Uniforms (By request)

One of my regular correspondents (You know who you are, James; your anonymity is safe with me.) put in a request for uniforms, uniforms, uniforms.

Now I know I'm often slow on the uptake, but gradually it got through to me that what he probably wanted to see was pictures of pretty young girls in uniforms having their naughty bare bottoms spanked. Of course he has to be in a minority of one as I cannot imagine that anybody else reading this blog would be remotely interested in seeing such images. Who else would want to look at a collection comely wenches with their knickers down, struggling and squealing in protest as their pretty bottoms were spanked by displeased superiors.

Oh I see! A few of you wouldn't mind having a quick look before you settle down for the evening with your boxed set of The Best of The Two Ronnies .

Very well then; here's a couple of French maids for you,

a nurse or two,

and a pair of air hostesses learning the error of their ways.

While we’re at it, let me give you a couple of girls being punished by security guards,

And to finish , a young girl getting a good smacked bottom from a nun.(Well it’s a uniform of sorts.)

Always happy when I can give the troops what they want!
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