls, a French maid one day and a naughty schoolgirl another, that only makes it more fun.

And being punished? That was never mentioned but it was well understood that it would be part of the deal, and anyway I enjoy it. There's something so exciting about being told I've just earned another spanking. And at night afterwards she's always extra affectionate.

Sometimes I think if I had to pay her I'd still stay on!
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Any Excuse!

As she says, any excuse, but then those of you with certain inclinations can always find some word or gesture that will encourage the man in your life to up-end, expose and chastise you in a way both traditional and all too pleasurable.

And should the reason be connected with your wanton dress or behavior , then so much the better. Gives him a good excuse after your spanking to demonstrate what sort of treatment you really deserved.

And the image above? A confession! In the original drawing the girl was was in fact wearing knickers, but I used my modest artistic skills to remove them. Well, I had to give him some excuse to spank her didn't I?
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Those of you who have read Educating Anna will remember that the first time Peter gives Anna a proper spanking she is wearing a pair of indecently abbreviated shorts. Aware of her growing sexuality she had originally put them on to play tennis, but then realized their potential for beguiling her handsome and brooding tutor. Not surprising that its not long before she is across his knee while he demonstrates just what a serious spanking feels like, and without realising it shaping her sexual reaction to being punished for ever.

In my mind I saw her shorts being just like these, wickedly showing off her exquisite bottom at its very best and carefully designed to drive her tutor wild.

Nothing would ever make me wear something like these in public, but in my garden on a hot afternoon with a suitable companion to appreciate their possibilities, now that's something else entirely! I'll let you know how I get on the first time I try it.
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He said to wait for him in his truck and then he would take me home. I'd annoyed him and made him cross and he just wants me out of the way. He didn't say not to take all my clothes off, and he didn't say not to wait naked and desirable and with that look on my face which drives him wild but which he can't resist.

He'll probably spank me. He has in the past for similar things. Sat on the bonnet and hauled me over his knee for a real punishment, the only difference my being completely naked made was that he didn't have to drag my knickers down.

And afterwards? Well, we all know what happens after a pretty naked girl has been spanked by her boyfriend. That's why I've stripped off in anticipation. And then things will be back to normal again. At least till I misbehave again!
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Downton Abbey, Sex and Spanking in films and TV

The return of Downton Abbey to our televisions and its complete absence of gratuitous nudity or sex, let alone any of the young maid servants getting their bottoms spanked, makes me think just how much film and television has evolved in the last century. If what you want is story lines that end with near naked girls tethered to bed heads and awaiting their fate, you would have had a better chance some forty odd years ago. Let me explain.

If we leave aside cinema’s flickering beginnings and move on past the small interference of two world wars we find it making a fresh start in the nineteen fifties. As I have mentioned several times in the past (see some of my earlier postings) the nineteen fifties was a time of massive Puritanism where nice girls didn’t do it and men therefore wanted it probably more than they ever have before or since. (I‘m only guessing that last bit, but it’s a reasonable assumption. Nothing like denial to stimulate the appetite.) As showing either sex or nudity on the screen was out of the question, film makers hit on a sneaky way to titillate its audience by finding endless excuse for young heroines to be taken across the knee and spanked by authority figures or boyfriends.

Perfect! Their excuse was that they were only showing normal discipline as regularly practiced in those days, but it still managed to set off a warm moist glow in the insides of its female viewers, even though they didn’t understand why, and it gave the men great steaming hard-ons they had to find ways to deal with when they were alone in their drafty bed sits.

OK, film makers couldn’t go as far as giving us full on knickers down bare bottom punishments, but they could be hinted at, and what images went swirling through the sex starved minds of the audience wasn’t their responsibility.

Moving on to modern times, we are all grown up now and both film makers and censorship have moved on. We are all rather blasé about sex and nudity, so if it is necessary to the plot, there it is on the screen, people having sex just as in real life, and just as in real life its not always as titillating or exciting as we would like it to be.

