Once upon a time.....

Once upon a time there was a pretty little girl who lived with her wicked step mother in a cottage far from anywhere.

Her step mother was beautiful in a strange way and loved dressing up in exotic underwear, but she was jealous of the little girl was prettier than she was so she found every excuse she could to punish her.

When she was lucky she was spanked with her knickers still on

More often with her knickers down

And sometimes even she was strapped

The girl dreamed of escaping and being in the sun and without a care in the world.

Then one day when her grandmother was asleep, the girl did escape, and as she looked back on the cottage, she thought, “No one is ever going to spank me again!”

She walked and she walked and as the evening went on she realized she was hungry, and then she saw the lights of a cafĂ©. “Ahh!” She thought. “At last I can get something to eat “ Inside cafe was warm and cosy and the owner was friendly and she had a great big meal with two puddings three glasses of wine and a lot of crusty bread, but then the owner presented her with the bill

“Oh dear!” The girl said. “I’ve no money to pay!”

“No money!” The owner said, suddenly not so friendly any more. “No money!” He called over his cook and his manager and they bent the girl over the table and spanked her several times, a spanking for everything she had eaten. By the time they had finished she really regretted the three glasses of wine and two puddings!

Back out in the night the girl thought that so far she was not doing very well. She wasn’t hungry any more but her bottom was throbbing and she was getting tired and she knew she would need somewhere to sleep, so when she saw a nice looking man walking in her direction she went up and spoke to him. “Please,” She said. “I’m tired and lost and I need somewhere to sleep, then determined not to make the same mistake again said, “But I don’t have any money and I cannot pay you.” At that the man smiled the biggest smile the girl had ever seen. “You might be just what I’m looking for.” He said. “I need a girl to help me with certain things in the house, and in exchange she would be able to stay there for nothing”

“That’s wonderful!” Said the girl. “What sort of things?”

“Play with my willy.” The man said. My willy gets very miserable if it’s not played with a lot. Do you think you could do that?”

“I’ve never played with a willy before.” The girl said brightly, but I’m sure I could learn!”

And back at the man’s house the girl did her best and learned very quickly what made the mans willy happy. It was strange that what made the man’s willy happy also made them both very sticky, but he never seemed to mind and in fact the sticker they both got the more he seemed to like it.

But one day the man was in a bad mood for no reason the girl could think but he decided to blame it on her “You’ve got to be punished!” He said and grabbed hold of her. The next thing he’d got her across his knee had pulled her knickers down and was spanking her just the way her wicked step mother used to. It really hurt, and when he’d finished he still seemed to be in a bad mood and went out.

“Time to move on!” The girl thought and quickly packed her few things and off she went into the night again . But as she walked down the road , she thought about playing with the man’s willy and being spanked by him and started to get a nice warm melty feeling inside and knew that she wanted things like that to happen again, but maybe with someone else……….
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