Hot Town, Summer in the City...

Well one thing I noticed when we got back from visiting my parents is that summer is definitely approaching.

The turn to very warm weather always brings the sure signs that summer is around the corner.

Those construction hunks are peeling off shirts to show off that muscular physique.

And of course girls' clothes are getting shorter and tighter

and those are the good girls (or at least appear to be)

The naughtier minxes are always trying to push the edge and go further

whether its almost belt sized skirts

or ridiculously short shorts

some girls sure play up the exhibitionism and teasing

even to the point of not seeming to care what the wind can show

I can tell you what I know. None of these girls have very assertive boyfriends or lovers.

Because I know that you readers out there would not hesitate to take your girlfriends over your lap for such wanton and flirtatious behavior

or over the couch/chair for a dose of the paddle

And after such a deserved spanking we would be told that if we want to wear such revealing clothes, then we can show off a red bottom as well. Because you can clearly see from the last pictures, it would be quite noticeable indeed given the skimpiness of the previously shown clothes.

So girls, beware. If you are going to dress like that, be prepared to show off more than you expected.

Am I right or what?
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