But somewhere in the middle, around the end of the sixties and well into the seventies was the moment when the change was happening. Film censors gave up the uneven struggle against our hunger for sexual stimulation, and suddenly things could be shown on the screen we hadn’t been allowed to see before. Opportunistic film makers couldn’t believe their luck, and as a result we were flooded with a raft of films, badly made and as cheesy at it gets full of all the naughty bits as they could cram in. OK, hardly a willy in sight, let alone a nice stiffy, but all the tits and bums you could ask for. In Britain it seemed we still needed an excuse to enjoy sex so it had to be hidden under a fig leaf of humor, and the screen became a sea of nubile young girls being chased round bedrooms, squealing and shrieking and accidentally dropping all their clothes as they ran.

Absolute rubbish, but why can’t we have more films like that now? I may be something of a culture vulture, heavily into art and opera, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get enjoyment from the sort of naughty romp where you know that at not less than fifteen minute intervals one of the girls is going to tied up and stripped by a good looking rake, even if what he then does to her will almost certainly fall short of what my over excited imagination was hoping for.

And though I’m not quite there yet, this almost brings me to back to Downton Abbey. I can’t put a date to it, but there was a series on TV way back called Upstairs Downstairs, very much in the Downton mould, an Edwardian household seen from the point of view of both the masters and the servants. As you would have expected, absolutely and totally bonk free, but around the same time a so called sex film was made that was loosely based on it called Keep It Up Downstairs. I’ve not seen it other than one brief scene where one of the maids is spanked by the butler. I have to say that this sounds way more exciting than it actually is, and have to add that if the rest of the sex is as uninspiring as this scene then it’s not worth seeing. (If any of you who have seen the whole film would like to post a comment I would be pleased to hear from you.)

And where is all this leading? Back to Downton Abbey, but not quite. The Edwardian household simply has to be a perfect place to set an erotic film in the nineteen seventies mould but with a few less laughs and a lot more sex. With everybody living under one roof and an unbreakable hierarchical system in place it means that at any one time someone has absolute authority to do just about what they want to someone else. Add to that the fact that in those days it was common for servant girls to have to share a bed with each other and the mind teems with possibilities!

So what shall we have? A new young downstairs maid, pretty and skittish and getting spanked by everyone from the Lord of the Manor to the housekeeper.

The feckless eldest son never losing an opportunity to take pleasure in any of the servant girls who happen to be around,

and of course at least a couple of the maids finding solace in each others kissable mouths and desirable bodies at every opportunity.

Need I go on? Oh I see, you want more! How about the eldest daughter forming a liaison with the new naughty maid who finds a repository for her frustrated affection between her suspendered thighs.

Her Ladyship taking a strict line with her youngest daughter who she suspects is secretly having sex with the chauffeur,

The randy butler always finding excuses to take down any of the girl’s knickers and smack their pretty bottoms,

And all sorts of kinky going on with the maids when the candles are blown out and the rest of the household are asleep.

At this point I’m going to call a halt. With my all too fertile imagination I can visualize a whole lot more scenes and tableaus but I’m going to leave it to you now. I’m sure you are not short of your own ideas!
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Jane Austin would have approved

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a man in possession of a fortune must be in need of a wife.

The immortal words of Jane Austin in Pride and Prejudice. It is a further truth, also universally acknowledged that a naughty girl with a cheeky grin and a sweet bottom is in need of a good spanking.

But there is a problem here. Exactly what sort of girl are we talking about, and what sort of behaviour have we in mind that calls for such a punishment?

What about a girl who blatantly flashes her legs

Or wears shorts skirts under which it is not clear if she is wearing any knickers.

Certainly girls who make an exhibition of their lovely ripe breasts for the sole purpose of causing gratuitous sexual arousal.

Definitely girls who wear indecently abbreviated shorts in public places

And of course those who disappear for long periods only to be discovered pleasuring themselves while they fantasise about who knows what wicked things.

Yes they all need to be taken across your knee and given a good spanking.

Preferably with their knickers pulled down so as to ensure they get the full stinging benefit of your quite justified disapproval.

But here is the problem. Another universal truth is that there is something about giving a pretty young minx a spanking that tends to make men feel shall we say, swelled with benevolence and the need to make it better, and the very sort of little hussy who tends to get spanked most regularly is the very sort who are all too keen to help you with this problem.

And before you know it, one thing has lead to another. It was ever thus!

And this is where we get to the root of the problem. Having been punished and forgiven, the little brat only goes on to behave worse than ever, making it all to clear that she is now prepared and ready for anything you might have in mind for her

Now making it all to clear that, forget any ambiguity on the subject, she is definitely not wearing any knickers under her short dress,

And dressing up in ways she knows all too well will play on your secret fantasies and drive you wild.

