Schoolgirl Fantasies

Deep in the fantasy world in our head we find all sort of concepts and images that arouse us, and something which gets most men going is the idea of the wantonly innocent schoolgirl, dripping with sexual possibility on the outside with her negligently buttoned blouse and visible suspenders, yet apparently as innocent as a puppy inside. As calculating females, ever keen to get the men who come our way ripe and lubricated, we know that the combination of mini skirt, stockings and high heels on its own is something that few men can resist, and this works if we are playing the part of a French maid or a chirpy secretary.

But as a schoolgirl there is the added Viagra of apparent innocence, and this is the chilli in the mix. When this little erotic popsicle looks at the big grown up man with big open eyes and asks if she’ll have to be punished as she may have forgotten to put any panties, or even, “Mr Smith, I've noticed that when I sit on your lap there seems to be something big and hard in your trousers.” it will arouse him like nothing else. And of course, a schoolgirl can kept in after school for ‘special lessons’ or spanked if it turns out that, yes, she did in fact forget to put any panties on under her little skirt.

Early in Educating Anna, after being given her first ever spanking by her tutor, Anna deliberately dresses up as a naughty schoolgirl for the sole purpose of goading him into doing it again, knowing that inevitably it will lead to their having lots of lovely sex. Try as he can to resist her, her tutor is done for.

There’s a relevance to all this, and it’s very close to home. The other night I was watching one of the St Trinian’s film with a boy friend, and it didn’t take long to realize that he was so absorbed in their soft pouting mouths and suspendered thighs that he had temporarily forgotten about me. This was easy to deal with, and I slipped away and re-appeared dressed very much like the girls in the film and promptly unplugged the TV. His annoyance was more than balanced out by knowing he was in for a treat, but I still had to pay the price. After ten minutes squealing and struggling across his knee as he soundly spanked me with my panties down, I spent the next couple of hours purring and melting across his bed as he lived out a few more of his fantasies on me.

I only have to tell you that he insisted on my keeping on my tie and stockings the whole time to prove my point.

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