I think I might be in for a spanking!

You see, I can’t remember if I’m wearing any panties! I know I had some on earlier as , well just between ourselves I had my hand in them. You know the way you do.

But then I changed clothes and I can’t remember if I took them off

Or put different ones on.

So I don’t l know if under my tiny little skirt I’m quite naked,

Or if maybe I am wearing some after all!

I know my boyfriend normally loves it if I don’t wear any knickers under my mini skirts. Provided it’s just the two of us of course. As soon as he notices, and I make sure he does,

It's clear how much he likes it.

But if he finds out I’ve been out shopping like that,

I’ll be for it, no question! A good long spanking over his knee

At least it will have saved him the trouble of pulling my knickers down,

And after a spanking he’s always extra to me anyway, definitely worth being spanked for!

So blow it, I’m just going to check, and if I have got some on, I’m going to take them off. I have to admit I do enjoy living dangerously!

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