Black and white, vintage and classic.

In any category of art and design there is no such thing as right or wrong, it is a a question of what appeals to different people. A Georgian mansion, a building in gleaming steel and glass, or a thatched cottage buried in honeysuckle and creeper have their different appeals, and each is as attractive as the other in their own way.

Equally with photography, the starkness of black and white as opposed to the more strident glare of technicolour has its own quality and appeal. Personally I have a weakness for black and white, but won't try and explain why here.

All the black and white images produced below are erotic in their own way, and I will just comment on the first which is my favourite. There appears to be a conspiracy between the female model and the person taking the picture. She is protecting her pleasure in what is going on with an ironic smile. "I'm being spanked, and you're watching me being spanked. Isn't it a hoot!" Yet there's no disguising that underneath all this, she's enjoying it. But then why shouldn't she. We all do!

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