Starting Out (three)

And then the next day in the office at the end of the day when everyone has gone home your boss takes you across his knee and spanks you, spanks you with your knickers down like a little naughty girl, and not only that, you’d given him permission to do it. How did that happen?

It started as soon as you went in and he sat you down to have a serious talk

“Up until the last few weeks.“ He says, “I’ve been very pleased with you, but recently your work has been deteriorating at a very serious rate.” And you know he’s right as all you want to do these days is masturbate and think about sex and you can’t concentrate on anything else.

“It’s got so bad.” He says. “That I’ve been thinking of dismissing you.”

And your heart starts to thump as you can’t afford to lose your very first job. Not only that, he is rather gorgeous and you like working here with him.

“Oh please don’t do that, Sir!” You say. “Don’t sack me. I’ll do anything to avoid that.”

“Well, what else can I do?” He says. “I’ve given you enough warnings. What you really need is a good spanking to make you, concentrate but as I’m not allowed to do that…….”

“But if that’s what you think,” You cut in, desperate to save yourself. “Then you have to do it.”

He’s looking at you oddly, and you can’t make out what he’s thinking. “Do you mean that?”

“Oh yes, Sir!” And as you say it you start to feel the way you do when Isobel approaches you with that look on her face. “If it means keeping my job, you can spank me as often as you want.”

“Right!” He says, a look in his eye you’ve never seen there before. “That’s what I’ll do. Come to my office at six tonight.”

So you spend the rest of the day with the spectre of a spanking hanging over you, fear and excitement churning you up inside in ways you’ve never felt before as you picture yourself across his knee. You want him to and you don’t want him to , a weird mixture of fear and arousal flooding through you.

At six you go into his office and he’s waiting for you, sitting on a wooden chair in front of his desk, and as you stiletto toward him, each step is like a walk to the gallows.

“I’ve come to be spanked, Sir.” You say, wondering what the next half hour is going to bring.

“And not before time.” He says, and in a second he’s taken you by the wrist and pulled you across his knee. You’re wearing a very short silky dress, one that clings round your pert young bottom and you guess that stretched across his knee like that there’s a good chance that he will be able to get a glimpse of your snowy white panties underneath and despite yourself, the thought if this gives you a frisson of excitement, but then you start to wonder if this is all such a good idea. He has slipped his hand underneath your dress and he’s feeling your bottom appreciatively and you wonder if he’s really allowed to do that.

“You’re a very naughty girl aren’t you.” He says, fondling your bottom in ways that make you wriggle with pleasure, even though you know you shouldn’t. “Making mistakes day after day. I think this spanking is exactly what you need.” You’re now so excited you can’t speak, but then he pulls your dress right up and you give a little cry of protest

“But, Sir!” You say. “That’s not fair. You can see my knickers!”

“And very pretty knickers too.” He says almost purring now and you know he’s enjoying this, and some perverse part of you is glad he is. “Perfect knickers to be spanked in.“ And then, and you can’t believe this, he’s pulling them down.

The wicked part of you wants him to do this, but something inside you is protesting, realisation of what this involves hitting you properly. Your boyfriend is one thing, and Isobel is another, but he’s your boss and you’re across his knee with your dress up and your knickers down and your young bare bottom in full view. You start to struggle, but it’s no good as he is much stronger than you and as the first spank lands you know that it’s really going to hurt, but maybe that’s what you want. You deserve to be punished for all the erotic fantasies flooding your brain these days so as he gets into a steady rhythm, spanking you with serious determination, you surrender yourself to it, squealing and gasping as the pain starts to build.

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