I've done a couple of postings in the past on the subject of masturbation, that most secret and yet most enjoyable of pastimes, and no doubt I will again. The subject came to my attention again recently when I came across these two images, each very much on the subject but so very different from each other in so many ways.

Now of course I have to accept, as indeed does the entire sisterhood, that however duplicitous men might be, (we love you really) the one subject where there is no room for them to cheat is their orgasms. Either their sexual stopcock is open or it's not, and no amount of writhing and groaning will tell us otherwise. Sorry boys, but you can do your "When Harry met Sally" bit for all you're worth, but if it's supporting act is a limp dry willy it's not going to fool anyone.

The man here is overwhelmingly having his moment, his spurt of enjoyment jetting from him in a determined straight line, but it looks as if he has fitted his manhood with blu-ray so it operates hands free; and the look on his face is priceless. "This is nothing to do with me. I was just lying here and it just sort of happened ......"

I’m sorry to say it, but genuine or not it’s the remotest bit erotic.

The girl on the other hand may or may not be faking it, we will never know, but regardless the image is so much more satisfying, her eyes half closed and her body a plumped up cushion of billowing satisfaction as she squirms and bucks in her pleasure. I'm almost jealous of her unmitigated enjoyment in what she's doing and I'm overwhelmingly going to give her the benefit of the doubt. I say that it's definitely the real thing, and I hope for her sake that it's multiple.

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