We are lucky enough to live in an age which is sexually free and easy, where daily tabloids give us pretty bare breasts to look at each day and where the internet feeds erotic tastes that might even make me blush.

But things are never that straight forward, and it can still take quite a simple thing to drive a man wild. I don’t have to ask you girls to try this as we’ve all unwittingly done it at one time or other. Put on short floaty dress on a windy day and walk past a building site.

Exactly, my case rests! The instant your dress blows up and they get the merest glimpse of skimpy knicker, then suddenly it’s like being at the primate house at the zoo, the whole lot of them reduced to screaming whooping barbarity at the sight. Sort of flattering I suppose, but I won’t go into that.

The thing is, your underwear is supposed to be private, a secret only shared with your mirror or your lover. What you wear under your clothes is out of sight from the moment you leave home, and in the street and in the office men can only imagine what you might have on underneath, and possibly it is that which gives it it’s mystique.

You can be attired in the blandest things, baggy jeans and an old fleece, but if underneath you are got up like a French whore then that gives a thrust to your stride and the inner you can still exude a glow that disturbs and excites.

Even with your lover who is entitled to feast his eyes your nakedness, a careful or surprising choice of lingerie can kindle a new level of excitement from him. It is yet another item in the feminine armoury, carefully designed to help us in the sexual war zone.

And if we’ve misbehaved and earned a spanking (as girls like us so often do!) as our lovers purr in anticipation as we pretend to struggle across their knee, how much nicer for both of us if when he exposes us in readiness he finds something sexy and inviting..

And best of all, he’s far more likely to do it again!
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