Arresting image!

According to Gilbert and Sullivan, a policeman’s lot is not a happy one. Not so by the look of chortling pleasure on this one's face, in fact he's scarcely able to believe his luck. Held at both ends by his fellow officers is a pretty young protestor, her short skirt ridden up with just enough of her silk clad bottom peeping out to get his truncheon thoroughly primed for action. Better still, her lovely slim thighs are adorned with stockings and suspenders, an arresting sight for any junior constable. And to think he was putting in for traffic duty only last week!

Well, what else can he do as a responsible officer of the law but give her a quick spanking to show her that we won't tolerate her sort of behavior, and, so keen is he to see things done properly, he'll probably insist on her being strip searched as soon as they've got her back to the station.

But there has to be a down side to all this. By the look of this photograph it was taken in the nineteen seventies, and I suspect that even now in two thousand and ten, having seen the photograph in the papers, his wife is still giving him a damn good telling off about it!
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