Story in five pics (Images "borrowed" from OHQ5)

The thing is, my friend George is always giving his girlfriend a good spanking, even when she doesn’t deserve it. Says it keeps her on her toes, and more than that, apparently it puts him in the mood like nothing else. I thought about it a few times, and true enough, every time I though of young Isobel over my knee it did make the loins tingle in a very pleasurable way, but that was that really. Never actually did anything about it, but the other afternoon I came across her in an armchair, one leg over the side and her fingers playing the Halleluiah chorus up one leg of her knickers.

Perfect excuse one way and another, so I gave her a stern look and told her she was for it. “You’re going to be spanked young lady.“ I said. “Spanked good and hard over my knee. Come on. Get some of those togs out of the way and we can get on with it.” And she did too, and its very strange, but even just saying it made things start getting very tight and restricted in the underpants department.

Once I took her over my knee, I knew straight away why George is always playing Strict Daddy with that young Felicity he goes out with. I had her skirt pulled up in a second and gave her a bit of a pasting over the knickers, then decided to go for broke and pulled her knickers down and spanked her good and hard on that gorgeous little bottom of hers. No doubt about it, that’s what a girl’s bottom is there for and I really gave it value for money. Poor little thing was squealing her head off by the time I had finished, but I took the view that there must have been dozens of times in her life when she deserved a thorough spanking and didn’t get one, so I was just making up for it.

"Look at my bottom you bastard!” She was saying when I let her up. "Look at it, all red and glowing!"

And it was too, so I offered to kiss it better and then she pouted for a bit but she didn’t say no and, well, I did kiss it better and I'm sure you can guess the rest except that the rest was probably much ruder even than what you’re guessing.

My face? Of course I’ve blanked it out. Can’t have people recognising me when they turn on the news. I was in trouble enough during the MP’s expenses row!
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