My Dear!!

I’ve little doubt that the cloven and the crested amongst you looking at the image have come to a similar conclusion but in an entirely different way and reasons.

The male of the species are likely to be salivating at an unexpected opportunity of administering a pleasurable punishment . A sweet little wench strolling in a public place and making an exhibition of her young bare bottom. "Back home with me young lady so can give you a damn good spanking!”

But speaking on behalf of the female of the species, my reaction is not quite the same. Striped socks! flowery skirt! pink jumper! red hat! yellow umberella! Thank God she's left her knickers off as whatever colour material and pattern they might have been I take it for granted they would been another discordant note in her symphony of clashing garmenets Yes, this girl needs to be taught a lesson, but one in colour co-ordination!

Darling, don’t go with that nasty man who is already licking his lips at the thought of spanking that pretty little bottom of yours. Come back to my place and try some of my stuff on and we’ll see what looks good on you. I’ve got an endless choice of knickers and I’m sure we can find something that’s just right. I can see you in some of them already

Maybe to start with I can give you a nice bath with lots of perfumed oil,maybe even a glass of champagne, and if it takes a while to get you suited and it gets late, well why not stay over. My bed’s big and comfortable. Yes, there’s just the one, but that need not be a problem.

But first, well it was a bit naughty of you to show off that little bare bottom of yours to all the world, so maybe a modest spanking wouldn’t do you any harm, just a little one you understand ........

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