Having fun.

And just in case we all forget, sex is about having fun and being happy, and if you are into being spanked or giving a spanking then that still applies. Yes we all have a darker side to our natures (I certainly do) and sometimes we need to explore the strange murky places deep in our subconscious, but otherwise let’s glory in the sheer enjoyment of erotic congress with those who attract and excite us. This couple are doing just that. He is gleefully spanking the very pretty and half undressed young lady across his knee, scarcely able to believe his luck at having such a gorgeous creature to have fun with, and although she is struggling, the laugh on her face is showing that it’s a clear case of “Stop it I like it!” Why can’t there be more of this I the world?
Let me briefly declare an interest. This image is a publicity shot for a mildly naughty film “Ups and Downs of a Handyman” made quite a few years ago. When the film was being made, a big time scandal broke out about a solicitor, one Colonial Brooks, who had been found paying young girls for the privilege of spanking them. It was all over the newspapers and the film makers took advantage of this free publicity by introducing a similar character in the film thus giving them an excuse to include a number of spanking scenes. Colonial Brooks faced all this out (Bless him) and continued to practice as a lawyer.

Some years later I was training to be a solicitor myself (Don’t ask! You know I keep personal information close to my chest) and I actually met him in all innocence, not knowing about either the scandal or who he was till some time afterwards. I do remember his eyes taking in every inch of me with glowing interest, but being both young and pretty I was used to that and didn’t give it a thought. How would he have looked at me had he know that in due course I would be writing erotic novels about men just like him?

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