Tactile Pleasures

It's not necessary to explain the wonderful pleasures of having one's breasts fondled, of being kissed on the inside of the thighs, or the myriad stimulations that can be applied to the dark and mysterious place between ones legs. What we know of course is that when a man simply can't keep his hands off our breasts, whatever pleasure we are deriving from it, he's doing it, not for us, but because he can't help himself. For him, exploring the look and feel of them is it's own pleasure, because under our prim starched blouse or skin tight tee shirt we have for real tactile three dimensional naked breasts, the very same thing that he ogles pictures of on garage walls or page three of The Sun. And the same goes for all the other erogenous bits of us he likes to kiss and touch, our bottoms and thighs, and if he's a romantic, our mouths and eyes, and that all too sensitive spot where the neck melds into the shoulders.

But let's not be cynical about this. Let's enjoy and celebrate men's pleasure in this as we are hardly free of guilt ourselves. If he's got a cute biteable bottom or a gloriously suckable cock, we can't leave them alone either, and we're doing it for us, not him.

I'm posting three pictures, each giving I think as good an example as you are likely to come across of a piece of anatomy that would be a pleasure to kiss and fondle and explore to the full. First, a girl's bottom, so delicious I have to keep checking to see if I really imagined that it was this good. For those of us, whatever our sex, who enjoy spanking fantasies, this could keep us happy for many a warm night.

Next a breast, just one, but for me at least, simply everything a breast should be, both size and shape, and somehow even more appealing because of the tease of the other being kept out of sight.

And last but overwhelmingly not least, a lovely erect cock, a get up and go stiffy, fully loaded and all ready to please and penetrate our erotic imaginations. I'd like to say that as a female with a strong erotic imagination I am constantly disappointed by both the quality of and paucity of pleasing images of erections on the web, but on its own this makes up for that. Everything about it is right (including the nice tight body it's straining out from,) and for the record whenever in one of my books any of my principal male characters has an erection, imagine this one and you won’t be far wrong. <

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