Poor man, what choice do you have but to spank her again for this unseemly behaviour, maybe having stripped her naked first to get your point across?

And so it goes on, and on, and on……..
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A personal thing

It's a strange and very personal thing the choice of image or word that might arouse us and send a sudden rush of blood to swell our most personal places and make our heart beat that little bit faster. I'm sure it's the same for all of us; we can look at a dozen images with similar characteristics and with equal amounts of fleshly exposure and sexual promise, yet only a couple actually have any real affect on us, and maybe only one that truly captures our erotic imaginations.

But then it's the same in real life; so often we find ourselves at a party full of attractive interesting people but we still find that it's a very few of them who make us hungry for the feel of their bodies against our own. But when there is such a person, oh my goodness! The almost painful need to touch and feel and exchange breath on tumbled sheets and the inevitable sea of discarded clothes that real passion brings in its wake.

I am posting a handful of images that have what I consider to have some quirky erotic potential. None of them are overtly explicit by the standards you have probably become used to seeing on the web, and indeed on my own blog, yet they all have a quality to them that I find appealing. First a fastidious looking female who at first glance gives the impression she would shy at the sight of engorged male need, yet somehow by hiding behind such a refined carapace makes us wonder if she harbors dark needs far beyond anything we could imagine.

And another sitting quietly lost in her own inner thoughts, but her hand is dangling between her long smooth legs as if she is wondering if she should pay a little attention to the secret place in between. Whatever her plans, positioned like her lovely thighs are a blatant invitation to be caressed and kissed, particularly as it is far from clear if she is wearing any panties.

And next a young lady having her pretty bottom smacked, as unlike the previous two a possible. I like her chirpy face and her overall look of a girl who still doesn't quite believe that she really is grown up so when her boyfriends find some flimsy excuse to give her a spanking her she feels that it's only right. I've had a few girls like this in my life and they are both fun and easy to be around and of course sweet and generous in bed.

And a sweetly pretty girl, quietly absorbed in self pleasuring, her nudity enhanced and embellished by the long socks that only highlight the expanse of naked thigh above, her face dreamy and absorbed in the private world she now occupies.

I will not make any comment on the last few. No doubt you will all interepret their promise and meaning in different ways and, as I said at the beginning,whatever effect they might have will be very personal to you

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Yet ANOTHER ten reasons to give that young minx Samantha in accounts ANOTHER good spanking (See previous two posts)

1. Round the office these days she’s being even more provocative than before.

2. Watching her stand there waiting for you having pulled her own panties down is arguably the most arousing sight you’ve ever seen..

3. But then again, taking her panties down when you’ve first got her across your knee is arguable the most arousing thing you’ve ever done.

4. But then again, when she looks at you, all innocently and says ”Shall I take them off completely this time, Sir?” is arguably the most arousing …..Oh never mind, you get the picture!

5. The other day in the office she did something so naughty you simply have to spank her for it. After all, you do have to set standards!

6. When you admitted to her, (You’d had a drink so it was forgivable) that just thinking about spanking her did tend to produce an unexpected reaction in the trouser department she insisted on checking it out and then found a very effective way of sorting it out for you.

7. That ever time you’ve spanked her so far she’s been wearing different panties, and purely out of curiosity you want to check out what she’s wearing today under that tiny little skirt of hers.

8. That, never mind the anticipation, never mind what happens afterwards, actually having her bare bottomed over your knee while you spank a little discipline into the little baggage is still the best fun you’ve ever had.

9. A few things she’s said now make you wonder if there’s more to her than meets the eye and that she might be leading another quite separate life outside the office and you simply have to find out more.

10. That out of the blue the other day she said that if you had to spank her again, wouldn’t it be fun if you played a game with her being a naughty little girl and you being her strict uncle and it would be a shame not to.

11. (Yes I can count! Stop being so anal!) That her ways of showing her appreciation after you’ve been good enough to spank her (for her own good of course) are getting more inventive all the time so you can't bear to mis out on whatever the next one might be.

12. That if you go on spanking her on regular basis, it will set a precedent in the office and then you will have an ample excuse to spank that other little baggage, Belinda. (Oh, Belinda!!)

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