The psychology of spanking

Spanking, the act of taking a miscreant across the knee, baring the bottom and repeatedly and rhythmically slapping it, (if you can think of a better definition, please send it to me) is fixed in all our collective minds as a punishment for children, especially girl children, notwithstanding that we don’t spank children these days and very few people under the age of about sixty will ever have been punished that way.

These days, it’s wives, girlfriends, and lovers who get spanked, and although the ostensible reason is because they’ve been asking for it, we all know it’s because for a man, taking a pretty young girl across his knee and telling her in quite unnecessary detail just how much she deserves the punishment that he’s about to visit on her bare bottom, makes him as horny as hell. Just to threaten a girl with a spanking, especially a girl with whom he is not (yet) in an intimate relationship will probably on its own be enough to give him an erection. It’s a fact that giving, thinking about, or watching a spanking is an erotic trigger for most men and a lot of women which immediately makes us ask why, and the answer goes way beyond the fact that it gives a man an excuse to pull a girl’s knickers down, although that does add to the pleasure of it.

The full answer could fill a book but I think a powerful element is what I have set out above, namely that spanking is fixed in our heads as a punishment for children and that when man spanks a woman he has reduced her to the status of a child, and having taken that degree of power over her it gives him a massive high. Not only that, the moral high ground he has taken on entitles him lower or even remove her panties and concentrate all his attentions on her naked bottom and her scarcely hidden sex, all the while making out that he has only done this because it was his duty to do so as a responsible adult.

For a grown woman being spanked is undignified, painful and demeaning, but in my case that’s exactly why it turns me on. For as long as it lasts I’m a naughty little girl again, and at some level I know this punishment is for my own good and that once I’ve learned my lesson everything will be made right again which of course will be a grown up treat of beautiful sex. And for me the other side of the coin is that when I decide that any female in my life has overstepped the mark and a spanking is called for, I get exactly the same arousal from exercising that power and authority as a man does when taking me over his knee.

I could write a great deal more, but I don’t wish to over analyse. Having said that, I would like to understand this better and I would be interested in any comments from anyone as to why for them giving or receiving a spanking is such a turn on.

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